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Saturday 29 November 2008

Tab Smith - I Don't Want To Play In The Kitchen

With this compilation of mainly mid 1940s sides by alto sax player Tab Smith we continue our exploration of early jump groups that started with the Buddy Banks post. Tab Smith’s music career started in the 1920s with territory bands in the Carolinas and Midwest and really took off when he joined the Lucky Millinder led Mills Blue Rhythm band in 1936.

When the band broke up in 1938 Tab Smith went on to record with (among others) Red Allan, Teddy Wilson, Billie Holiday and Count Basie. In 1942 Tab joined the Lucky Millinder Orchestra and left in early 1944 to form his own small group which usually consisted of ex Millinder sidemen. Tab’s group followed the R&B route rather than that of bebop. His swing and jump dominated sound was released on a succession of labels including King, Gotham, Hub, Regis, Manor, Atlantic and Premium. In 1951 he recorded for the United label of Chicago with whom he stayed until 1957. His first release for the label, “Because of You” was a massive hit and set the pattern for most of his subsequent releases – an echo drenched ballad on the A side and a jump number on the B side.

This 1984 Mr R&B LP concentrates on Tab’s 1944 – 45 output when his sound was still heavily influenced by big band swing. There are good vocal performances, especially from ex Lucky Millinder vocalist Trevor Bacon. “Echo Blues”, recorded for Atlantic in 1949, is a forerunner of the sound that would sell so well for United. Only the last two tracks on this collection are from the United era.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

Download from here:

1. I Don't Want To Play In The Kitchen (v – Roebie Kirk)
2. Tab Steps Out
3. All Night Long (v- Trevor Bacon)
4. Roebie's Blues (v – Roebie Kirk)
5. Riffin' The Bass
6. Granny Dodging At The Savoy
7. You Lovely You (v- Trevor Bacon)
8. Rosa Lee (v- Trevor Bacon)
9. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
10. Fat Mouth Blues (v- Betty Mays)
11. Darling, You're All I Need (v – Tab Smith)
12. Jumpin' At The Track
13. Morning Blues (v – Jack Galbreath)
14. Echo Blues
15. Feel Like I Wanna Die (v- Ray King)
16. Boogie Joogie

Thursday 27 November 2008

Roy Brown & Wynonie Harris - Battle of the Blues Volume 2 (King LP 627)

Thanks to Joan for these vinyl rips of the second in the “Battle of the Blues” series of LPs released by King. This particular collection was released in 1959 and once again the battle is between two of the greatest R&B vocalists of all time – Wynonie Harris and Roy Brown. Whereas the first volume featured rockin’ rhythm and blues, the second volume is a compilation of mean and moody slow blues tracks. Might I make so bold as to suggest that Roy Brown is the winner here? Download and decide for yourselves, blues fans!

Ripped from vinyl @ 192 kbps.

Download from here:

Side 1 - Roy Brown:
1. Hard Luck Blues
2. Dreamin' Blues
3. Long About Sundown
4. Double Crossin' Woman
5. Sweet Peach
6. Wrong Woman Blues
7. Brown Angel

Side 2 - Wynonie Harris:
8. Man, Have I Got Troubles
9. I'll Never Give Up
10. Here Comes The Night
11. Luscious Woman
12. Drinking Blues
13. Nearer My God To Thee
14. Tremblin'

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Roy Brown & Wynonie Harris – Battle of the Blues (King LP 607)

Thanks to Joan for this 1958 King LP. I know, most of you have got these tracks already and in fact many of them have probably been on the blog in earlier posts. Well, this album is so brilliant that I’m gonna post it anyway. And newbies, if you haven’t heard these guys already or if you’re not familiar with REAL R&B, then start right here. In the late 50s and into the early 60s, King released a short series of “Battle of the Blues” LPs featuring old (late 40s, early 50s) tracks by Wynonie Harris, Roy Brown, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson and Jimmy Witherspoon.

This album, the first in the series, is an awesome collection of blistering rhythm ‘n’ blues from the real golden age of R&B. Every track is a stormer. Not only do you get to hear two of the greatest vocalists of R&B or any other form of popular music, you also get to hear some superb backing from the finest jump blues/jazz musicians around. The tenor saxes shriek and wail, the drums pound and the double bass walks the boogie. Download, turn up the volume to max and gross out your neighbours with these righteous riffs.

