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Sunday 28 October 2018

Etta James - Chess Masters

Side 1:
01. I'd Rather Go Blind
02. All I Could Do Was Cry
03. Stop The Wedding
04. Security
05. Tell Mama
06. Something's Got A Hold On Me
07. At Last

Side 2:
01. Only Time Will Tell
02. My Dearest Darling
03. Don't Pick Me For Your Fool
04. I Worry About You
05. The Same Rope
06. Steal Away
07. I Prefer You

In early 1960 Etta James signed for Chess Records of Chicago, a move facilitated by her then boyfriend Harvey Fuqua of The Moonglows. This period of Etta's career saw a move away from the rockin' R&B she had recorded for the Bihari brothers' labels in Los Angeles to a more soulful (and pop) sound with a series of ballads and weepers backed by the lush arangements of  Hampton Hawes. The change in her musical fortunes was instant. Having achieved only 2 R&B chart entries with her rocking West Coast sound ("The Wallflower" and "Good Rockin' Daddy"), Etta began a remarkable sequence not only of R&B hits, but also of pop chart entries.

Etta's chart success ran out of steam around 1963 while at the same time heroin addiction dominated her personal life. However in 1967-68 she was back in the R&B and pop charts thanks to a series of sides recorded over 4 sessions at the Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. "Tell Mama," "I'd Rather Go Blind," "Security" and "Steal Away" were all brilliant examples of "southern soul" and make this 14 track compilation an excellent overall listening experience.

The Tracks - Original Issues and Chart Info

All I Could Do Was Cry / Girl Of My Dreams - Argo 5359 in March 1960. #2 R&B; #33 Pop.

My Dearest Darling / Tough Mary - Argo 5368 in August 1960. #5 R&B; #34 Pop.

At Last / I Just Want To Make Love To You - Argo 5380 in December 1960. #2 R&B; #47 Pop.

Something's Got A Hold On Me / Waiting For Charlie To Come Home - Argo 5409 in January 1962. #4 R&B, #37 Pop.

Stop The Wedding / Street Of Tears - Argo 5418 in July 1962. #6 R&B; #34 Pop.

Two Sides (To Every Story) / I Worry 'Bout You - Argo 5452 in September 1963.

Only Time Will Tell / I'm Sorry For You - Cadet 5539 in January 1966.

I Prefer You / I'm So Glad - Cadet 5562 in December 1966. #42 R&B.

It Must Be Your Love / Don't Pick Me For Your Fool - Cadet 5564 in May 1967.

Tell Mama / I'd Rather Go Blind - Cadet 5578 in October 1967. #10 R&B; #23 Pop.

Security / I'm Gonna Take What He's Got - Cadet 5594 in February 1968. #11 R&B; #35 Pop.

The Same Rope and Steal Away first released on Cadet LP 802 - "Tell Mama" in February 1968.

Almost Persuaded / Steal Away - Cadet 5630 in December 1968. #32 R&B; #79 Pop.

We're not quite done with Etta - one more post is in the pipeline!

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Etta James - Good Rockin' Mama

Side 1
01. Dance With Me Henry - Etta James and "The Peaches"
02. Crazy Feeling - Etta James
03. W-O-M-A-N - Etta James
04. I Hope You're Satisfied - Betty And Dupree
05. Strange Things Happening - Etta James

Side 2
01. Good Rockin' Daddy - Etta James
02. Number One - Etta "Miss Peaches"  James
03. Hey! Henry - Etta James
04. I'm A Fool - Etta "Miss Peaches" James
05. That's All - Etta James

Real rockin' 1950s Los Angeles rhythm 'n' blues from precocious chantoozy Jamesetta Hawkins, better known as Etta James. Recorded for the Bihari stable of labels, in this case Modern and Kent, these sides mostly backed by bands led by Maxwell Davis are a whole rompin' and stompin' world away from Etta's Chess sides of the 1960s. The future soul diva is a teenage rocker on this Ace UK ten incher and every track is a gem. Only "The Wallflower" (aka "Dance With Me Henry") and "Good Rockin' Daddy" were big R&B hits but quality shines through the whole album.

"I Hope You're Satisfied" was credited to "Betty And Dupree" who were Etta plus then boyfriend Harvey Fuqua.

