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Wednesday 18 February 2009

Joan Selects, Volume 14 - Rarities and Collectables

So fine, so rare. And it’s over to Joan for some words of wisdom on these discs:

Joan Selects Volume 14 is a return to group harmony sides. In this set is an early Little Richard as he fronted the Duces of Rhythm for Don Robie's Peacock record label, for "Ain't That Good News". This is one of four singles Little Richard (Richard Penniman) cut for Robie, one additional in the Duces of Rhythm and two as single artist Little Richard Penniman.

"The Mystery Man" by Scotty Mann and the Masters evokes comparisons to all of the "Sixty Minute Man" ilk of songs of the early 1950's and was also recorded for Don Robie's Houston based Peacock record company. Robie also issued many R&B andBlues sides on the Peacock subsidiary Duke, including Johnny Ace and Bobby Bland.

Hot Dog Dooley Wah by the Pyramids on the Shell marque is actually the "B" side of a fair sized hit for the Pyramids, a song called "Ankle Bracelet".

One of my favorite Doo-Wop harmony sings is in this set, on the Chess label, a song called "Show Me the Way" by the Five Notes. Recorded in 1955. The Five Notes (the Notes) later showed up on the Josie record label with a lovely ballad called "You Are So Beautiful", Josie 784.

The Rocketeers recorded "They Turned The Party Out at Bessie's House" for the small Los Angeles record label, MJC in 1958. Previously, the Rocketeers recorded "Hey Rube" for the Los Angeles based Modern label in 1955 (see Joan Selects Volume 2, cut 22). The Five Blue Note's "You Gotta Go, Baby" was recorded for the Chance label subsidiary, Sabre (#108) in 1954 and was one of two by this very high quality/tight harmony Chicago group for the Sabre marque , the other is "My Gal Is Gone" on Sabre 103.

The Littlebeats was Mercury Records attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers success, by featuring a pre-adolescent lead. A listen to the Five Blind Boys of Montana with their "Brother Bill" will give great credence to the link between gospel harmonies and Doo-Wop. This one is in all aspects except subject matter a gospel recording. This was issued in the 1970's on one of the West coast oldies reissue labels.

Thank you so much, Joan – for the rips, the label art and the info.

Ripped from vinyl. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Or from here:

01- The Twilighters - Please Tell Me You Are Mine - Marshall 702
02 - Scotty Mann and the Masters - The Mystery Man - Peacock 5-1665
03 - The Duces Of Rhythm - Ain't That Good News - Peacock 5-1616
04 - The Sounds - Anything For You - Modern 45x981
05 - The Playboys - So Good - Tetra 4447
06 - The Keynotes - Really Wish You Were Here - Apollo 493
07 - The Chanters - I Love You - Combo 92
08 - The Pyramids - Hot Dog Dooley Wah - Shell 45-711
09 - The Five Notes - Show Me The Way - Chess 1614
10 - The Performers - I'll Make You Understand - Tip Top 402
11 - The Royals - Fifth Street Blues - Federal 12088 (1952)
12 - The Five Crowns - Good Luck Darlin' - Old Town 777 (Unreleased)
13 - The Neons - My Chickadee - Tetra 4449
14 - The Quotations - Imagination - Verve VK 10245
15 - The Orlandos - Cloudburst - Cindy C-3006
16 - The Five Echoes - Why, Oh Why - Sabre 111
17 - The Ramblers - Come On Back - Trumpet 102
18 - Miriam Grate and the Dovers - Devil You May Be - New Horizon 501
19 - The Rocketeers - They Turned the Party Out At Bessie's House - M.J.C. 50T-45
20 - The Dappers - Bop Bop Bu - Rainbow 45-373
21 - The Five Blue Notes - You Gotta To Go, Baby - Sabre 108
22 - The Versatiles - Lundee Dundee - Ro-Cal 1002A
23 - The Quinns - Oh Starlight -Cyclone 111
24 - The Five Chances - California - Atomic 2494
25 - The Little Beats - Someone For Me - Mercury 71155
26 - The Five Blind Boys of Montana - Brother Bill - Vintage Records 1000
27 - The Wheels - My Hearts Desire - Premium 405-45
28 - The Whispers - Are You Sorry - Gotham G-7-312
29 - The Ideals - Knee Socks - Checker 920
30 - The Packards - Ladise - Pla-Bac P.B. 1068

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dbtb said...

looks like another great selection in a great series-Thanks!