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Monday 29 May 2017

Willie Mabon - Chess Masters

Side One:
01. I Don't Know
02. Beggar Or Bandit *
03. You're A Fool
04. Monday Woman
05. Willie's Blues *
06. Someday You Gotta Pay *
07. Poison Ivy

Side Two:
01. I'm Mad At You *
02. Lonely Blues *
03. I'm Tired *
04. He Lied *
05. Knock On Wood
06. Why Did It Happen To Me *
07. Seventh Son
08. I'm Mad (Boogiewoody Bonus Track!)

* = previously unissued

Download from here:

This was one of the first LPs I digitized in the early days of the blog nearly 10 years ago. This upload contains improved versions of the original mp3s plus new cover and label scans. The back cover scan looks as though it was made while I was drunk, but I can assure you that the actual LP cover really is that squint! I've run the mp3s through Magix Audio Cleaning Lab again in order to get rid of the numerous clicks from what was a pretty scratched LP, although a few pops remain. The sound quality on the LP wasn't all that good but I have managed to remove the electronic hum that was present throughout "I Don't Know."

The download package includes a folder of label scans from Willie's Chess singles, courtesy of Joan K.

This LP was issued in the UK in 1984 as part of the PRT "Chess Masters" series. but it had already appeared in Italy and Germany with the title "I'm A Heart Regulator" as part of the Chess "Blues Roots" series and it was under the "I'm A Heart Regulator" title that this collection was issued in the USA (Chess CH 9189) in 1984. Of the 14 tracks on the collection, no less than 8 were previously unissued. A few hits were included, such as "I Don't Know," "Poison Ivy," "Knock On Wood" and "Seventh Son."

I've added one of Willie Mabon's best sides, "I'm Mad" partly because I fell in love with it when I came across it on late night TV many years ago in the strange Marv Newland cartoon "Sing Beast Sing."

Willie Mabon was born in Memphis Tennessee in 1925 and moved to Chicago in 1942. His first recording was for Apollo in 1949 but his career didn't really take off until his recording of "I Don't Know" for Parrot in late 1952. The record was quickly picked up by Chess (see below for further details) and it became the fourth best selling R&B single of 1953 and along with the follow up "I'm Mad" which was another number 1 hit, helped to make Willie (billed as "The I Don't Know Man") the third top selling R&B artist of that year.

Although Willie Mabon took the writer credit for "I Don't Know," it was in fact an "adaptation" of a song of the same name recorded by Cripple Clarence Lofton in the 1930s. Willie had one more national R&B hit with "Poison Ivy" in late 1954 although "The Seventh Son" and "Knock On Wood" were local hits in 1955/56. Willie's career gradually lost momentum and he went through an extended period of label hopping throughout the 1960s without ever looking like having another hit.

In the early 1970s he moved to Europe where he recorded for labels like Big Bear and Black & Blue and led the busy life of the American bluesman in exile, including an appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival. He passed away in Paris in 1985 at the age of 59.

The story behind the tracks on "Willie Mabon - Chess Masters":

"I Don't Know" was recorded in Chicago, circa mid 1952. Personnel: Willie Mabon (piano, vocal); Ernest Cotton (tenor sax); Bill Evans (bass); Bill Stepney (drums)

"I Don't Know" / "Worry Blues" was released on Parrot in November 1952 (the first release on that label) then later in the same month on Checker 1050 and shortly afterwards on Chess 1531. Parrot label owner Al Benson had a previously existing agreement with the Chess brothers for dual release of his masters, hence the almost simultaneous Parrot / Checker releases. As "I Don't Know" became a phenomenal R&B hit, it was shifted to the parent Chess label, becoming a number one seller and spending 15 weeks in the charts.

"I'm Mad" and "Beggar Or Bandit" were recorded in Chicago on February 5th, 1953. Personnel: Willie Mabon (piano, vocal); Fred Clark (tenor sax); Joseph "Cool Breeze" Bell (bass); Steve Boswell (drums)

"I'm Mad" / "Night Latch" was released on Chess 1538 in April 1953. "Beggar Or Bandit" was unissued until this collection.

"You're A Fool" and "Monday Woman" were recorded in New York City in June 1953. Personnel:
Willie Mabon (piano, vocal) with: Milt Larkin (trombone); unknown (alto sax); Charles Ferguson (tenor sax); unknown (baritone sax); Ted Sturgis (bass); unknown (drums)

"You're A Fool" / "Monday Woman" released on Chess 1548 in August 1953.

"I'm Tired" was recorded in Chicago probably in February 1954. Personnel: Willie Mabon (piano, vocal) with: Bill Martin or Paul King (trumpet) Harold Ashby, Herbert Robinson (tenor sax,poss alto sax); Bill Anderson (bass); Oliver Coleman (drums)

"I'm Tired" was not issued until this collection.

