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Saturday 16 May 2015

B.B. King - Live On Stage (United 7736)

Originally released on Kent 5015 in 1965. Chitlin' circuit atmosphere, rough as heck, possibly the best ever "live" (!?!) blues set on LP. Released before B.B. broke into the blues-rock market. I don't think this one has ever made it to CD. Bought in the much missed 23rd Precinct record shop in Glasgow in the early 70s.

They played 2 hours solid B.B. tracks tonight in the Scotia Bar in Glasgow. I doubt if anyone else could have inspired such a tribute.

This is one long mp3 ripped earlier tonight. No separate tracks but here's the set list:

Please Love Me - Every Day I Have The Blues - Sweet Sixteen - 3 O'Clock Blues - Rock Me Baby - Sweet Little Angel - Baby Look at Me - Woke Up this Morning - You Upset Me Baby - I've Got A Right To Love My Baby - Let Me Love You.

I assume (!?!) it is a "bona fide" live recording. (Edit - it isn't! See comments below) With these budget Modern / RPM and subsidiary label LPs you just never know! No matter, this is one smokin' set. Download, play and raise a glass of beer to the memory of the great man.

Download link:

Saturday 2 May 2015

Bull Moose Jackson - Two Re-Ups

In answer to a request for a re-up of the Bull Moose Jackson LP "Moose On The Loose" on Saxophonograph, here are re-ups of both Bull Moose LPs which I originally uploaded in 2011 and 2009 respectively: "Moose On The Loose" and "Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again."

Moose On The Loose:

Side A:
1. Chittlin' Switch (Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra)
2. Hold Him Joe
3. We Ain't Got Nothin'
4. Just In Case You Change Your Mind
5. Jammin' And Jumpin'
6. Bad Man Jackson, That's Me
7. Moose On The Loose
8. Sometimes I Wonder

Side B:
1. Houston Texas Gal
2. Moosey
3. We Can Talk Some Trash
4. Oh John
5. End This Misery
6. Bearcat Blues
7. Big Ten-Inch Record
8. Hodge-Podge

New download link:

Moose On The Loose (Mega)

Original post is here:

Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again:

Side A:
1. I Know Who Threw The Whiskey (In The Well)
2. Bull Moose Jackson Blues
3. Sneaky Pete
4. Cleveland Ohio Blues
5. Fare Thee Well, Deacon Jones
6. Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
7. Miss Lucy
8. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Side B:
1. Memphis Gal
2. Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
3. Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again
4. Cherokee Boogie (Eh-Oh-Aleena)
5. Nosey Joe
6. Bootsie
7. I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya
8. Watch My Signals

New download link:

Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again (Mega)

Original post:

Check out the original posts for much more info on Bull Moose, the LPs, and loadsa label scans.