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Saturday 30 April 2016

Joe Liggins Special! 2 LPs Re-upped

Side A:
01. The Honeydripper Part 1
02. The Honeydripper Part 2
03. Left A Good Deal In Mobile
04. Key Jam
05. How Come
06. Apple Of My Eye
07. Doddle-Do-Da-Deet
08. Yvette

Side B:
09. Drippers' Boogie Part 1
10. Drippers' Boogie Part 2
11. Lonesome Guitar
12. You Ain't Goin' To Heaven No How
13. Three O'Clock Jump Part 1
14. Three O'Clock Jump Part 2
15. Some Of These Days
16. Ruth

Download from:

Original post is here:

Side 1:
01. Miss Betty's Blues
02. Got Your Love In My Heart
03. Caravan
04. I Know My Love Is True
05. Got A Right To Cry - Joe Liggins
06. Walkin' - Joe Liggins
07. Tanya - Joe Liggins
08. Sugar Lump - Joe Liggins

Side 2:
09. The Darktown Strutters Ball
10. Downhome Blues
11. Breaking My Heart
12. Sweet Georgia Brown
13. The Blues
14. Loosiana
15. Spooks Holiday
16. Daddy On My Mind

Download from:

Original post is here:

More Joe Liggins posts featuring 78 rpm rips by El Enmascarado and the stories behind the discs:

Drippers' Boogie, Parts 1 & 2

And, lest we forget, The Honeydripper Parts 1 & 2 by Sammy Franklin and the Atomics. He should have listened to Joe.

Thursday 28 April 2016

Cadillacs Meet The Orioles (Jubilee JGM-1117)

Side 1:
01. Baby Please Don't Go - The Orioles
02. Hurry Home - The Cadillacs
03. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me - The Orioles
04. Buzz Buzz Buzz - The Cadillacs
05. A Kiss And A Rose - The Orioles
06. Lucy - The Cadillacs

Side 2:
01. Deacon Jones - The Orioles
02. It's Love - The Cadillacs
03. I Don't Want To Take a Chance - The Orioles
04. Let Me Down Easy - The Cadillacs
05. You Belong To Me - The Orioles
06. C'mon Home Baby - The Cadillacs

Download from:

Re-up of the third in the series of five compilation LPs of vocal group tracks which were released on Jubilee in 1959 / 1960. It's an interesting mix of late 1940s / early 1950s tracks by the Orioles, the group which really established Jubilee as a label with their 1948 hit "It's Too Soon To Know", and The Cadillacs, Jubilee's big selling group of the mid 1950s.

There is quite a lot of popping and crackling on these well worn tracks!

Original post from the 22nd of June 2008 is here:

The history of the Cadillacs is told in a two part article on J.C. Marion's website here:

The go-to place for the story of the Orioles is Marv Goldberg's site where there is a monumental four part article. The whole story starts here:

I originally posted on the Orioles way back in September 2007, in the very earliest days of the blog. That post was subsequently rewritten and the LP, "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" was re-uploaded with improved scans. The newer download links have in their turn become dead, but now they have been replaced with an all new live link.

The original post with new link, loads of info and pictures is here:

Download "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" from here:

More of these Jubilee comps are in the pipeline!

Monday 25 April 2016

Tab Smith - I Don't Want To Play In The Kitchen


Side 1:
01. I Don't Want To Play In The Kitchen
02. Tab Steps Out
03. All Night Long
04. Roebie's Blues
05. Riffin' The Bass
06. Granny Dodging At The Savoy
07. You Lovely You
08. Rosa Lee

Side 2:
01. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
02. Fat Mouth Blues
03. Darling, You're All I Need
04. Jumpin' At The Track
05. Morning Blues
06. Echo Blues
07. Feel Like I Wanna Die
08. Boogie Joogie

Download from:

Re-up of an LP first posted on the 29th November, 2008. New front and back cover scans plus label scans are included in the new download.