The story of how Etta's career started is told on this post of El Enmascarado's shellac rips of her first record which was conceived as an answer record to The Midnighters' "Work With Me Annie" - "The Wallflower" -

 The Tracks

Dance With Me Henry (aka The Wallflower, aka Roll With Me Henry) recorded in Los Angeles, 25th November 1954. Personnel: Etta James and "The Peaches" - Etta James (vocal) with Richard Berry (vocal);  Abbye Mitchell, Jean Mitchell (vocals); Don Johnson (trumpet); Maxwell Davis (tenor sax); Jim Wynn (baritone sax); Devonia Williams (piano); Chuck Norris (guitar); Chuck Hamilton (bass); Leard Bell (drums).

The Wallflower / Hold Me, Squeeze Me by Etta James and "The Peaches" released on Modern 947 in January 1955.

Hey! Henry, Good Rockin' Daddy, Crazy Feeling (aka Do Something Crazy), That's All, W-O-M-A-N were recorded in Los Angeles in 1955. Dates unknown. Personnel: Etta James (vocal) with the Maxwell Davis Orchestra - Maxwell Davis (tenor sax); + 2 other unknown saxes; Devonia Williams (piano); unknown guitar and bass; Leard Bell (drums). Backing vocals - Richard Berry on Hey! Henry; The Dreamers (including Richard Berry and Jesse Belvin) on other tracks except That's All.

Hey! Henry / Be Mine by Etta James released on Modern 957 in May 1955.

Good Rockin' Daddy / Crazy Feeling by Etta James released on Modern 962 in August 1955.

That's All / W-O-M-A-N by Etta James released on Modern 972 in November 1955.

Number One (aka My One And Only), I'm A Fool recorded in Los Angeles, date unknown, personnel (Maxwell Davis Orchestra) perhaps similar to above.

Number One / I'm A Fool by Etta "Miss Peaches" James released on Modern 984 in March 1956.

I Hope You're Satisfied, recorded in Los Angeles in 1958, date unknown. Betty And Dupree (Etta James and Harvey Fuqua) vocals, with unknown band and vocal group.

I Hope You're Satisfied / If It Ain't One Thing by Betty And Dupree released on Kent 318 in February 1959.

Strange Things Happening (aka Strange Things) recording date and personnel unknown. Released on Crown LP 5250 "Twist With Etta James" in 1962.

There's more Etta coming soon on Be Bop Wino - the rockin' station for the hepcat nation!

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Joan Selects Volume 25 (Planes, Boats, Trains and Things)

01. Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats
02. Air Travel - Ray & Bob
03. Buick 59 - The Medallions (Vernon Green)
04. Terraplane Blues - Robert Johnson
05. Freight Train Blues - Lil' Son Jackson
06. Flat Foot Sam - TV Slim & His Heartbreakers
07. Railroad Blues - Cow Cow Davenport
08. Me And My Chauffeur Blues - Memphis Minnie
09. Me and My Chauffeur - Memphis Minnie
10. Flat Tire - The Del Vikings
11. Greyhound - Amos Milburn
12. The Panama Limited - Bukka White
13. Mainliner - Esther Phillips
14. Submarine Races - The Visuals
15. B&O Blues - Big Joe Turner
16. Little Side Car - The Larks
17. The Train Kept A Rollin' - Tiny Bradshaw
18. Cadillac - Bo Diddley
19. Choo Choo - The Cardinals
20. Midnight Special Train - Joe Turner
21. Sea Cruise - Frankie Ford
22. Cadillac Baby - Roy Brown
23. Mister Airplane Man - Howling Wolf
24. Texas & Pacific - Louis Jordan
25. Pink Thunderbird - Gene Vincent
26. Candy Apple Red Impala - Little E and the Mello-Tone Three
27. Cadillac Boogie - Jimmy Liggins
28. Boogie Woogie Choo Choo - Mabel Scott
29. Black and White Thunderbird - The Delicates
30. B & O Blues No. 2 - (take 2) - Blind Willie McTell
31. Bad Motorcycle - The Storey Sisters
32. Flat Foot Sam - Oscar Wills
33. Hot Rod Lincoln - Charlie Ryan and the Livingston Brothers
34. Hot Rod Race - Arkie Shibley
35. Maybellene - Chuck Berry
36. Hot Rod Race - Ramblin' Jimmy Nolan
37. Motorcycle - Tico & The Triumphs
38. Louis' Oldsmobile Song - Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five
39. Off Shore - The Cardinals
40. Memphis Train - Dick Davis
41. Automobile - Lightnin' Hopkins
42. My Ship - The Hummingbirds
43. I Got A New Car - Big Boy Groves
44. Airplane Blues - Sleepy John Estes
45. Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car - Richard Berry
46. 219 Train - The Moonglows
47. Motor Head Baby - Chuck Higgins and his Mellotones
48. V-8 Baby - Tommy Brown
49. Mystery Train - Little Junior's Blue Flames
50. Hobo Bill's Last Ride - Jimmy Rodgers
51. Hydramatic Woman - Joe Hill Louis
52. Stick Shift - The Duals
53. Pink Cadillac - Sammy Masters
54. Train Whistle Blues - The Montereys
55. Hardtop Race - George Stogner
56. South Bound Train - Big Bill Broonzy
57. Side Car Cycle - Charlie Ryan & The Timberline Riders
58. The Traffic Song - Joe Lutcher
59. Drive Daddy Drive - Little Sylvia (Vanderpool)
60. Woo Woo Train - The Valentines
61. Cadillac Funeral - Peppermint Harris
62. Route 66 - King Cole
63. Roll Hot Rod Roll - Oscar McLollie and Honeyjumpers
64. There Goes That Train - The Trebleaires
65. Drunk Driver's Coming - Richard Brothers
66. V-8 Ford - Willie Love And His Three Aces
67. Too Many Drivers - Smiley Lewis
68. There Goes That Train - Rollie McGill
69. Let's Go For A Ride - The Collegians
70. Corvette - The Corvettes
71. Down The Road - Smiley Lewis
72. $19.50 Bus - The Five Crowns
73. Down The Road - The Cadillacs
74. Night Train - Jimmy Forrest