Ripped from vinyl. Download is in mp3 at 192 kbps.

Download from here:

1. Boogie At Midnight / Roy Brown
2. Big Town / Roy Brown
3. Bar Room Blues / Roy Brown
4. Love Don't Love Nobody / Roy Brown
5. Miss Fanny Brown / Roy Brown
6. Lolly Pop Mama / Roy Brown
7. I've Got The Last Laugh Now / Roy Brown
8. Bloodshot Eyes / Wynonie Harris
9. Good Rockin' Tonight / Wynonie Harris
10. Loving Machine / Wynonie Harris
11. Shake That Thing / Wynonie Harris
12. I Feel That Old Age Coming On / Wynonie Harris
13. All She Wants To Do Is Rock / Wynonie Harris
14. Good Morning Judge / Wynonie Harris

Sunday 23 November 2008

The Buddy Banks Sextet - Happy Home Blues

This 1989 Official LP takes us back to the origins of R&B in mid 1940s jump band music. Texas tenor sax player Buddy Banks began playing in local swing bands in California in the early 1930s, including those of Charlie Echols and Cee Pee Johnson. In 1945 he formed his own sextet which unusually featured a trombone player rather than a trumpet player alongside Buddy’s tenor sax. His earliest sessions were for the tiny Sterling label and as backup for Marion Abernathy on Juke Box, which would become Specialty.

After some personnel changes the group was recording for Excelsior/United Artists with Fluffy Hunter on vocals. Further mid to late 1940s recordings were made for Melodisc, Modern, King and Specialty. Buddy’s final recording session seems to have been in 1953 for Federal as backup to Marion Abernathy.

While the Buddy Banks Sextet may not have been in the top rank of California jump outfits like those of Roy Milton, Jack McVea or Joe Liggins, the band was more than competent as it featured veterans of local big bands in its lineup. The music they put out was a fine mix of swing, boogie and jazz influenced R&B and the female vocalists on these tracks are among the best of their time.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

Download from here:

1. I Need It Bad (Groove Juice)
2. Bank's Boogie (Sterling)
3. Voo-It! Voo-It! (v – MA)
4. Cryin' Blues (v – MA)
5. Fluffy's Debut (v- FH)
6. Bank's Boogie (Excelsior)
7. Hi-Jinks Blues (v – FH)
8. Name It And Claim It
9. Goin' For The Okey-Doke (v – MA)
10. Roses Of Picardy (v – MA)*
11. East Side Boogie
12. "686" Blues
13. Maybe Some Rainy Day (v – BC)
14. Be Fair With Me (v – BC)
15. Happy Home Blues (v – BD)
16. The Nite Is Fading Too Soon (v – BD)

vocalists –
MA = Marion Abernathy (The Blues Woman)
FH = Fluffy Hunter
BC = Bixie Crawford
BD = Baby Davis

* track 10 - probably Marion Abernathy backed by George’s Dukes instead of Buddy Banks

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Joan Selects, Volume 6 – More Girls … Girls … Girls … Girls

The vocal group series to end them all continues with a mammoth 33 track selection of songs dedicated to the girls (again). I know I keep declaring that each volume of Joan’s magnum opus is the best one yet, so I’ll content myself with declaring that this selection is mighty fine. I never used to consider myself a doowop fan, but Joan’s series has converted me. I always associated “doowop” with soppy teen ballads but once again Joan has brought together a whole range of vocal group styles, from the dreamy romantic stuff to the jumpers and jivers featuring blasting tenor sax. I won’t attempt to list any highlights this time as every record here is a standout. I couldn’t help but notice that Sindy seems to have struck up a friendship with both The Cobras and The Squires. That gal gets around.

Joan has included a folder of label shots from which a selection is on display below. Thank for your hard work and dedication to reviving so many long forgotten discs Joan.

Ripped from original 45s. Bitrates vary. Password = greaseyspoon.

