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Wednesday 25 November 2009

Joan Selects, Volume 20 - The Grand Finale

This post appeared on the original Bebopwino blog on the 2nd of May 2009. It marked the end of a remarkable contribution to the rockin' web - Joan Selects - twenty one compilations of doowop, rock and roll and rhythm and blues, all lovingly put together by Joan K. But was this REALLY the end of Joan Selects? Prepare to be astonished o worshippers of the Big Beat, for I can tell you that this wasn't quite the last in the series. Keep tuned to Be Bop Wino Done Gone for some rockin' good news.

All good things come to an end eventually. It’s time to face the inevitable – the final volume of Joan Selects. Over to Joan:

We have reached "Joan Selects, Volume 20 Joan's Grand Finale" and it is now time to exit stage right, with this volume. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who extended their comments to me over the course of the last half year, as the Joan Selects series unfolded. We've made more than 700 songs available for your listening pleasure. I hope that some, if not all, evoked some memories of times gone by. Perhaps some of the music is new to you and you've been able to widen your musical horizons. It's been my pleasure to select and present this great music of the 1940's - 1960's.

As for the finale here presented, I have culled through my music and selected a last group of songs that I would have on my iPod or on my computer if given the choice.

We start off with arguably the all-time greatest doo-wop song of the 1950's, with New Haven's 5-Satins featuring Fred Paris, "In The Still Of the Night" - one of the greats!
The Velvetones song included here is their follow-up to "The Glory Of Love", and I like it better. All their relevant material was recorded for the Mesner's Aladdin Records marque. Nolan Strong and the Diablos from Detroit are best known for the song I present here - "The Wind" a pure doo-wop masterpiece on Devora Brown's Detroit based Fortune Label. The Five Notes resurface on volume 20 for a second appearance, with the hauntingly beautiful "You Are So Beautiful" recorded for Josie Records. I had to include the Jaguar's treatment of Jerome Kern's "The Way you Look Tonight" - not optional. Seeing a theme on Volume 20 yet?

Tony Passalaqua and the Fascinators are included on this collection with their masterpiece "Chapel Bells" recorded for Capitol Records. Even though the Casinos recording "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" is from the 1960s, I still consider it as a song I'd take to a desert island as one of my favorites. For the Flamingos, their brief stopover on Chicago's legendary Parrot label, produced three 45's and the one included here is (in Joan's opinion) the ultimate Flamingo's record - "Dream Of A Lifetime".

I reprised several of my favorites from earlier Joan Selects volumes because they fit the theme of the finale nicely - The Nitecaps - "In Each Corner of my Heart" and The Drifters - "Your Promise to Be Mine".

The Iceman, Jerry Butler produced an instant classic, fronting the Impressions for Vee Jay and later the Abner label with the all-time classic - "For Your Precious Love". The Swallows with "I Only Have Eyes for You" and the Checkers "Night Curtains" both for the King Label are really wonderful selections, and are extremely rare on 45 rpm format.

I've included many other of my "Joan's selections to take to a tropical island" choices in volume 20, The Sharp-Tones on Post, Plants on J&S, Orchids on Parrot, Wrens on Rama, and several by the Moonglows, one on Chance and one on Chess.

The Crests first recording for the Coed Label is featured also in Volume 20. The Royals (later to become the Midnighters, with Hank Ballard) are here with their magical ballad "Every Beat of My Heart" for the Federal company in Cincinnati.
"Joan Selects, Volume 20 - Joan's Grand Finale" closes the volume and series with several meaningful songs, The Ink Spots - "When You Come To The End of The Day" recorded for King Records, and the ultimate dance ender and all time top ten doo wop classic - The Spaniels "Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight".

To all who have joined us here on BeBop Wino in listening to the Joan Selects series it is time to say so-long and thanks for listening... I love you all!!!!


