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Friday 18 April 2008

T.J. Fowler and his Band - Early Detroit R & B

Detroit pianist T.J. Fowler (that was his full name, the initials didn’t stand for anything) started his jump band in 1947. They backed Paul Williams in his early Savoy sessions, then recorded on their own account from 1948 onwards, firstly for Paradise, then for National and Sensation. In 1952-53 they recorded several sessions for Savoy, before moving to States at the end of 1953.

The music on this collection is arranged in chronological order, with the first 8 tracks being from National and Sensation sessions and the remaining tracks being from Savoy and States. The music is mostly instrumental R&B, moving from jump to early rock ‘n’ roll in some of the 1952-1953 tracks.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon.

Download link:

1. TJ Boogie
2. What's The Matter Now
3. Midnight Clipper (pt 1)
4. Midnight Clipper (pt 2)
5. Harmony Grits
6. Red Hot Blues
7. Hot Sauce
8. Blue Lullaby
9. Night Crawler
10. Fowler's Boogie
11. Back Biter
12. Wine Cooler
13. Camel Walk
14. Gold Rush
15. The Queen
16. Tell Me What's The Matter

Sunday 13 April 2008

Boyd Bennett & His Rockets – Move

Joan K has contributed this extensive compilation of Boyd Bennett tracks ripped from original singles. There is of course a fair amount of crackling and popping on some of these tracks, but what do you expect from records that are half a century old? Regular visitors to the blog will know that I’m a great fan of rips from original singles. As far as I can tell some of these tracks haven’t featured in previous compilations. Joan has also supplied a folder of label scans and EP covers scans. We’ve only got room to show a few of them here, but they’re all included in the download for you to peruse at your leisure. There’s quite a few DJ promos included.

As for the music – there is a tremendous rocker in “Move”, quite a few teen-oriented titles like “Seventeen” and “My Boy Flat Top”, a couple of tracks backing the great Moon Mullican and some surprising R&B covers like “Big Jay Shuffle” and “Mumbles Blues”. There’s also a lot of pop (some of it extremely cloying) and some very early almost Dixieland tracks when the band was called the Southlanders.

I find it hard to get a handle on Bennett’s sound. I find it easier to understand where other early rock and roll bands such as Bill Haley and Jimmy Cavallo are coming from. Cavallo had a solid R&B background while Haley started out as a country musician but changed to a heavily R&B influenced sound at a time when such a move was genuinely innovative. Bennett seems to have come along later from a mixed pop/country background (with a little R&B influence picked up at King recording sessions), and jumped on the rock and roll bandwagon when it was already picking up speed. He also made a more blatant move for the teen market with stuff like “Seventeen” (a big hit in 1955). The Rockets were capable of hitting a good rocking groove as you can hear on some of the tracks in this collection. Two of their very best aren’t here, though: “Clock Tickin’ Rhythm” (recorded as “Cecil McNabb”) and “Seven Nights To Rock”, on which they backed Moon Mullican. More Boyd Bennett tracks will feature in the next post.

Download the from here (password = greaseyspoon)
Thank you Joan!

1. Move
2. Seventeen
3. Waterloo / Boyd Bennett and His Southlanders
4. I've Had Enough / Boyd Bennett and His Southlanders
5. Tennessee Rock 'n' Roll
6. My Boy Flat Top
7. The Most
8. Right Around The Corner
9. Blue Suede Shoes
10. The Groovy Age
11. Rabbit-Eye Pink And Charcoal Black
12. Rockin' Up A Storm
13. Big Jay Shuffle
14. Put The Chain On The Door
15. Boy Meets Girl
16. Rock and Roll Mr Bullfrog / Moon Mullican
17. Click Clack
18. Little Ole You All
19. Oo-Oo-Oo
20. Banjo Rock And Roll
21. Hit That Jive, Jack
22. Desperately
23. Partners For Life
24. Mumbles Blues
25. A Lock Of Your Hair
26. I'm Movin' On
27. Let Me Love You
28. Sentimental Journey
29. I'm Mad With You / Moon Mullican
30. Boogie Bear
31. A Boy Can Tell
32. Big Boy

Saturday 12 April 2008

Paul Gayten & Annie Laurie - Creole Gal

This 1979 Route 66 (KIX-8) LP concentrates on the early part of New Orleans bandleader Paul Gayten’s career, with most of the tracks being recorded for DeLuxe and Regal between 1947 and 1950. The music is in the jump blues style with little sign of the New Orleans R&B style which developed from around 1951/52. “True” is usually credited as being the first national R&B hit for a New Orleans based act.