Download from here:

01) - The Rainbows - Mary Lee - Red Robin 133
02) - The Paragons - Florence - Winley 215
03) - The Supremes - Margie - Kitten 6969
04) - The Belltones - Estelle - Grand 102
05) - The Travelers (Feat Frank Lopez) - Lenora - Atlas 1086
06) - The Cobras - Sindy - Modern 964
07) - The Love-Letters - Owee-Nellie - Acme 714
08) - The Pelicans - Aurelia - Parrot 793
09) - The Harmonaires - Lorraine - Holiday 2602
10) - The Starliters - Arline - Combo 73
11) - The Parakeets - Yvonne - Atlas 1069
12) - The Diamonds - Cherry - Atlantic 1017
13) - The Prodigals - Judy - Falcon 1011
14) - The Sheppards - Mozelle - United 198
15) - The Native Boys - Cherrlyn - Combo 113
16) - The Ambassadors - Willa Bea - Timely 1001
17) - The Inspirations - Maggie - Apollo 484
18) - The Love Notes - Sweet Lulu - Riviera 970
19) - The Dreamers - Melba - Rollin' 5
20) - The Cherokees - Brenda - Grand
21) - The Squires aka Blue Jays - Sindy - Mambo 105
22) - The Arrows - Annie Mae - Flash 132
23) - The Five Thrills - Gloria - Parrot 800
24) - Ray Frazier & The Blenders - Emmy Lou -
25) - The Dubs - Connie - Johnson 097
26) - Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords - Lydia - Fury 1000
27) - The Unique Teens - Jeannie - Ivy 112
28) - The Four Tunes - Marie - Jubilee 5128
29) - The Four Buddies - Delores - Club 51 - 105
30) - The Earls - Laverne -
31) - The Kidds - Oh Louise - Tee Vee 301
32) - The Youngtones - Patricia - X-Tra 110
33) - Rusty Lane & The Mystics - Karen - Laurie 3031

Saturday 15 November 2008

Joan Selects, Volume 5 – Birds of a Feather

Volume 5 of the Series That Continues To Astonish is here courtesy of Joan K and it may be the best one yet. This time round the theme is vocal groups named after birds and Joan sent me this quote from a book which I’ve never read, but I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who has and how they rate it:

"Doo Wop groups had an affinity for birds. The trend no doubt started with the Ravens in the mid-1940's and the Orioles in the late 1940s. For these groups, the names made sense. Birds sing, ravens are black, the "Ravens" is an excellent choice for a black singing group (as was the "Ink Spots"). The Baltimore Oriole is the state bird of Maryland, and Sonny Till and his friends came from Baltimore. Again, good choice. After them, however, many groups just jumped on the bandwagon and the logic behind their choice of avian names was for the birds. By our count, more than 40 additional groups chose a fine feathered friend to represent them. That's enough for a decent size aviary.” *

*Doo-Wop - The Forgotten Third Of Rock 'n Roll by Dr. Anthony J. Gribin and Dr. Matthew M. Schiff, published by Krause Publications (ISBN 0-87341-197-8)

In this collection Joan presents a representative sampling of most of these bird groups.

There are many highlights in this compilation. For me The Bluebirds with “Feel Like Ridin’ On” is one of the best vocal group rockers I’ve ever heard. “Back Home Again” by The Birds is a magnificently impassioned pleader. There’s fine bomping tenor sax work on The Quails’ “A Little Bit of Love”, and veteran West Coast doowop fans – if you have tears to shed, be prepared to shed them as you listen to The Penguins on “Memories of El Monte”, co written by Frank Zappa. Joan informs me that the opening track by The Flamingos, “Dream of a Lifetime”, ranks in her top ten desert island take-alongs, and in her top ten doowop ballads.

Bitrates vary from 96 to 320. “Trying to Get to You” has been ripped from what I’m sure Joan would call a “pretty trashed 45”. The Orioles’ “Getting Tired, Tired, Tired” and The Crows’ “Untrue” were ripped from 78 rpm discs. Joan chose the 78 version of “Untrue” because it has a longer intro than the 45 version.