Ripped from vinyl at mostly 128 kbps. Nearly 40 label scans are included. Download from here:!hYFjnDYY!QOzk4_j1NZmicz8fb8Nf_H25MnEz7eutnE9lswE552E

01 The Five Satins - I'll Remember (In The Still Of The Night) - Ember E-1005

02 The Dominoes - Love, Love, Love - Federal 45-12072-A

03 The Velvetones - Found My Love - Aladdin 45-3391

04 The Diablos - The Wind - Fortune 511

05 The Castelles - My Girl Awaits Me - Grand 45-101

06 The Five Notes - You Are So Beautiful - Josie 45-784

07 The Jaguars - The Way You Look Tonight - R-Dell 11

08 The Fascinators - Chapel Bells - Capitol F-4053

09 The Solitaires - The Angels Sang - Old Town O.T. 1026

10 The Five Willows - My Dear, Dearest Darling - Allen 45-1000

11 The Casinos - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - Fraternity F-977

12 The Crystals - Come To Me Baby - Luna 45-101

13 Luther Bond and the Emeralds - Starlight, Starbright - Savoy 1131

14 The Duprees - You Belong To Me - Coed CO 569

15 The Flamingos - Dream Of A Lifetime - Parrot 808

16 The Drifters - Your Promise To Be Mine - Atlantic 45-1089

17 The Nite Caps - In Each Corner Of My Heart - Groove 4G-0176

18 The Harptones - Life Is But A Dream - Paradise P-101-A

19 The Five Diamonds - Ten Commandments of Love - Treat 501

20 Jerry Butler & The Impressions - For Your Precious Love - Abner 1013

21 The Sharptones - Made To Love - Post x2009

22 The Cufflinxs - Lawful Wedding - Dootone 438-B

23 The Crests - Pretty Little Angel - Coed 501

24 The Robins - My Heart's The Biggest Fool - RCA Victor 47-5175

25 The Moonglows - Secret Love - Chance CH-1152

26 The Swallows - I Only Have Eyes For You - King 45-4533-AA

27 The Checkers - Night's Curtains - King 4581

28 The Plants - Dear I Swear - J & S 1602 A

29 The Orchids - You're Everything To Me - Parrot 815

30 The Charms - Happy Are We - DeLuxe 6014

31 The TimeTones - In My Heart - Times Square 421

32 The Wrens - Love's Something Made For Two - Rama RR-110

33 The Passions - Just To Be With You - Audicon 45-102

34 The Royals - Every Beat Of My Heart - Federal 45-12064-AA

35 The Orioles - There's No One But You - Jubilee 45-5134

36 The Dubs - Could This Be Magic - Gone 5011

37 Harvey and the Moonglows - Don't Be Afraid To Love - Chess 1735

38 The Admirations - Bells Of Rosa Rita - Mercury 71721X45

39 The Ink Spots - When You Come To The End Of The Day - King 45-1425

40 The Spaniels - Goodnite Sweetheart, Goodnite - Vee Jay VJ-107

Thursday 19 November 2009

Joan Selects, Volume 11 - Quite A Party

This post first appeared on the original Be Bop Wino blog on April 20th 2009.

“Hold It! What’s goin’ on? Where’s the final volume of Joan Selects? Why have we got another Volume 11, and why oh why have you hit us with the coolest collection of instrumentals to ever blast out over the rock and roll interweb?” That’s what rockin’ music fans from Hackensack to Hanoi are no doubt saying. Well each and every one of you should genuflect and give thanks to the High Priestess of Rock and Roll (Joan) for this bonus volume of twangin’ and squawkin’ instros. And please also give thanks for the fact that the end of Joan selects has been delayed for around a week.

And now over to the lady herself:

Joan Selects Volume 11 - Quite a Party will serve as a replacement volume for the earlier Volume 11 which featured seasonal Christmas doo wop. Quite A Party - is comprised of all instrumental cuts. A lot are personal favorites, and there is a fair representation of top 40 hits as well. Some of the high-lights include several outstanding cuts from Ohio's Johnny and the Hurricanes, featuring Johnny Paris on saxophone.