"Lonely Blues" and "Willie's Blues" were recorded in Chicago in August 1954. Personnel as in February 1954 session above. Both tracks unissued until this collection

"Poison Ivy" was recorded in Chicago in October 1954. Personnel: Willie Mabon (piano, vocal) with: Paul King (trumpet); Coon Gardner (alto and baritone sax); Herbert Robinson (tenor sax); Bill Anderson (bass); Oliver Coleman or Odie Payne (drums)

"Poison Ivy" / "Say Man" released on Chess 1580 in October 1954.

"Someday You Gotta Pay," "He Lied" and "Seventh Son" were recorded in Chicago in July 1955.Personnel as above except Willie Dixon replaces Bill Anderson on bass.

"The Seventh Son" / "Lucinda" released on Chess 1608 in October 1955.

"Someday You Gotta Pay" and "He Lied" were not issued until this collection.

"Knock On Wood" was recorded in Chicago on May 24th, 1956. Personnel: Willie Mabon (piano, vocals) with: Hubert Robinson (tenor sax); Bill Anderson (bass); Oliver Coleman (drums)

"Knock On Wood" / "Got To Let You Go" released on Chess 1627 in July 1956.

"I'm Mad At You" and "Why Did It Happen To Me" were recorded in Chicago in September 1960. Personnel: Willie Mabon (piano, vocal) with unknown saxes, guitar, bass, drums. Both tracks unissued until this collection.

Thanks to Joan for providing the Chess singles label scans.

Be Bop Wino will be taking a break for the next week or so as I shall be attending a family wedding in the deep south of England. I'll be back rockin' in Scotland sometime soon!

Saturday 27 May 2017

Chuck Berry - Rockin' At The Hops

Side 1:
01. Bye, Bye Johnny
02. Worried Life Blues
03. Down The Road A Piece
04. Confessin' The Blues
05. Too Pooped To Pop
06. Mad Lad

Side 2:
01. I Got To Find My Baby
02. Betty Jean
03. Childhood Sweetheart
04. Broken Arrow
05. Driftin' Blues
06. Let It Rock

Download from here:

Let's mark the recent passing of Chuck Berry with this 1980s reissue of his 1960 LP "Rockin' At The Hops." His own compositions "Let It Rock," "I Got To Find My Baby," and "Bye Bye Johnny" are classics but what I especially like about this album are the revivals of older 1940s blues and boogie material which demonstrate where Chuck's personal tastes lay. So enjoy Big Maceo's "Worried Life Blues," The Will Bradley Trio's "Down The Road A Piece," Johnny Moore and the Three Blazers' "Driftin' Blues," and Jay McShann and Walter Brown's "Confessin' The Blues." Cool renditions from the Chuckster.

Track details:

Too Pooped To Pop, Betty Jean, Childhood Sweetheart, Broken Arrow, Let It Rock were recorded in Chicago on July 29th, 1959. Personnel: Chuck Berry (vocal, guitar) with L.C. Davis (tenor sax); Johnny Johnson (piano); Willie Dixon (bass); Fred Below (drums); The Ecuadors (vocal group)

Bye Bye Johnny, Worried Life Blues, I Got To Find My Baby, Driftin' Blues were recorded in Chicago on February 12th, 1960. Personnel: Chuck Berry (vocal, guitar); L.C. Davis (tenor sax); unknown other saxes; Johnny Johnson (piano); Matt Murphy (guitar); Willie Dixon (bass); Eddie Hardy (drums); unknown vocal group

Down The Road A Piece, Confessin' The Blues, Mad Lad were recorded in Chicago on April 12th, 1960. Personnel same as on February 12th 1960 session.

This LP was originally released as Chess LP 1448 in July 1960.

Single releases of tracks:

Childhood Sweetheart / Broken Arrow, Chess 1737, September 1959
Let It Rock / Too Pooped To Pop ("Casey"), Chess 1747, January 1960
Bye Bye Johnny / Worried Life Blues, Chess 1754, May 1960
I Got To Find My Baby / Mad Lad, Chess 1763, August 1960

Rock on, Be Bop Winos!

Thursday 25 May 2017

Memphis Slim - Rockin' The Blues

Side One:
01. Gotta Find My Baby
02. The Comeback
03. Messin' Around
04. Sassy Mae
05. Lend Me Your Love
06. Guitar Cha Cha
07. Stroll On Little Girl
08. Rockin' The House

Side Two:
01. Wish Me Well
02. Blue And Lonesome
03. My Gal Keeps Me Crying
04. Slim's Blues
05. Steppin' Out
06. Mother Earth
07. What's The Matter
08. This Time I'm Through

Download from here:

Or here:

Rockin' The Blues (Mega)

A collection of Memphis Slim tracks recorded for Vee-Jay in 1958-59. Twelve of the sixteen tracks were originally released on the 1959 Vee-Jay LP "Memphis Slim At The Gate Of Horn" which despite its title, is not a live album but consists entirely of studio tracks recorded with a hard rocking combo featuring the great Matt Murphy on guitar and a sock-it-to-'em sax section.