Original post is here:

Alto sax player Tab Smith was born in North Carolina in 1909. His professional career started with The Carolina Stompers in 1927-29, followed by spells with Ike Dixon, Eddie Johnson's Crackerjacks, Fate Marable, the Lucky Millinder led Mills Blue Rhythm Band, and Frankie Newton.

At the beginning of the 1940s he joined Count Basie and began a spell of band hopping among orks led by Teddy Wilson, Lucky Millinder and Eddie Durham. There was a return to Basie and then a second spell with Lucky Millinder from 1942-44. He left Millinder to form his own small jump band, taking vocalist Trevor Bacon and other Millinder band members with him.

The band started recording for small New York labels in May 1944, which is where this LP starts. Many of the sides he recorded in the mid '40s for labels such as Manor, Regis, Hub and Harlem were later picked up for re-release by King.

Tab's band consciously chose the "play it pretty for the people" route pioneered by Louis Jordan's Tympany Five, recording a mix of jumps, blues, boogies and ballads. In 1951 Tab started recording for United Records in Chicago at a time when his music career was taking a back seat to his business interests. His first release, "Because Of You", was such a success that he continued to record for United until 1957.

In 1958-59 he recorded for Checker with many of the sides being released on the LP "Keeping Tab."

His last sessions as leader were on King in April and August 1960.

The following original release details of the tracks from "I Don't Want To Play In The Kitchen" should be read in conjunction with the session details on the back cover of the LP. Please note that the LP information is probably wrong about the chronological order of sessions (e) and (f). Session (e) was in November 1945, and session (f) was in September 1945. See below for further info.

Original release details:

NYC May 10th 1944 session. This was Tab's first "name" session. All personnel were ex- Lucky Millinder except drummer Walter Johnson:

You Lovely You - Decca 8661 (b/w "I'll Live True To You")
All Night Long - Coral 60042 (b/w "Sorry About The Whole Affair")

NYC November 1944 session:

Rosa Lee - Manor 1010 (b/w "I Was Wrong")

Chicago February 1945 session:

Tab Steps Out - Regis 7000 (b/w "The Things You Are")

Los Angeles August 1945 session:

Granny Dodging At The Savoy - 20th Century 20-45 (b/w "So This Must Be Love" credited to Robie Kirk with Tab Smith and His Orchestra)

Roebie's Blues / I Don't Want To Play In The Kitchen - Harlem 1022, 1024 and Queen 4180, credited to Roebie Kirk with Tab Smith & His Orchestra. Masters from this session were purchased by King.

NYC September (?) 1945 session (f in sleevenotes):

Jumpin' At The Track / Morning Blues - Southern 125, later as Queen /King 4135

NYC November 1945 session (e in sleevenotes):

Darling You're All I Need / On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Hub 3000 (On The Sunny Side Of The Street later released on King 4546 b/w "Tab's Purple Heart" )

Riffin' The Bass / Fat Mouth Blues - Hub 3009 (Riffin' The Bass later released on King EP 345)

NYC February 15th 1949 session:

Echo Blues - Atlantic 961 b/w "Moon Dream."

Chicago October 24th 1951 session:

Boogie Joogie - United 108 b/w "Hands Across The Table."

Chicago April 10th 1956 session:

I Feel Like I Wanna Die - United 203 b/w "Yo Yo Blues."

Recommended purchase:

Delmark DD-447. 20 United tracks in perfect sound quality. Includes his biggest hit "Because Of You."

Monday 18 April 2016

Casbah / Sid's Delight - Tadd Dameron and His Orchestra (Capitol 57-60006)

Personnel: Tadd Dameron (piano, arranger); Fats Navarro (trumpet); Kai Winding (trombone); Sahib Shihab (alto saxophone); Dexter Gordon (tenor sax); Cecil Payne (baritone sax); Curly Russell (bass); Kenny Clarke (drums); Diego Ibarra (bongos); Vidal Bolado (conga); Rae Pearl (vocal on "Casbah")

Recorded in New York City, January 18th, 1949.


Sid's Delight:

Here's something the like of which you don't hear every day. A bebop essay into wordless vocalised exotica, courtesy of El Enmascarado who has ripped us another vintage jazz 78 rpm disc.

