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Monday, 17 December 2018

Lula Reed - I'm Gone, Yes I'm Gone

Side 1:
01. Sick and Tired
02. Jealous Love
03. Watch Dog
04. Your Key Don't Fit No More
05. Going Back To Mexico
06. Bump On A Log
07. Three Men
08. Sample Man

Side 2:
01. Troubles On Your Mind
02. The Wild Stage Of Life
03. Ain't It A Shame
04. Without Love (Ain't It A Shame)
05. I'm Gone, Yes I'm Gone
06. Why Don't You Come On Home
07. I'll Upset You Baby
08. Caught Me When My Love Was Down

I'm Gone, Yes I'm Gone (Zippy)

Here's a rather terrific compilation of Lula Reed sides from her first spell with King Records which lasted from the end of 1951 to August 1956.

Lula was of course the vocalist with Sonny Thompson's band, having won the spot after auditioning against 50 competitors. Her first recording session with the band in December 1951 resulted in 2 big R&B hits - "I'll Drown In My Tears" (# 5 in July 1952) and "Let's Call It A Day" (#9 one month later). Both of these discs were credited to Sonny Thompson, but Lula was credited on subsequent releases although backing was still by the Thompson band. One of the most enjoyable features of this LP is the quality of that backing band, especially Sonny Thompson on piano, David Brooks on tenor sax and Clarence Kenner on guitar.

Full session details are listed on the LP back cover, so I have only added the release dates of the singles and also noted in italics the sides on these singles which do not feature on this LP.

Original release of tracks on this comp

King 4649 - Don't Make Me Love You / Going Back To Mexico - August 1953

King 4688 - Watch Dog / Your Key Don't Fit It No More - December 1953

King 4703 - Troubles On Your Mind / Bump On A Log - March 1954

King 4726 - I'll Upset You Baby / Wonderful Love - July 1954

King 4748 - Sick And Tired / Jealous Love - October 1954

King 4767 - I'm Gone, Yes I'm Gone / Rock Love - January 1955

King 4796 - Without Love (Ain't It A Shame) / Caught Me When My Love Was Down - May 1955

King 4811 - Why Don't You Come On Home / I'm Giving All My Love - July 1955

King 4969 - Sample Man / Three Men - October 1956

Ain't It A Shame and The Wild Stage Of Life were first issued on this LP.

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1 comment:

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this one BW. Love Lula's voice, she may well be my favorite female R&B singer.