The Corvette's driving "Pick Up" should bring the dead back to life with its strident beat. Some rockabilly instrumentals here include The Rock-A-Teens with “Woo Hoo” and the Jet-Tones with “The Jet Tone Boogie” (with studio chatter at the outset) for Chess Records. Several of the more obscure surf instrumentals show here: “Mr. Moto” - The Penetrations, “Church Key” - The Revels, “Penetration” - The Pyramids, and the all-time hit “Pipeline” - The Chantays. Some of my favorite evergreens appear here too – “Tequila” - The Champs, “Raunchy” - Bill Justice, “Rumble” - Link Wray and “Wheels” - The String-a-Longs. Of special note is a cut from a legendary album on Fraternity Records - "The Wham Of That Memphis Man" with guitar virtuoso extraordinaire Lonnie Mack's version of Memphis. Words fall far short of an ample description of the skills of Lonnie Mack.

George Tomsco's Fireballs provide the title for this Joan Selects volume with “Quite A Party”. Several one shot hits are here The Ramrods - "Ghost Riders in the Sky'" and "Back Beat Number 1" - The Rondels. "Sax-Ony Boogie" is from the legendary Meteor record label and is essentially the Elmore James band. Chicago blues legend Otis Spann appears on a very rare Checker Records side - and an excellent driving instrumental called "Five Spot". Tommy Ridgeley had a colossal hit for Atlantic Records with "Jam Up". Elgart's "Bandstand Boogie" speaks for itself and this Joan Selects Volume 11 closes with one of the most unbelievable saxophone instrumentals ever put down in the R&B era by Rama and Gee records session band leader Jimmy Wright. If I didn't have Wright''s "Move Over" I'd pay good money for this whole volume just to get the Jimmy Wright song. Enjoy!!!!

Thanks Joan, for this unexpected replacement volume and also for the folder of around 40 label shots.

Ripped from crackly vinyl, the way God meant rock and roll to be heard. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

01 Johnny and the Hurricanes - Crossfire - Warwick M-502
02 The Corvettes - Pick Up - Corvette C-1000
03 The Titans - Rockin' Rebel - Titan FF-5701
04 The Rocking Rebels - Wild Weekend - Marlee ML-0094A
05 Ray Anthony - The Theme from Peter Gunn - Capitol F4041
06 The Revels - Church Key - Impact 1-IMX
07 Al Caiola - The Theme from The Magnificent Seven - United Artists UA 261
08 The Rocketeens - Woo Hoo - Roulette R-4192
09 The Champs - Tequila - Challenge 1016
10 The Belairs - Mr. Moto - Arvee A-5034
11 The Chantays - Pipeline - Downey D-104
12 The Jet Tones - The Jet-Tone Boogie - Chess 1723
13 Jorgen Ingmann - Apache - ATCO 45-6184
14 Sandy Nelson - Let There Be Drums - Imperial x5775
15 Bill Justice - Raunchy - Phillips International 3519
16 Link Wray - Rumble - Cadence 1347
17 The Virtues - Guitar Boogie Shuffle - Hunt H-324
18 Dave "Baby" Cortez - The Happy Organ - Clock C-1009
19 Duane Eddy - Moovin' and Groovin' - Jamie 1101
20 The Piltdown Men - Brontosaurus Stomp - Capitol 4414
21 The Fabulous Continentals - The Rockinental - Sioux 42061
22 Lonnie Mack - Memphis - Fraternity F-906
23 Cozy Cole - Topsy, Part 1 - Love 503
24 The Ramrods - Ghost Riders in the Sky - Amy 813
25 The Fireballs - Quite A Party - Warwick M-644
26 The String-A-Longs - Wheels - Warwick M 603
27 The Routers - Let's Go(Pony) - Warner Brothers 5283
28 Preston Epps - Bongo Rock - Original Sound O-4
29 The Pyramids - Penetration - Best 13002
30 The Frantics - Werewolf - Dolton No. 16
31 Santo and Johnny - Sleepwalk - Canadian American 103
32 Johnny and the Hurricanes - Buckeye - Warwick M-509
33 The Rondels - Back Beat No 1 - Amy 825
34 Lee Allen – Rockin’ At Cosimo's - Aladdin 3354
35 J.T. Brown - Sax-ony Boogie - Meteor 5016
36 Otis Spann - Five Spot - Checker 807
37 John Brim - Gary Stomp - Parrot 799 B
38 The Gone All Stars - 7-11 - Gone 5016
39 Tommy Ridgeley - Jam Up - Atlantic 45-1039
40 The Duals - Stick Shift - Sue 45-745
41 Les Elgart - Bandstand Boogie
42 Jimmy Wright - Move Over - Rama RR-205