Pianist / composer / arranger Tadd Dameron said at a 1953 recording session: "When I write something it's with beauty in mind. It has to swing, sure, but it has to be beautiful." Dameron's search for beauty expressed through music had its starting point when, as a medical student, he saw a body with an almost severed arm dangling from it. That was enough medicine for Tadd. "There's enough ugliness in the world," he decided. "I'm interested in beauty."

He soon acquired the standard big band swing experience which formed the musical background of the bop pioneers, working in the bands of Blanche Calloway, Zach White, Vido Musso, Harlan Leonard and Jimmie Lunceford. Tadd's move into a modern bop style came with his work for the bands of Billy Eckstine ("Cool Breeze") and Dizzy Gillespie ("Our Delight"). In 1947 he had his own small combo featuring brilliant trumpeter Fats Navarro, which recorded for Blue Note and Savoy.

(above: Tadd Dameron and Fats Navarro)

In 1948 his group became the house band at The Royal Roost, a Broadway chicken restaurant which had been running unsuccessful jazz nights until promoter Monte Kay and deejay Symphony Sid stepped in with a policy of promoting the new sounds in jazz combined with regular live radio broadcasts which proved to be fabulously successful.

Which brings us to 1949 where we find Tadd still in residence at The Royal Roost but now with an expanded lineup (sometimes known as "The Big Ten"), which in the eternal quest for beauty through music, combines bop with Latin rhythms. "Casbah" features the wordless singing of Rae Pearl. "Sid's Delight" (named after Symphony Sid) has the tenor sax of Dexter Gordon, who is uncredited on the record label, as you can see from El Enmascarado's scans.

This session for Capitol records was the last to be shared by Tadd Dameron and his collaborator in chief, trumpeter Fats Navarro whose requests for higher pay led to a split.

Many thanks to our collaborator El Enmascarado for the sounds 'n' scans.

Recommended purchase:

2 CD set, Blue Note 3373.

Information source:

"Jazz Masters Of The 40s" by Ira Gitler, Da Capo, 1984.

Thursday 14 April 2016

Dexter Gordon - Master Takes / The Savoy Recordings (1945-1947)

Side 1:
01. Blow Mr Dexter
02. Dexter's Deck
03. Dexter's Cuttin' Out
04. Dexter's Minor Mad
05. Long Tall Dexter
06. Dexter Rides Again
07. I Can't Escape From You
08. Dexter Digs In

Side 2:
09. Settin' The Pace
10. So Easy
11. Dexter's Riff
12. Dexter's Mood
13. Dextrose
14. Index
15. Dextivity

Download from:

This LP was originally posted back in the very earliest days of the blog. That post was subsequently deleted. The re-up includes new front and back cover scans as well as added label scans.

Six feet five inches tall Dexter Gordon was the first tenor sax player to play in the be bop style. Like many of his fellow be bop pioneers he received his musical grounding in the big swing bands. His career started to take off in his native Los Angeles, where in 1940 at the age of 17 he was recruited into the newly formed Lionel Hampton Orchestra. He stayed with the band until 1943, returning to LA where he joined a group led by drummer Lee Young. In 1944 he had spells with Fletcher Henderson and Louis Armstrong. In the autumn of that year he joined the bop inclined band of Billy Eckstine whose reed section boasted players of the calibre of Gene Ammons, Budd Johnson, John Jackson, Sonny Stitt and Leo Parker.

Dexter left the Eckstine band in 1945 and headed for New York where he joined a sextet led by Charlie Parker which also featured Miles Davis on trumpet and a changeable rhythm section with either Stan Levey or Max Roach on drums, Curley Russell on bass and Bud Powell or Sir Charles Thompson on piano. The first recording session featured on this LP took place in October 1945 while Dexter was still with the Parker outfit. (tracks 1-4, side 1)

Above: Charlie Parker Combo at the Spotlite Club, 52nd Street, NYC, October 1945. Bird out front, Miles on trumpet, Dex in shades.