Great googa mooga! Joan comes up with a mega compilation on the theme of getting yourself from A to B and back again by train, plane, ship, motorcycle, bus, automobile or even taking part in a hillbilly hot rod race. Mixing '50s doo wop, pre-World War II blues, R&B shouters, rockabilly, boogie woogie, jump blues, real country, and rock'n'roll, Volume 25 is a wild ride. Joan has also provided a folder of label shots plus track details as listed below.

This is a bigger than usual download - 284.1 MB, but as connoisseurs of fine wine say - "it demands attention." Perhaps the best "Joan Selects" to date?

The Tracks:

01 Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats - "Rocket 88" - Released On: Chess 1458 Release date: March 1951

02 Ray & Bob - "Air Travel" - Released On: Ledo 45-302 Release date: June 1962

03 The Medallions - "Buick 59" - Released On: Dootone 347-A-45 Release date: June 1954

04 Robert Johnson - "Terraplane Blues" - Released On: Vocalion 03416 Release date: November 23, 1936

05 Lil Son Jackson - "Freight Train Blues" - Released On: Imperial 45-5229 Release date: 1953

06 TV Slim - "Flat Foot Sam" - Released On: Clif 103 / Checker 870 Release date: 1957

07 Cow Cow Davenport -  "Railroad Blues" - Released On: Decca 7462 B Release date: April 1938

08 Memphis Minnie - "Me And My Chauffeur Blues" - Released On: Okeh 06288 Release date:  May 1941

09 Memphis Minnie - "Me And My Chauffeur" - Released On: Checker 771 Release date: July 1952

10 The Del Vikings - "Flat Tire" - Released On: Mercury 71390X45 Release date: December 1958

11 Amos Milburn - "Greyhound" - Released On: Aladdin 45-3150 Release date: 1952

12 Bukka White - "The Panama Limited" - Released On: Victor BVE-59996 Release date: 5/26/1930

13 Esther Phillips  - "Mainliner" - Released On: Federal 45-12100 Release date: September 1952

14 The Visuals - "Submarine Races" - Released On: Poplar 115 Release date: November 1962

15 Big Joe Turner - "B&O Blues" - Released On: Down Beat 152 Release date: May 1949

16 The Larks - "Little Side Car" - Released On: Apollo 429-45 Release date: August 1951

17 Tiny Bradshaw - "The Train Kept A Rollin'" - Released On: King 45-4497-AA Release date: July 1951

18 Bo Diddley - "Cadillac" - Released On: Checker LP 2977 "Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger" Release date: 1961

