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Monday, 15 January 2018

Joe Houston Re-ups

Side 1:
01. Thunder Storm *
02. Trouble, Trouble, Trouble
03. Hurricane **
04. Tough Enough
05. Windy City Hop
06. Earthquake ***

Side 2:
01. Jump The Blues
02. Guided Missile
03. Good-Bye Little Girl
04. Wee, Wee Hours
05. Bobby Sox Ramble

* this is the 78rpm version of "Hurricane."

** this track is not "Hurricane" but is in fact an alternate take of "Bobby Sox Ramble."

*** this track is "Atom Bomb." (Imperial 5213)

The full explanation of the wrong attributions on "Earthquake" is to be found in the cover notes on the Saxophonograph LP "Rockin' 'n' Boppin'."

no Zippy link - can't get it uploaded

In response to a request here is a new link to the Pathe Marconi LP of Joe Houston's Imperial sides - "Earthquake."

The link to the Saxophonograph collection of Joe Houston's sides for various labels had also expired, so here we go - 

Side 1
01. Rockin' 'n' Boppin'
02. Flying Home
03. Walking Home
04. Earthquake
05. Waycross Mama Blues
06. Moody
07. Hurricane
08. Go Joe Go

Side 2
01. Cornbread & Cabbage
02. Jay's Boogie
03. Doin' The Lindy Hop
04. Boogie Woogie Woman
05. Hog Maws Part 2
06. Dig It
07. Shtiggy Boom
08. Joe's Gone
09. The Hully

There have been a few posts about Joe Houston on Be Bop Wino over the years. Here's a quick guide -

Joe Houston - Earthquake - includes outline of Joe's career and recommended listening.

Joe Houston - Rockin' 'n' Boppin' - scans from Joan K, plus details of original issues of the tracks.

Rock And Roll With Joe Houston And His Rockets - the Tops LP, with reference to the story of that budget label.

Joe Houston - Doin' The Twist - exploitation a go go from the Crown label plus El Enmascarado's set up for ripping vinyl and shellac.

Joe Houston Special! - last year's attempt at keeping the Joe Houston links up to date. Out of date already!

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I am currently operating without a turntable, but don't worry folks there's still a supply of previously unposted material to keep us going. There's a couple of "new" LP's heading this way soon, so keep tuned to the Be Bop Wino station.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Twist With Jimmy McCracklin (Crown LP 5244) Re-Upped

Side 1:
01. I Can't Tell
02. I'm Gonna Tell Your Mother
03. My Mother Says
04. That Ain't Right
05. Please Forgive

Side 2:
01. Couldn't Be A Dream
02. Oh Baby
03. You Don't Seem To Understand
04. Reelin' And Rockin' Twist

With many thanks to El Enmascarado who sent in this 1962 Crown LP which was originally posted on the 7th December 2010.

The original post is here -

Go to it now for the fascinating details of how to do the twist, and if you happen to own a record company, how to pass off your back catalogue of old R&B tracks as the latest dance craze. There's also a fairly lengthy summary of the R&B years of Jimmy McCracklin and the CDs and tracks to look out for and a link to The Hound's article on Jimmy's guitarist Lafayette "The Thing" Thomas.

Yes, this is as fine an example of low budget exploitation as you could find, but it is also a nice little collection of some of Jimmy's R&B recordings for Modern in 1954-55, plus "Reelin' And Rockin'" from 1950. Scratched vinyl, a low bit rate, but surprisingly good sound quality as I found when I compared it to these excellent Ace CDs of Jimmy's Modern recordings -

Ace CDCHD 720

Ace CDCHD 993

More rockin' and boppin' re-ups, plus new stuff in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Nashville Jumps (R&B From Bullet 1946-1953) Re-Upped

Side One:
01. Nashville Jumps - Cecil Gant
02. Loose As A Goose - Cecil Gant
03. Lightning Struck The Poorhouse - Wynonie Harris
04. Dig This Boogie - Wynonie Harris
05. Anna Mae - Cecil Gant
06. No Good Woman Blues - Rudy Greene
07. Going Down Slow - St. Louis Jimmy
08. Buzzard Pie - Rudy Greene

Side Two:
01. I Got The Blues - B.B. King
02. Miss Martha King - B.B. King
03. Take A Swing With Me - B.B. King
04. When Your Baby Packs Up And Goes - B.B. King
05. Nobility Boogie - Red Miller Trio
06. Candy Man Blues - Roosevelt Sykes
07. My Baby Left Me - Little Eddie
08. Certainly All - Guitar Slim

In answer to a re-up request, here's "Nashville Jumps" with two new download links. The original post from March 2013 with information, recommended further reading and interesting comments below the line can be found here:

This collection contains B.B. King's first recordings.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Screaming Saxophones Have A Ball

Side One:
01. Have A Ball - Joe Houston Orchestra
02. Houston's Hot House - Joe Houston Orchestra
03. Leo's Boogie - Leo Parker And His Mad Lads
04. Cool Leo - Leo Parker And His Mad Lads
05. SOS - Charlie Singleton And His Band
06. Please Don't Leave Me Here - Charlie Singleton And His Band
07. Artistry In Mood - Joe Thomas And His Orchestra

Side Two:
01. Tearing Hair - Joe Thomas And His Orchestra
02. Turntable - Morris Lane And His Combo
03. What Did Sam Say - Paul Bascomb And His Orchestra
04. Ain't Nothin' Shakin' - Paul Bascomb And His Orchestra
05. Forty-Nine-Fifty - Bumps Myers Sextet
06. Memphis Hop - Bumps Myers Sextet
07. September Song - Morris Lane And His Combo

As I'm currently operating without a turntable, the next few posts will consist mainly of revivals of material posted in the earliest days of the blog with upgraded artwork and updated information. In addition I have a few other "projects" in mid development, so Be Bop Wino will keep going despite the (temporary) equipment crisis.

"Screaming Saxophones Have A Ball" was originally posted in August 2008 back when I still hadn't mastered the art of scanning a complete LP cover. This time round you get improved artwork plus additional information on these mainly obscure sides. If ever an LP embodied the ethos of Be Bop Wino it was this one with its mix of jazzers and early R&B tenor sax men all blowing fit to bust.

The notes on the back cover are very readable and I've added some more info below, although details remain somewhat hazy for a few of these sides. Here we go -

Have A Ball / Houston's Hot House by The Joe Houston Orchestra (Modern 850), released in December 1951. Recorded in Baton Rouge in the autumn of 1951. Personnel: Walter Miller (trumpet) ; August "Dimes" Dupont (alto sax); Joe Houston (tenor sax); Marian McKinley (piano); Robert Gray (bass); Robert Byrd (drums); Lois Butler (vocal on "Have A Ball").

Cool Leo / Leo's Boogie by Leo Parker And His Mad Lads (United 141), released in January 1953. Recorded in Chicago on November 15th, 1952. Personnel: Leo Parker (baritone sax); Andy Johnson (piano); Remo Biondi (guitar, violin); Ira Pettiford (bass); Jack Parker (drums).

Please Don't Leave Me Here To Cry / S.O.S. by Charlie Singleton and His Band (Lee 208). Release date unknown. Recorded in New York 1950-51. Personnel: Charlie Singleton (tenor sax); unknown (baritone sax); Gildo Mahones (piano); unknown (guitar); Martin Rivera (bass); John Godfrey (drums); Jake Vaughan (vocal on "Please Don't Leave Me Here To Cry").

Tearing Hair by Joe Thomas, His Sax and His Orchestra (King 4318). Other side was "My Baby Done Left Me." Released in October 1949. Recorded in New York on May 21st, 1949. Personnel: Joe Thomas (tenor sax) with Emmett Berry and John Grimes (trumpets); Dickie Harris (trombone); Ben Kynard (baritone sax); George Rhodes (piano); George Duvivier (bass); Joe Marshall (drums).

Artistry In Moods by Joe Thomas, His Sax and His Orchestra (King 4339). Other side was "Wham-A-Lam." Released in February 1950. Recorded in New York on November 28th, 1949. Personnel: Joe Thomas (tenor sax) with Emmett Berry and John Grimes (trumpets); Dickie Harris (trombone); Ben Kynard (baritone sax); George Rhodes (piano); George Duvivier (bass); Joe Marshall (drums).

September Song / Turntable by Morris Lane and his Combo (Continental 6074), released in August 1948. Reviewed in Billboard, August 28th, 1948. Recording date unknown - thought to be in early 1947. Personnel: Morris Lane (tenor sax) with unknown small combo.

Ain't Nothin' Shakin' / What Did Sam Say? (London 17002) by Paul Bascomb and His Orchestra. Release date unknown, probably in 1949. Recorded in New York, 1949. Personnel: Eddie Lewis (trumpet); Frank Porter, Tommy Waters (alto saxes); Paul Bascomb (tenor sax,vocal); Harold Wallace (baritone sax); Duke Jordan (piano); James McCray (bass); George DeHart (drums).

Memphis Hop / Forty-Nine-Fifty (Selective 106) by the Bumps Myers Sextet. Release date unknown, possibly August 1949. Recorded in Los Angeles in May / June 1949. Personnel: Bumps Myers (tenor sax) with unknown small combo.

Ride that riff, baby!