For his October Savoy session, Dexter was backed by a rhythm section consisting of Argonne Thornton (Sadik Hakim) (piano), Gene Ramey (bass) and Eddie Nicholson (drums). For the second Savoy session in January 1946, Dexter was backed by a big name bebop rhythm section of Bud Powell (piano), Curley Russell (bass) and Max Roach (drums), all of whom had played in the Charlie Parker Combo. Also along was trumpeter Leonard Hawkins. (tracks 5-8, side 1).

Dexter quit New York in summer 1946. His first stop was Honolulu where he spent two months in Cee Pee Johnson's band and then he headed back home to Los Angeles where he was soon immersed in the burgeoning West Coast be bop scene. His next recordings were for Ross Russell's Dial label in June 1947, including the famous sax battle with Wardell Gray titled "The Chase."

Above: Wardell and Dexter - "The Chase"

A few weeks later Ralph Bass recorded Wardell and Dexter in a jam session at the Elks Auditorium in the Central Avenue area of LA. Among the personnel were stalwarts such as Howard McGhee, Sonny Criss, Trummy Young, Barney Kessel and Red Callender. Four of the recorded sides eventually made it to a 2LP set on Savoy - "The Hunt." This set, which was donated to Be Bop Wino by Billy K in November 2007, is nothing short of sensational. Bebop in the raw with no running time restrictions and recorded live in front of a rowdy audience.

Side 1:
Disorder At The Border
Side 2:
Side 3:
Side 4:
The Hunt

Download from here:

On December 4th 1947 Dexter recorded another sax battle in LA for Dial, this time with Teddy Edwards - "The Duel, Parts 1 and 2." One week later Dexter was back in New York to record for Savoy (tracks 1-3, side 2), this time with Leo Parker on baritone sax and a rhythm section consisting of pianist / arranger Tadd Dameron, bassist Nelson Boyd and Art Blakey on drums. "Settin' The Pace" is yet another sax battle, with Dex and Leo facing off against each other. Dexter certainly had a penchant for reed-based combat as the aforementioned matches with Wardell Gray and Teddy Edwards show. In fact this went back to his Billy Eckstine days when he and Gene Ammons recorded their regular show-stopper "Blowing The Blues Away."

The final session on this LP was recorded on the 22nd December 1947 (tracks 4-7, side 2). The backing band once again featured pianist / arranger Tadd Dameron, this time along with a couple of members of his quintet which had recorded a few months earlier for Blue Note: Fats Navarro on trumpet and Nelson Boyd on bass. The lineup was completed with Art Mardigan on drums.

In January 1949 Dexter played in Tadd Dameron's Big Ten at the Royal Roost and recorded a couple of sides with this band for Capitol. Which brings us neatly to our next post and another 78 rip by El Enmascarado. In the meantime you can groove to these "Master Takes" and shout "Go! Go! Go!" while flipping your wig to "The Hunt."

Stay cool, boppers.

Sunday 10 April 2016

The Paragons Meet The Jesters (Jubilee LP 1098)

Side 1:
01. Florence - The Paragons
02. Please Let Me Love You - The Jesters
03. So Strange - The Jesters
04. Let's Start All Over Again - The Paragons
05. Now That You're Gone - The Jesters
06. The Vows Of Love - The Paragons

Side 2:
01. Hey Little School Girl - The Paragons
02. I'm Falling In Love - The Jesters
03. Love No One But You - The Jesters
04. Stick With Me Baby - The Paragons
05. I Laughed - The Jesters
06. Twilight - The Paragons

Download from:

The original post is (25th June 2008) is here:

We've had a few re-up requests for this one - Joan's contribution of  the 1959 Jubilee LP "The Paragons Meet The Jesters." The sides contained herein were originally released on Winley and its subsidiary Cyclone between February 1957 and June 1958. Winley was owned by Paul Winley and was distributed through Jubilee owner Jerry Blaine's  Cosnat company, hence the use of these sides on a Jubilee LP.