19 The Cardinals "Choo Choo" - Released On: Atlantic 45-1090 Release date: April 1956

20 Joe Turner - "Midnight Special Train" - Released On: Atlantic 45-1122 Release date: December 1956

21 Frankie Ford - "Sea Cruise" - Released On: Ace 554 Release date: December 1958

22 Roy Brown - "Cadillac Baby" - Released On: Deluxe 3308-A Release date: September 1950
23 Howling Wolf - "Mister Airplane Man" - Released On: Chess 1735 Release date: July 1959

24 Louis Jordan - "Texas & Pacific" - Released On: Decca 23810 A Release date: January 26 1947

25 Gene Vincent - "Pink Thunderbird" - Released On: Capitol LP T811 "Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps Release date: March 1957

26 Little E and the Mello-Tone Three - "Candy Apple Red Impala" - Released On: Falco F-302 Release date: 1961

27 Jimmy Liggins - "Cadillac Boogie" - Released On: Specialty SP 521 A Release date: 1948

28 Mabel Scott - "Boogie Woogie Choo Choo" - Released On: Coral 65063 Release date: September 1951

29 The Delicates - "Black and White Thunderbird" - Released On: Unart UP 2017 Release date: June 1959

30 Blind Willie McTell - "B & O Blues No. 2 - (take 2)" - Released On: Vocalion 02568-A Release date: 21 September 1933

31 The Storey Sisters - "Bad Motorcycle" - Released On: Peak 5001 (as The Twinkles) / Cameo C-126-A Release date: January 1958

32 Oscar Wills - "Flat Foot Sam" - Released On: Argo 5277 Release date: August 1957

33 Charlie Ryan with the Livingston Brothers - "Hot Rod Lincoln" - Originally Released On: Souvenir SOUV-101-A Release date: May 1955

34 Arkie Shibley - "Hot Rod Race" - Released On: Gilt-Edge 45-MD-101 / Mt Dew 45-MD-101 Release date: November 1950

35 Chuck Berry - "Maybelline" - Released on: Chess 1604 Release Date: July 1955

36 Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan - "Hot Rod Race" - Released On: Capitol F1322  Release date: December 1950

37 Tico & The Triumphs - "Motorcycle" - Released On: Amy 835 / Madison 169 Release date: December 1961

38 Louis Jordan - "Louis' Oldsmobile Song" - Released On: Decca Records Release date: 1944

39 The Cardinals - "Off Shore" - Released On: Atlantic 45-1090 Release date: April 1956

40 Dick Davis - "Memphis Train" - Released On: Miracle M-107 Release date: January 1947

41 Lightning Hopkins - "Automobile" - Released On: Gold Star 666-A Release date: 1949

42 The Hummingbirds - "My Ship" - Released On: Cannon 45-4600-V Release date: February 1962

43 Big Boy Groves - "I Got A New Car" - Released On: Spark 45x114 Release date: 1954

44 Sleepy John Estes - "Airplane Blues" - Released On: Decca 7354 A Release date: September 1937

45 Richard Berry - "Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car" - Released On: Flair 45-1054 Release date: February 1955

46 The Moonglows - "219 Train" - Released On: Chance CH-1161 Release date: 1954

47 Chuck Higgins & his Mellotones - "Motor Head Baby" - Released On: Combo 45-12-B Release date: 1952

48 Tommy Brown - "V-8 Baby" - Released On: Savoy 813-A Release date: 1951
49 Little Juniors Blue Flames - "Mystery Train" - Released On: Sun 192 Release date: November 1, 1953

50 Jimmy Rodgers - "Hobo Bill's Last Ride" - Released On: Victor 22421-A Release date: August 1930

51 Joe Hill Louis - "Hydramatic Woman" - Released On: Big Town 45-H-401 Release date: May 1953

52 The Duals - "Stick Shift" - Released On: Star Revue 1031 Release Date: June 1961

53 Sammy Masters - "Pink Cadillac" - Released On: 4-Star 1695-45 Release date: April 1956

54 The Montereys - "Train Whistle Blues" - Released On: Nestor N15 B Release date: June 1956

55 George Stogner - "Hardtop Race" - Released On: Rockin' 522 Release date: November 1953

56 Big Bill Broonzy - "South Bound Train" - Released On: Mercury 70039-45 Release date: December 1952

57 Charlie Ryan & The Timberline Riders - "Side Car Cycle" - Released On 4-Star 1745x45 Release Date: 1960

58 Joe Lutcher - "The Traffic Song" - Released On: Specialty SP 304 A Release date: 1948

59 Little Sylvia - "Drive Daddy Drive" - Released On: Jubilee 45-5093 Release date: 1952

60 The Valentines - "Woo Woo Train" - Released On: Rama RR-196 Release date: April 1956
61 Peppermint Harris - "Cadillac Funeral" - Released On: Cash 1003A Release date: March 1955