The Gate Of Horn was a Chicago folk club and one is inevitably led to the conclusion that Vee-Jay were hoping to sell the album to the growing "folk blues" market rather than the R&B crowd. Yet the music contained therein couldn't have been further from the idea of  "authentic" folk blues, being in fact thoroughly modern rockin' rhythm and blues, just like the two Vee-Jay singles Memphis Slim released in 1958, which are also featured on this Charly LP.

The sixteen sides on this LP probably represent the last R&B recordings of Memphis Slim as he decided to follow the the best road to a long and happy career  for a veteran bluesman - record for labels like "Folkways", play venues and festivals aimed at the student / folkie crowd, move to Europe, tour and record for decades more and finally get seen by Boogie Woody at a blues festival in Dundee in the mid 1980s where he was nothing short of brilliant. What's more he was apparently accompanied by a statuesque blonde lady who became the subject of speculation in the comments on my previous Memphis Slim post.

The story behind the tracks -

"Stroll On Little Girl," "Guitar Cha Cha," "What's The Matter" and "This Time I'm Through" were recorded in Chicago on the 8th January 1958. Personnel on these tracks was: Memphis Slim (piano, vocal); John Calvin (alto sax); Matt Murphy (guitar); Sam Chatman (bass); Billie Stepney (drums)

The sides were released on two Vee-Jay singles as follows:

Stroll On Little Girl / Guitar Cha Cha Cha, by Memphis Slim and His House Rockers on Vee-Jay 271, released probably February (?) 1958. Yes, that's three "Cha's."

What's The Matter / This Time I'm Through by Memphis Slim & His House Rockers on Vee-Jay 294, released probably November (?) 1958.

All other sides on this LP were recorded in Chicago on the 18th August 1959 and released on the Vee-Jay LP "Memphis Slim At The Gate Of Horn" (VJLP 1012) in October 1959.

Personnel on VJLP 1012: Memphis Slim (piano, vocal); Alex Atkins (alto sax); John Calvin, Ernest Cotton (tenor saxes); Matt Murphy (guitar); Sam Chatman (bass); Billie Stepney (drums)

The original track order on "Memphis Slim At The Gate Of Horn" was:

Side 1:
1. The Come Back
2. Steppin' Out
3. Blue And Lonesome
4. Rockin' The Blues
5. Slim's Blues
6. Gotta Find My Baby

Side 2:
1. Messin' Around
2. Wish Me Well
3. My Gal Keeps Me Crying
4. Lend Me Your Love
5. Sassy Mae
6. Mother Earth

Elsewhere on the blog:

Messin' Around With The Blues (Volume 1) - 12 sides recorded for Miracle and Hy-Tone in 1946-47 and subsequently bought in by King Records. Post is here:

download 2LP set from here:

or here:

Volume 2 featuring sides by Little Willie Littlefield and Pete "Guitar" Lewis was posted separately here:

Look out for this CD in the second hand browser of your local music emporium:

The exact same collection as the "Rockin' The Blues" LP only in much better sound quality compared to the rather dodgy mp3s I ripped from my vinyl. These Charly Blues Masterworks CDs often turn up in "used Blues CDs" bins or in charity shops - this one is well worth purchasing.

Monday 22 May 2017

Ray Charles - Tell The Truth

Side 1:
01. Mess Around
02. It Should've Been Me
03. Losing Hand
04. Greenbacks
05. I've Got A Woman
06. This Little Girl Of Mine
07. Hallelujah I Love Her So
08. Drown In My Own Tears

Side 2:
01. Leave My Woman Alone
02. Lonely Avenue
03. That's Enough
04. Talkin' 'Bout You
05. You Be My Baby
06. The Right Time
07. Tell The Truth
08. What'd I Say

Download from here:

One scratched LP bought second hand many years ago, probably from the sadly-no-more "Lost In Music" emporium in Glasgow's West End. I never listened to it all that much but lately I've been listening to little else. Digitizing this album has got me right back into the music of Ray Charles, specifically the sides he recorded for Atlantic between 1952 and 1959, sides which revolutionized the sound of R&B and paved  the way for soul music.

Ray's earliest sides, recorded for Swing Time and Down Beat, were heavily influenced by Nat "King" Cole and Charles Brown. The move to Atlantic gave him the opportunity to really come into his own. At first, recording under the supervision of Jesse Stone and accompanied by top NYC session men such as Freddie Mitchell, Lloyd Trotman and Mickey Baker, his sides were still well within the R&B mainstream of the time, albeit with a much improved sound.