Ripped from vinyl and shellac. Passsword = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

01) - The Flamingos - Dream Of A Lifetime - Parrot 808
02) - The Meadowlarks- Love Only You - RPM 399
03) - The Jayhawks - Counting My Teardrops - Flash 104
04) - The Wrens - C'est La Vie - Rama 194
05) - The Falcons - My Only Love - Falcon 1006
06) - The Whippoorwills - Deep Within - Josie 892
07) - The Penguins - Memories Of El Monte - Original Sound 27
08) - The Blue Jays - White Cliffs Of Dover - Checker 782
09) - The Eagles - Tryin' To Get To You - Mercury 70391
10) - The Swallows - Wishing For You - King 4466
11) - The Pelicans - Ain't Gonna Do It - Imperial 5307
12) - The Skylarks - Glory Of Love - Decca - 48241
13) - The Peacocks - Tender Love - Noble 711
14) - The Ospreys - It's Good To Me - East West 110
15) - The Ravens - Time Takes Care Of Everything - Columbia 6-906
16) - The Robins - Whadaya Want - Spark 110
17) - The Starlings - Music Maestro Please - Josie 760
18) - The Gaylarks - Church On The Hill - Music City 809
19) - The Bluebirds - Feel Like Ridin' On - Rainbow 199
20) - The Cardinals - Two Things I Love - Atlantic 1067
21) - The Sparrows - I'm Gonna Do That Woman In - Kelway 101
22) - The Blue Jays - Lover's Island - Milestone 2008
23) - The Orioles - Getting Tired, Tired, Tired - Jubilee 5084
24) - The Larks - I Don't Believe In Tomorrow - Apollo 430
25) - The Swans - My True Love - Rainbow 233
26) - The Birds - Back Home Again - Dooto 703
27) - The Hawks - It's All Over - Modern 990
28) - The Crows - Untrue - Rama 29
29) - The Parrots - Don't Leave Me - Parrot 758
30) - The Quails -A Little Bit Of Love - Deluxe 6057
31) - The Hummingbirds - My Ship - Cannon 4600

Wednesday 12 November 2008

The Jaguars - The Way You Look Tonight

This was a 1988 LP issued on the Earth Angel imprint of Mr R&B Records. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve with the usual informative sleeve notes and photographs we always expected from a Mr R&B release, the record contained a very generous 24 track selection of Jaguars and Jaguars related material.

The Jaguars were formed by four students from Fremont High School in South-Central Los Angeles. The lead vocalist was Herman “Sonny” Chaney, the second tenor was Valerio “Val” Poliuto, the baritone was Manuel “Manny” Chavez and the bass singer was Charles Middleton. Originally called the Miracles, they made their first recordings for John Dolphin’s Cash label in early 1955. They soon moved to the Aardell label owned by Bob Ross.

The first two releases, “I Wanted You” / “Rock It, Davy, Rock It” and “Be My Sweetie” / “You Don’t Believe Me” had very limited success but their next release in the autumn of 1956 of the Jerome Kern standard “The Way You Look Tonight” was a big local hit and has become a doowop classic. At the end of 1957 The Jaguars were with the Ebb label where they released “Hold Me Tonight” / “Picadilly”. It went nowhere. In September 1959 the group were on Art Laboe’s Original Sound label where they recorded “Thinking of You” / “Look into my Eyes”, which was probably their biggest selling record, reaching Billboard’s Top 100 chart.

In the early 60s The Jaguars were being produced by Johnny Marascalco who had written “Rip It Up”, “Ready Teddy” and “Send Me Some Lovin’” for Little Richard. Material was released on various labels (including Chess) under various names such as The T-Birds and Chavez & Chaney. At this stage of their career the Jaguars released several Coasters – influenced sides. Their final release was on Rendezvous: the very fine “Fine, Fine, Fine” / “It Finally Happened”. And that was a good rockin’ note to go out on.