62 Nat King Cole - "Route 66" - Released On: Capitol 256 Release date: 1946

63 Oscar McLollie - "Roll Hot Rod Roll" - Released On: Modern 45x970   Release date: October 1955

64 The Trebleaires - "There Goes That Train" - Released On: Nestor N16-A Release date: 1955

65 Richard Brothers - "Drunk Driver's Coming" - Released On: Strate 8 1500 Release date: 1959

66 Willie Love and His Three Aces - "V-8 Ford" - Released On:Trumpet No 175 Release date: December 1, 1951

67 Smiley Lewis - "Too Many Drivers" - Released On: Imperial X5316 Release date: October 1954

68 Rollie McGill - "There Goes That Train" - Released On: Piney 104 / Mercury 70582-X45 Release date: 1954

69 The Collegians - "Let's Go For A Ride" - Released On: X-Tra 108-A Release Date: 1957

70 The Corvettes - "Corvette" - Released On Corvette C-1000 Release Date: July 1058

71 Smiley Lewis - "Down The Road" - Released On: Imperial 45-5268 Release date: January 1954

72 The Five Crowns - "$19.50 Bus" - Released On Rainbow 45-154 Release Date: 1952

73 The Cadillacs - "Down The Road" - Released On Josie 45-778 Release Date: 1955

74 Jimmy Forrest - "Night Train" - Released On: United 110 Release date: March 1952

Thanks for all your hard work in putting this latest volume together, Joan!

Sunday 7 October 2018

Champion Jack Dupree Sings The Blues

Side One:
01. Me And My Mule
02. The Blues Got Me Rockin'
03. That's My Pa
04. Tongue Tied Blues
05. Sharp Harp
06. Blues For Everybody
07. Camille
08. Walkin' Upside Your Head

Side Two:
01. Harelip Blues
02. Big Leg Emma's
03. Two Below Zero
04. Silent Partner
05. Mail Order Woman
06. Stumbling Block
07. Failing Health Blues
08. She Cooks Me Cabbage

Thanks to contributor Marv for sending in this reconstructed 1961 King compilation of Champion Jack Dupree sides. The tracks were recorded for King during 1953 - 1955. By the time this LP was issued Jack had quit the USA for residence in Europe where he enjoyed a long recording and concert career up until his death in 1992.

Jack was born in New Orleans in 1910, raised in an orphanage, and taught blues piano by Drive 'Em Down, thus connecting him to the early days of New Orleans blues. He was also a boxer hence the "Champion" nickname. At the beginning of the 1940s he was working his way north as a professional musician. He recorded a series of sides for Okeh in Chicago in 1940-41, in a trio setting accompanied by guitar and bass. War service in the US Navy interrupted his music career but on his return he moved to New York City where he recorded for a variety of labels between 1945 and 1958.

As his label hopping was pretty constant and probably without any regard to niceties such as contracts, he recorded under a variety of pseudonyms as well as his own moniker. He was "Willie Jordan And His Swinging Five" for Alert in 1948, "Blind Boy Johnson & His Rhythms" on Lenox reissues of some 1948 sides he recorded for Continental, "Meat Head Johnson And His Blues Hounds" on Apex and Gotham in 1950, "Brother Blues And The Back Room Boys" on Abbey also in 1950, "Duke Bayou And His Mystic Six" on Apollo at the end of 1950, and "Big Tom Collins" for King in 1951.

He did in fact also record as Champion Jack Dupree for Joe Davis in 1945, Solo in 1946, on some of the Apollo sessions in 1949 and 1951, and also for Red Robin in 1952. His music was raucous, unbridled blues frequently accompanied by Brownie McGhee on guitar, a variety of bassists, occasionally a drummer, and sometimes even a tenor sax man such as Jesse Powell, Al King or Big Chief Ellis.

This Krazy Kat CD from 1992 has a 22 track selection of Jack's wild and wooly post was output from 1945-1953:

It contains some outstanding rough house rockers such as "Shim Sham Shimmy" and "Shake Baby Shake."