The sleevenotes by John Broven are based on a 1975 interview with Paul Gayten. There is quite a bit of surface noise present on these tracks.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download link:

1. Your Hands Ain't Clean
2. True
3. Peter Blue And Jasper Too
4. I Still Love You *
5. One Sweet Letter From You *
6. Hey, Little Girl
7. Annie's Blues *
8. Gayten's Nightmare
9. Creole Gal
10. My Rough And Ready Man *
11. You Ought To Know
12. Cuttin' Out *
13. I Ain't Gonna Let You In *
14. Broadway's on Fire
15. Goodnight Irene **
16. Cow Cow Blues
17. Nervous Boogie

* = Annie Laurie, vocal
** = Coleman Brothers, vocal

Thursday 10 April 2008

Lee Allen - Down On Bourbon Street

Many thanks to the anonymous donor who sent this compilation of Lee Allen sides recorded for Ember at 3 sessions between 1957 and 1959. The backing musicians include Alain Toussaint, Charles “Hungry” Williams and Alvin “Red” Tyler.

Lee Allen started out with the Paul Gayten Orchestra in the late 1940s and subsequently joined Dave Bartholomew’s band. But it is as leader of the studio band at Cosimo Matassa’s New Orleans recording studio that he will probably be best remembered. At Cosimo’s he featured on many R&B and Rock’n’Roll recording sessions with Little Richard, Fats Domino, Huey “Piano” Smith, Shirley & Lee, Lloyd Price, Smiley Lewis etc, etc.

In 1957 he signed on with Ember Records and recorded under his own name, issuing the substantial hit “Walkin’ With Mr Lee”. This LP was on the NoLa label, which I have to say I have never heard of. The liner notes are by John Broven.

But enough of the music. What about that LP cover? It is truly a monument to sleaze. And what tragic story lies behind the downfall of the lady reduced to dancing the hoochie coochie while twirling tassles for the delectation of an unruly mob of drunks? Ah well, at least she got to hear Lee Allen playing rambunctious rhythm ‘n’ blues and sly striptease jazz. Every cloud has a silver lining.

I must also extend a big thank you to Joan K who contributed scans of original Ember singles and an EP at very short notice. Joan you are awesome.

Ripped from vinyl at 192 kbps. Some surface noise audible. Password = greaseyspoon

Download and do the shimmy shimmy shake:

1. Promenade
2. Walkin' With Mr Lee
3. Tic Toc
4. Bee Hive
5. Chuggin'
6. Big Horn Special
7. Jim Jam
8. Strollin' With Mr Lee
9. Teen Dreams
10. Boppin' At The Hop
11. Lee's Blues
12. Hot Rod Special
13. Ivy League
14. Short Circuit Funky
15. Creole Alley
16. Cat Walk

Acrobat Records in the UK have recently released a 24 track CD of Lee Allen sides. If you liked this download, please spend some cash on the disc (Acrobat ACMCD4267):

Wednesday 9 April 2008

The Upsetters - The New Orleans Connection

This was one of the first posts I put on Rockhall. I’ve re-upped it with a better front cover scan.

The Upsetters were Little Richard’s backing band who recorded for Vee Jay while the Georgia Peach was going through the first of his religious mania bouts. The first 8 tracks are the pick of this collection: 4 brilliant instrumentals and 4 tracks featuring Upsetters sax man Wilbert Smith (as “Lee Diamond”) on Little Richard-style vocals. And who is that shouting “Ooh Mah Soul!” at the end of track 8? The next 8 tracks backing Leonard Carbo and Larry Birdsong aren’t up to the same standard however. I’ve added two bonus* Upsetter tracks – “Jay Walking”, an instrumental recorded for Fire Records, and “I’m In Love Again”, a Little Richard inspired version of the Fats Domino classic (Who is that on vocals? Is it? Can it be?). This last track was recorded for Little Star Records.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download link:

1. Hatti Malatti / Lee Diamond & The Upsetters
2. The Strip / The Upsetters
3. A Girl In Every City / Lee Diamond
4. Wake Up / The Upsetters
5. Baldhead Baby / Lee Diamond
6. Upsetter / The Upsetters
7. Mama Loochie / Lee Diamond
8. Upsetter Rock / The Upsetters
9. Pigtails And Blue Jeans / Leonard Carbo
10. So Tired / Leonard Carbo
11. I'm Pleading Just For You / Larry Birdsong
12. If You Don't Want Me No More / Larry Birdsong
13. Time / Larry Birdsong
14. My Darling / Larry Birdsong
15. Baby, Baby / Leonard Carbo
16. I Don't Want To Lose Her / Leonard Carbo
17. Jay Walking / The Upsetters *
18. I'm In Love Again / The World Famous Upsetters *
* = Bonus Tracks: Track 17 – Fire Records, Track 18 – Little Star Records