This was the first of a series of five Jubilee compilations of doo wop / vocal group tracks. The other titles in the series were: "Cadillacs Meet the Orioles", "Whoppers!", "Boppin'", and "Rumble." All the album covers featured cheesy photographs of models posing as biker / juvenile delinquent types complete with leather jackets and even on occasion baseball bats. Hilariously and unintentionally (?) camp.

For the full lowdown on these groups see Marv Goldberg's site:

I think Joan "reconstructed" these LPs from original 45 rpm singles which were pretty scratched. In fact there's a skip on the first track, but, hey, that's all part of the Be Bop Wino lo-fi aural experience.

With thanks to Joan K for the sounds and scans.

Saturday 9 April 2016

Drink Up!


Side 1:
01. Mr. Bear Comes To Town - Mr. Bear
02. Hold Out Baby - Mr. Bear
03. Walking the Blues - Champion Jack Dupree
04. Peek-A-Boo - Mr. Bear
05. The Bear Hug - Mr. Bear
06. Hi-Fi Baby - Mr. Bear
07. Think I Know - Dr. Horse
08. I'm Gonna Keep My Good Eye On You - Mr. Bear
09. Drunk Again - Champion Jack Dupree

Side 2:
01. How Come? - Mr. Bear
02. I'm Tired Of  It - Dr. Horse
03. One Mint Julep - The Clovers
04. Salt Pork, West Virginia - Dr. Horse
05. Radar - Mr. Bear
06. Jack That Cat Was Clean - Dr. Horse
07. Drink Up - The Du-Droppers
08. Goodnight Blues - King Kolax Orchestra
09. Daybreak Rock - Mr. Bear with Champion Jack Dupree

Download from:

We're makin' the joints with the hippest cats in town. Bar-room philosophers Mr. Bear, Dr. Horse and Champion Jack Dupree are our companions on an all night booze-a-thon. They're up for it - just hear the rockin' vibes on "Mr. Bear Comes To Town." But soon the booze takes hold and our buddies are waxing philosophical about their troubled relationships with their women.

And then we find The Clovers slumped over a bar counter bewailing the consequences of an unwise mint julep but our fellow revellers laugh that off and soon we're in better company as The Du Droppers urge us to keep imbibing as the night wears on.

It's all over, surely, 'cos here's the King Kolax band wailing on an after hours sax instro as we make our way along the deserted streets as dawn begins to break. But Champion Jack and Mr. Bear have other ideas ... may the Lord have mercy on our poor lost souls.

Pardon the distortion, clicks and pops from our less than mint vinyl. Who cares? Whose round is it? Show me the way to the next whiskey bar. We're stumblin' in the neon groves.

Thursday 7 April 2016

We Love Earl Bostic - 2 LPs Re-Upped!

Dance To The Best Of Bostic (reissue of King LP 500):

Side 1:
01. Flamingo
02. Always
03. Deep Purple
04. Smoke Rings
05. What No Pearls
06. Jungle Drums

Side 2:
01. Serenade
02. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
03. Seven Steps
04. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You
05. Don't You Do It
06. Steamwhistle Jump

Download from here:

Important note - this LP consists of 1959 re-recordings by Earl Bostic.

The original post from the 3rd April 2010 contains full recording details of the tracks plus some interesting comments "below the line." Please note that for this re-up I improved the scans of the back cover and the record labels.

Original post is here:

Earl Bostic Blows A Fuse (Charly CRB 1091):

Side 1:
01. Night Train
02. 8.45 Stomp
03. That's The Groovy Thing
04. Special Delivery Stomp
05. Moonglow
06. Mambostic
07. Earl Blows A Fuse
08. Harlem Nocturne

Side 2:
09. Who Snuck The Wine In The Gravy?
10. Don't You Do It
11. Disc Jockey's Nightmare
12. Flamingo
13. Steam Whistle Jump
14. What! No Pearls
15. Tuxedo Junction
16. Seven Steps

Download from here:

The original post (2nd December 2009) contains a summary of Earl Bostic's career, recommended purchases and interesting comments below the line. For this re-up I have added label scans and a new back cover scan. Original post is here:

More re-ups are in the pipeline, including another great alto player and two vocal groups on a compilation with crazy cover art.