Unca Marvy’s R&B site has a good article on The Jaguars and the full sleeve notes by Jim Dawson and Steve Propes are included in this download. Many thanks to Joan for the accompanying label shots.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

or here:

1. Be My Sweetie
2. You Don't Believe Me
3. Rock It, Davy, Rock It
4. I Wanted You
5. The Big Bear (lead vocal – Patty Ross)
6. Taco Harry – The T-Birds
7. Girl Of My Dreams
8. The City Zoo (Baby, Baby, Baby)
9. I Love You, Baby
10. Hog Wild – The T-Birds
11. Be My Love – Chavez and Chaney
12. Fine Fine Fine
13. The Way You Look Tonight
14. It Finally Happened
15. Look Into My Eyes
16. Moonlight And You
17. Picadilly Rose – Chavez and Chaney
18. Thinking Of You
19. Green Stamps – The T-Birds
20. Don't Go Home
21. Do You Love Me – Frankie and Johnny
22. Hold Me Tonight
23. Charlena – The Sevilles
24. Picadilly

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Joan Selects, Volume 4 – Girls … Girls … Girls

Here we are again people … it’s Joan Selects time! All the way from the U. S. of A. This 4th volume of the series they’ll never tame concerns itself with something of the utmost importance. Babes. Women. Girls. Tall babes. Small babes. Young babes. Mature babes. Slim babes. Babes with big , er that’s enough … no, curves, that’s the word I was looking for. God I need a cold shower.

Many thanks to Joan (a babe!) for this themed selection of vocal group delights all ripped from 1950’s 45 rpm discs. Once more the full range of doowop styles is covered – from teen heartbreak to hard rockers like The Drivers. Hell, even Andre Williams is in there. There are some very well known sides and a load of obscurities. Of course there’s a folder of label shots to delight the eye of the connoisseur of rhythm ‘n’ blues, just as we have come to expect from Joan’s posts. We are not worthy of such rock ‘n’ roll brilliance.

Ripped from vinyl at 128 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

1) - Oh Rosemarie - The Fascinators - Capitol 4247
2) - Dolores - The Five Willows - Allen 1002
3) - Dolly - The Chandeleirs - Angletone 529
4) - Caddy Bo - The Magnificents - Vee Jay 208
5) - Heavenly Ruby - The Californians - Federal 12231
6) - Irene - The Holidays - Specialty 533
7) - Gloria - The Cadillacs - Josie 765
8) - Christine - The El Rays - Checker 794
9) - Loretta - The Coins - Model 2001
10) - Barbara Lee - The Orioles - Jubilee 5000 / It's A Natural 5000
11) - Josephine - The Fabulous Flames - Rex 3000
12) - Oh Miss Nellie - The Drivers - Deluxe 6117
13) - Dolores - The Don Juans - Onezy 101
14) - Sally Walker - The Counts - Dot 1265
15) - Lucille - The Drifters - Atlantic 1019
16) - Oh Shirley - The Maharajahs - Flip 335
17) - Marlene - The Catalinas - Glory 285
18) - Becky Ann - The Four Jacks - Rebel 1313
19) - Mary Ellen - The Crystals - Felsted 8566
20) - Willette - The Del Vikings - Fee Bee 221
21) - Ginny - The Duprees - Coed 571
22) - Lucinda - The Dominoes - Liberty 55071
23) - Mozelle - Andre Williams and the Don Juans
24) - Carolyn - The Five Kids
25) - Nadine - The Coronets - Chess 1549
26) - Jo-Jo - The Dells - Vee Jay 204
27) - Judy - Lewis Weber and Group -
28) - Helene - The Excelents - Bobby 601
29) - Carolyn - The Rivileers - (Featuring Gene Pearson) - Baton 205
30) - Patricia - The Rhythm Masters - Flip 314

Monday 3 November 2008

All Star Rock And Roll (Atlantic EP 575)

Thanks to Joan for sending this 1950s Atlantic EP. There are three storming rockers by LaVern Baker, Ruth Brown and Clyde McPhatter, and one ballad by Ivory Joe Hunter. The front cover was adapted by Ace (UK) for their 1999 CD compilation of Atlantic sides, “Let The Boogie Woogie Rock And Roll” (CDCHD 718) which is one of the best R&B compilations currently available.

