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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

3 Shades Of The Blues

Side A:
01. Train Done Gone - Eddie Kirkland
02. You Know I Love You - Eddie Kirkland
03. Blood On Your Hands - Eddie Kirkland
04. Love You Til The Day I Die - Eddie Kirkland
05. So Pretty Baby - Eddie Kirkland & The Falcons
06. I Tried - Eddie Kirkland & The Falcons
07. I Am So Tired (Oh Baby Please) - Eddie Kirkland & The Falcons
08. Backbone - Eddie Kirkland
Side B:
01. Live My Life All Over - Mr. Bo
02. Until The Day I Die - Mr. Bo
03. Hard Times Once More - Mr. Bo
04. The Train - Mr. Bo
05. Your Love Is Real - Ohio Untouchables
06. I'm Tired - Ohio Untouchables
07. Forgive Me Darling - Ohio Untouchables
08. Hot Stuff - Ohio Untouchables

Many thanks to Charlie B. for contributing this LP. You can't beat that Detroit clanging, banging blues racket and this LP is a prime example. It really is all killer, no filler and constitutes one of the best blues / R&B LPs I've ever heard.

Originally recorded for the small Lu Pine label, these sides were compiled by Relic in the 1970s for issue on this LP using the original "Lu Pine" label logo. The Eddie Kirkland sides were recorded between 1959 and 1961 but the whole session remained unissued until this album plus one tie-in single. Prior to this session Eddie had recorded a single for Detroit label Fortune and had previously had a few sides issued on RPM, Cobra and King. In 1962 Eddie recorded for Tru-Sound, a subsidiary of Prestige. You can find out more about that session in this post:

Mr Bo (Louis Bo Collins) sounds awfully like B.B. King which is hardly surprising as both musicians hailed from Indianola, Mississippi. His four tracks on this compilation were recorded in 1959 / 1960, with only "I'm Leaving This Town" being issued on a single on another small Detroit label, Northern (see below).

The Ohio Untouchables were an instrumental group started by and led by guitarist Robert Ward. They backed vocal group The Falcons and blues singer Benny McCain on singles on Lu Pine and had a couple of releases of their own on the label with Robert Ward taking the vocals. See below for details. Their tracks on this LP are good roughhouse late R&B / early soul, making for a strong ending to an outstanding album.

Some original issue information:

Lu Pine L110 also L-1010 - Ohio Untouchables - Forgive Me Darling / Love Is Amazing - released in 1962.

Lu Pine L-116/7 - Ohio Untouchables - I'm Tired / Up Town - released in 1964.

Northern 3731 - Mr. Bo - I'm Leaving This Town  / Times Hard (aka Hard Times Once More) - issued in January 1960. Northern was a small Detroit label owned by Johnnie Mae Matthews, one of the first black women to own a record label. She also owned the Audrey, Bon, and Reel labels. Mr. Bo had a single (Heartaches And Troubles / Calipso Blues) issued on the Reel label in 1962.

Lu Pine 801 - Eddie Kirkland - Train Done Gone / I Tried - issued by Relic as a tie-in with this LP in the 1970s. 

Stick around as the Be Bop Wino Autumn Blues Tour USA continues!

Thank you once more to Charlie B for this great album.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

B_B said...

Another all-time CLASSIC . . . GONE!?:

".......................Good Ole Country Music, Hillbilly, Western Swing, Rockabilly, Rock'n Roll, Blues..."

2006-2018 ........................and........................ ? ? ?

MichaelR said...

Excellent album. Thank you!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for commenting folks.

B_B - I fear Uncle Gil may be gone for good. His blog was one of the inspirations for Be Bop Wino and he will be greatly missed.


Don Rocin said...

I have thousands of tracks and figure I've heard enough and am content just to trawl back over what I got. Then along comes this brilliant RR&B disc and you realise too much is never enough. Thank BW and Charlie B for this snorter!