Jack's first session for King was in April 1953. One of the tracks he recorded was "Tongue-Tied Blues" which derives its "humour" from a portrayal of a speech defect. There were follow ups along the same lines - "Harelip Blues," "That's My Pa," "Walkin' Upside Your Head," and "Mail Order Woman" all featured vocals making fun of  people with speech defects which in the present day can make for some uncomfortable listening. A shame because some of these tracks have terrific playing by great backing musicians such as guitarist Mickey Baker.

Setting the tasteless tracks aside, there's still good blues here. Watch out for harmonica players Papa Lightfoot and George Smith on "Camille" and "Sharp Harp" respectively. Full recording and release details are below:

Recording details

01. Me And My Mule - Cincinnati, November 8th, 1955
02. The Blues Got Me Rockin' - New York, April 7th, 1953
03. That's My Pa - New York, June 27th, 1955
04. Tongue Tied Blues - New York, April 7th, 1953
05. Sharp Harp - Cincinnati, November 8th, 1955
06. Blues For Everybody - New York, February 15th, 1955
07. Camille - Cincinnati, November 30th, 1953
08. Walkin' Upside Your Head - Cincinnati, November 30th, 1953
09. Harelip Blues - New York, February 15th, 1955
10. Big Leg Emma's - New York, September 15th, 1955
11. Two Below Zero - New York, February 15th, 1955
12. Silent Partner - New York, September 15th, 1955
13. Mail Order Woman - New York, June 29th, 1955
14. Stumbling Block - New York, June 29th, 1955
15. Failing Health Blues - New York, June 29th, 1955
16. She Cooks Me Cabbage - New York, June 27th, 1955

The Blues Got Me Rockin'; Tongue-Tied Blues - recorded in New York, April 7th, 1953. Personnel:Champion Jack Dupree (vocal, piano) with Sidney Grant (tenor sax); Mickey Baker (guitar); Cedric Wallace (bass); John Taylor (drums).

The Blues Got Me Rockin' / Tongue-Tied Blues released on King 4633 in June 1953.

Walkin' Upside Your Head; Camille - recorded in Cincinnati, November 30th, 1953. Personnel: Champion Jack Dupree (vocal, piano) with: Papa Lightfoot (harmonica); Milton Batiste (trumpet); Nat Perrilliat (tenor sax); Edwin Moire (guitar); Charles Connor (drums).

Walkin' Upside Your Head released on King 4695 b/w Hard Feeling, February 1954.
Camille released on King 4706 b/w Rub A Little Boogie, March / April 1954.

Blues For Everybody; Harelip Blues; Two Below Zero - recorded in New York, February 15th, 1955. Personnel: Champion Jack Dupree (vocal, piano) with Sidney Grant (tenor sax); Jerome Darr (guitar); Cedric Wallace (bass); Cornelius Thomas (drums).

Two Below Zero / Blues For Everybody released on King 4779 in March 1955.
Harelip Blues released on King 4797 b/w Let The Doorbell Ring in May 1955.

That's My Pa; She Cooks Me Cabbage - recorded in New York, June 27th, 1955. Personnel: Champion Jack Dupree (vocal, piano) with Willis Jackson (tenor sax); Mickey Baker (guitar); Ivan Rolle (bass); Calvin Shields (drums).

Failing Health Blues; Stumbling Block; Mail Order Woman - recorded in New York, June 29th, 1955. Personnel as June 27th session.

Silent Partner; Big Leg Emma's - recorded in New York, September 15th, 1955. Personnel: Champion Jack Dupree (vocal, piano) with Mickey Baker (guitar); Lloyd Trotman (bass); Cliff Leeman (drums).

Me And My Mule; Sharp Harp - recorded in Cincinnati, November 8th, 1955. Personnel: Champion Jack Dupree (vocal, piano) with George Smith (harmonica); Barney Richmond (bass); Alfred Dreares (drums).

That's My Pa / Stumbling Block released on King 4827 in September 1955.
Silent Partner / She Cooks Me Cabbage released on King 4859 in December 1955.
Failing Health Blues / Me And My Mule released on King 4876 in February 1956.
Big Leg Emma's / Mail Order Woman released on King 4938 in July 1956.
Two Below Zero / Sharp Harp released on Federal 12408 in February 1961.

Above: Charly CD "Blues For Everybody" (1990 and 1997) has 20 of Jack's King sides, including the only one which brushed the charts - "Walkin' The Blues" which also has Mr. Bear aboard.