Sunday 15 November 2009

Joan Selects, Volume 19 - Joan Gets Silly

And now the end is near … Joan regales us with 31 tracks of rock and roll weirdness ranging from our rousingly raucous blog theme tune, “Bebop Wino," to an incredible demolition of “Unchained Melody.” Food, nonsense lyrics, cod exotica, clothes, and the good lord alone knows what else are thrown into the mix in the frantic quest for that potential motherlode, the novelty hit. Pin back your ears and switch your brains into neutral as Joan takes us on a tour of trash. Over to you, Joanie!

As the Joan Selects series nears the grand finale, Volume 19 takes a light and frivolous look at the world of music in the1950's with some of the fun songs that were issued. Leading off is “Purple Stew”, a record credited in bold type to Thurston Harris, but in actuality, Rufus Hunter and the Masters, released on Los Angeles's Aladdin label. “Unchained Melody” by Vito and the Salutations, is an up-tempo doowop send up of one of those recurring syrupy 1950's ballads. It truthfully never sounded better. It was featured in the film "Goodfellas".

Mr. Rhythm, Andre Williams, from Detroit Michigan, contributes to Joan Selects Volume 19, with a nonsensical monologue, "Pass The Biscuits, Please" for the Fortune label. The Chips "Rubber Biscuit" often imitated, was one of those vocal workout songs that groups could show off in sing-offs. There's another later in this volume "Shombalor" by Sherrif and the Revels. An interesting aspect of the Marquees’ "Hey Little Schoolgirl" is that the session (both sides) was directed by one Ellas McDaniels, better known as Bo Diddley.

Some say that “Silly Dilly” by the Pentagons, is the worst doowop record ever recorded. I like it and therefore am including it here for your judgment. Little Anthony and the Imperials "Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop" is very typical of the amazing vocal range of lead singer "Little Anthony" Gourdine. Richard Berry's original version of “Louie Louie” is the fountainhead from which all versions of this song derive. I still like his the best. Berry recorded this for Los Angeles's Flip Label.

A couple of songs here in Joan Selects, Volume 19 feature the song within a song device: “Dedicated (To the Songs I Love)” by the Three Friends and Nino and the Ebbtides: "Jukebox Saturday Night" - I have also included the Belmonts’ fabulous tribute to doowop music called "Street Corner Symphony".

The Spaniels sort of combined adages into a doowop song, in their "Play It Cool", using advertising of wines/cigarettes, etc. to make a funny medley. Other nonsensical subject matters are dealt with on this compilation: myth and lore in both “Rip Van Winkle” by The Devotions and in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by the Monotones, “Western Movies” - the Olympics, and of course the Cello's “Be Bop Mouse”. Joan hasn't totally lost it in this set of selections, just having some fun with some light and meaningless 1950's nonsense. What's your favorite?

Thanks again Joan for this unforgettable mix!

Ripped from vinyl except for one very scratched record which had to be replaced quickly from a bootleg CD. Can you spot which track? And thanks to Joan not only for these sounds but also for the folder of 27 label shots.