Ripped from vinyl at 128 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Or here:

1. You Better Stop / LaVern Baker
2. All My Life / Ivory Joe Hunter
3. Let The Boogie Woogie Roll / Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters
4. Too Many Men / Ruth Brown

Saturday 1 November 2008

Jimmy Wright - Let's Go Crazy Crazy Baby

This was one of the earliest posts I put up on Rock Hall more than a year ago. I’ve added scans of the gatefold sleeve so that the full liner notes by Ken Mills are available via this re-up. The notes make for odd reading at times as they verge on the pretentious, yet they evoke the excitement of the Los Angeles R&B scene in the early 1950s as the music spread through the different communities in the city. R&B histories have detailed the role of radio in helping the music break out, but this LP is the only source I have seen that looks at the role played by this group of young white musicians like Jimmy Wright and Porkey Harris in broadening the appeal of R&B. Several years before rock and roll hit the national charts, Wright, Harris and Russ Young were playing R&B alongside the likes of Big Jay McNeely and Chuck Higgins both onstage and in the recording studio. The notes below are a summary adapted from Ken Mills’ liner notes for the album.

“From 1953 to 1956, the Wright band was meltdown hot and these are the records that produced stardom, as heard on the Huggy Boy, Hunter Hancock and Ray Robinson shows. They worked two to three gigs a week, sharing bills with The Jewels, The Native Boys, The Queens, The Hollywood Flames, The Lamplighters, The Medallions, The Robins, Jimmy Huff and Duke Henderson.” - Ken Mills

Jimmy Wright grew up in Huntington Park, a middle class suburb of Los Angeles. His folks bought him a set of drums and drum lessons. Early influences were records by Joe Liggins, Bull Moose Jackson and Jazz At The Philharmonic. He idolised Gene Krupa, standing in line night after night at the Orpheum Theater to catch his show. In 1948 (at the age of 16 or 17) Jimmy put together his first band, basing the sound on that of Big Jay McNeely. He rented the local Oddfellows Hall for concerts and charged the neighbourhood kids a quarter as entrance fee. A few years later he was doing the same thing for real – renting clubs and halls and staging concerts which featured not only his own band, but Big Jay himself as headline act. At this time he got together with Porkey Harris, a guitarist who played in Big Jay’s band. The pair can be seen walking through the audience at a 1954 gig in the atmospheric photo on the front cover of this LP.

In the spring of 1953 he hired tenor sax man Boogie Daniels for his first recording session and hawked the dubs round Capitol and Modern Records. Jules Bihari the head of Modern arranged a further recording session for the band at which ‘Scotch Mist’ (a sax instro written by and featuring Daniels) and ‘Porkey Pine’ (a guitar instro written by Porkey Harris) were cut. This disc became a big West Coast hit in the summer of 1953 and the band was soon touring on big R&B package shows featuring the likes of Marvin and Johnny, The Flairs and The Four Freshmen.In 1954 Jimmy cut three records for John Dolphin’s Cash label – ‘Huggy Hop/Huggy Jump’, ‘Blow Jimmy Blow’ and ‘Sailin’ Low’. The first record was intended to be the theme for Huggy Boy’s radio show which was broadcast from the window of the Dolphin’s of Hollywood record store, but Huggy dropped the tune after a few weeks.

In 1956 the Jimmy Wright Band recorded ‘Let’s Go Crazy Crazy Baby’ which features great tenor sax by Chuck Higgins and not-so-great vocals by Huggy Boy. The side was still a local hit though! The band’s last recording session was in late 1956 (under the name of Porkey Harris and his Fantabulous Five) at which the powerful guitar instro ‘Pig Pen’ was cut.After breaking up his band and joining The Rocking Brothers, Jimmy Wright quit the music business to escape the pressures of an “on the road” lifestyle. He took up jobs like truck driver, florist and handyman and invested the profits he had made from his peak year concerts in property.(adapted from Ken Mill's sleevenotes)

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

Download from here (links updated May 2020):

Or here:

1. Let's Go Crazy Crazy Baby
2. Jimmy's Boogie
3. Sailin' Low
4. I'm In The Mood To Be Loved
5. Huggy Jump
6. Blow Jimmy Blow
7. Up And Over The Hill
8. Scotch Mist
9. Sad Strings
10. Porkey Pine
11. Huggy Hop
12. Pig Pen / as Porky Harris and his Fantabulous Five
13. Slow Down Baby
14. Shufflin'
15. Boogie Tonight