Download from here:

01 Rufus Hunter and the Masters - Purple Stew - Aladdin 45-3440
02 The Halos - Nag - 7 Arts S 709
03 Vito and the Salutations - Unchained Melody - Herald H-583
04 Andre Williams - Pass The Biscuits Please - Fortune 839X
05 The Lamplighters - Be Bop Wino - Federal 45-12152
06 The Chips - Rubber Biscuit - Josie 45-803
07 The Marcels - Friendly Loans - Colpix CP 651
08 The Marquees - Hey Little School Girl - Okeh 4-7096
09 The Pentagons - Silly Dilly - Specialty 644
10 The Imperials - Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko-Bop - End 1060
11 Richard Berry and the Pharoes - Louie, Louie - Flip 45-321
12 The Chalets - Fat - Fat - Fat! Mom - Mi - O - True-Lite 1001
13 The Chandeliers - Dancing In The Congo - Angle Tone 529-3
14 The Monotones - The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow - Argo 5321
15 The Spaniels - Play It Cool - Vee Jay VJ-1116
16 The Stereos - I Really Love You - Cub K9095
17 The Fascinators - Fried Chicken & Macaroni - Capitol 45-CL-15062
18 The Three Friends - Dedicated (To The Songs I Love) - Imperial X5763
19 The Cellos - The Be-Bop Mouse - Apollo 516-45
20 The Belmonts – Street Corner Symphony
21 Sheriff and the Revels - Shomblor - Vee Jay VJ 306
22 Rick and The Keens - Peanuts - Le Cam 721
23 12 Year Old Richard Lanham - On Your Radio - Acme 45-A-712
24 The Devotions - Rip Van Winkle - Roulette R-4541
25 Nino and The Ebb Tides - Jukebox Saturday Night - Madison M166
26 The Olympics - Western Movies - Demon FF-1508
27 The Delroys - Bermuda Shorts - Apollo 514
28 The Dandeliers - Chop Chop Boom - States 147
29 The Savoys - Yacka Hoom Boom - Combo 75
30 The Capris - Morse Code Of Love - Ambient Sound 02697
31 The Visuals - The Submarine Race - Popular #115

Friday 13 November 2009

Joan Selects, Volume 18 – Joan’s New Orleans Jazz Fest Special

(This post originally appeared on the old Bebopwino on April 3rd 2009.) The best yet! I’m not going to say anything except that this selection had me bouncing around the house and almost weeping with pleasure as rhythmic delight after rhythmic delight boomed out of my hi-fi. Over to Joan:

It is one of those unintended confluences that Joan Selects, Volume 18 - Joan's Jazz Fest Special appears just several weeks from the start of the 40th annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival You can thank your blog host for the great timing for this post.

All the music in Joan Selects - Volume 18, emanates from the musical gold-mine that is New Orleans. In fact most all the selections here-in presented were recorded at the legendary J & M recording studios under the astute and gifted direction of Cosimo Matassa.

America's sweethearts, Shirley and Lee lead off Volume 18, with a song that's been recorded in various forms by a whole host of artists, Let The Good Times Roll (Laisse Les Bons Temps Rouler) for the Mesners’ Aladdin record company.

A New Orleans slant on an old 1930's blues theme Stagger Lee, is provided by Archibald (Leon Gross) for Lou Chudd's Imperial Label. Imperial and Aladdin made heavy use of New Orleans artists through out the late 1940's and 1950's.

James "Sugarboy" Crawford, with Snooks Eaglin on guitar, provides one of two Mardi Gras standards - "Jock-A-Mo", recorded for the Checker Label. Producer and band leader Dave Bartholomew, in addition to the other artists he produced and orchestrated, chipped in with occasional recordings of his own - two of which are presented here: "Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear" on Imperial and the privately recorded "Good Jax Boogie" actually an early 1950's advertisement for the Jackson Brewery's main beer: Jax Beer.

The luminary Roland Byrd, more commonly known as Professor Longhair is rep-resented by three selections, here spanning from the earliest for the Mercury recording label: "Bald Head", to the other of the Mardi Gras staples herein presented "Going To The Mardi Gras" and finally the amazingly complex hand stretching piano workout from Professor Longhair, on the Watch Label, "Big Chief, Parts One and Two".

The immensely gifted Aaron Neville is included here with a magical ballad "Every Day" recorded on the Minit Label. Neville's vocal dexterity must be heard to be believed, as he closes out Jazz Fest annually with Amazing Grace.

Several (certainly not enough, in my estimation) zydeco selections are included in volume 18, Clifton Chenier's "Ay-Tete-Fee" (Et Petite Fille) from Art Rupe's Specialty marque is a hard moving accordion based beauty of a song, and from Louisiana's home grown Goldband label comes Cleveland Crochet with "Sugarbee" featuring the vocals of Jay Stutes.

Speaking of vocals New Orleans balladeer Johnny Adams is also a mandatory Volume 18 selection, with his huge hit: "I Won't Cry". New Orleans Doo Wop groups - Chuck Carbo and the Spiders, Bobby Mitchell and The Toppers, and the Pelicans are included (all from the Imperial label).

And of course, Antoine “Fats” Domino, who embodies New Orleans and the 9th Ward, where he continued to live right up until Hurricane Katrina, is represented with one of his major Imperial hits: "I'm Walkin".

Hope that these representative 33 cuts impart some sense of the gifted and multi-talented musicians from New Orleans = The Music City!

Thank you, Joan, for an outstanding selection of New Orleans music and also for a folder of 31 (!) label scans.

Ripped from vinyl at mostly 128 kbps.

Download from here:

01 Shirley and Lee - Let The Good Times Roll - Aladdin 45-3325
02 Huey Smith and the Clowns - Having A Good Time - Ace 548
03 Earl King - Those Lonely, Lonely Nights - Ace 509
04 Archibald - Stack-a-Lee, Pts. 1 & 2 - Imperial x5358
05 Sugarboy - Jock-A-Mo - Checker 787
06 Wee Willie Wayne - Travellin' Mood - Imperial X5355
07 Paul Gayten - The Music Goes Around and Around - Argo 5257
08 The Hawkettes - Mardi Gras Mambo - Chess 1591
09 Dave Bartholomew - Who Drank My Beer While I Was In the Rear - Imperial 5210
10 Bobby Mitchell and the Toppers - 4 - 11 = 44 - Imperial 45-4250
11 Roy Byrd - Bald Head - Mercury 8175-X45
12 Eddie Bo - We Like Mambo - Ace 515
13 Larry Darnell - For You My Love - Regal 3240 (11/1949)
14 Fats Domino - I'm Walkin' - Imperial 5428
15 Chris Kenner - Sick and Tired - Imperial X5448
16 Jewel King - 3 x 7 = 21 - Imperial 5055 (3/1950)
17 Professor Longhair - Going to The Mardi Gras - Ron 329
18 Dave Bartholomew - Good Jax Boogie - JAX 1-2
19 Johnny Fuller - Sister Jenny - Imperial X5382
20 Frankie Ford - Roberta - Ace 554
21 The Spiders - Witchcraft - Imperial X5366
22 Aaron Neville - Every Day - Minit 612
23 Bobby Charles - Put Your Arms Around Me Honey - Chess 1647
24 Clifton Chenier - Ay-Tete-Fee - Specialty XSP-552-45
25 Johnny Adams - I Won't Cry - Ric 961 RIC
26 Smiley Lewis - Shame, Shame, Shame - Imperial X5418
27 Roland Cook - I've Got A Girl -
29 The Pelicans - Chimes - Imperial x5307
30 Lee Allen - Rockin' At Cosimo's - Aladdin 45-3334
31 Cleveland Crochet - Sugarbee - Goldband S-1055
32 Rod Bernard - This Should Go On Forever - Jin 45-101
33 Professor Longhair - Big Chief 1 and 2 - Watch 45-1900