Ray had ideas of his own ( he detested the Willie Mabon influenced "It Should've Been Me") and in Atlanta, Georgia, in November 1954, he unveiled a new sound to Atlantic honchos Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler when he and his new hard boppin' band played the gospel influenced "I Got A Woman." The shadow of gospel music loomed over most of the R&B that Ray subsequently recorded for Atlantic, whether the source material was original gospel songs, or blues or just songs that sounded as though they were rooted in the church.

All of it was performed with sanctified intensity in a fusion of holy roller vocals from Ray, passionate call and response backing vocals from The Cookies and of course that band featuring horn men like Don Wilkerson and Dave "Fathead" Newman. The selection of tracks on this LP is an excellent illustration of how R&B music was taken in a new direction by Ray Charles and his musicians. The detailed sleeve notes by Cliff White are well worth perusing.

The story behind the tracks, mac!

"Mess Around," "It Should've Been Me," and "Losing Hand" were recorded in New York City on May 17th, 1953.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with: Pinky Williams and Freddie Mitchell (tenor saxes); Dave McRae (baritone sax); Mickey Baker (guitar); Lloyd Trotman (bass); Connie Kay (drums);

Mess Around / Funny (But I Still Love You), Atlantic 999, June 1953

It Should've Been Me / Sinner's Prayer, Atlantic 1021, February 1954

Losing Hand / Don't You Know, Atlantic 1037, July 1954

"Greenbacks" and "I've Got A Woman" were recorded in Atlanta on November 18th, 1954.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with: Joe Bridgewater and Charles Whitley (trumpets); Don Wilkerson (tenor sax); Dave Newman (baritone sax); Wesley Jackson (guitar); Jimmy Bell (bass); Glenn Brooks (drums)

I've Got A Woman / Come Back, Atlantic 1050, December 1954

Blackjack / Greenbacks, Atlantic 1076, October 1955

"This Little Girl Of Mine" was recorded in Miami on April 23rd, 1955.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with: Joe Bridgewater and Riley Webb (trumpets); Dave Newman (alto sax, baritone sax); Don Wilkerson (tenor sax); Roosevelt Sheffield (bass); William Peeples (drums)

A Fool For You / This Little Girl Of Mine, Atlantic 1063, June 1955

"Hallelujah I Love Her So" and "Drown In My Own Tears" were recorded in New York City on November 30th, 1955.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with Joe Bridgewater and Joshua Willis (trumpets); Don Wilkerson (tenor sax); Cecil Payne (baritone sax); Paul West (bass); Panama Francis (drums) with The Cookies (vocal group) on "Drown In My Own Tears"

Drown In My Own Tears / Mary Ann, Atlantic 1085, February 1956

Hallelujah I Love Her So / What Would I Do Without You, Atlantic 1096, May 1956

"Leave My Woman Alone" and "Lonely Avenue" were recorded in New York City on May 16th, 1956.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with Joe Bridgewater and John Hunt (trumpets); Dave Newman (alto sax and tenor sax); Emmett Dennis (baritone sax;) Roosevelt Sheffield (bass); William Peeples (drums); The Cookies (vocal group)

Lonely Avenue / Leave My Woman Alone, Atlantic 1108, September 1956

"That's Enough" and "Talkin' 'Bout You" were recorded in New York City on May 26th and May 28th 1957 respectively.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with: Joe Bridgewater and Ricky Harper (trumpets); Dave Newman (alto sax and tenor sax); Emmett Dennis (baritone sax); Edgar Willis (b) William Peeples (d) with The Raelettes  aka The Raylettes aka The Cookies (vocal group)

That's Enough / Tell Me How Do You Feel, Atlantic 2022, March 1959

Talkin' 'Bout You / What Kind Of  Man Are You, Atlantic 1172, January 1958

"You Be My Baby" was recorded in New York City on February 20th, 1958.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with: Marcus Belgrave and Lee Harper (trumpets) Dave Newman (alto sax and tenor sax); Emmett Dennis (baritone sax); Edgar Willis (bass); Richie Goldberg (drums) with The Raelets (The Cookies) (vocal group)

My Bonnie / You Be My Baby, Atlantic 1196, August 1958

"(Night Time Is) The Right Time" was recorded in New York City on October 28th, 1958.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with: Marcus Belgrave and Lee Harper (trumpets); Dave Newman (alto sax and tenor sax); Hank "Bennie" Crawford (baritone sax); Edgar Willis (bass); Richie Goldberg (drums); The Raylettes (vocal group) feat. Marjorie Hendricks (vocal)

(Night Time Is) The Right Time / Tell All The World About You, Atlantic 2010, December 1958

"Tell The Truth" was recorded live in Atlanta on May 28th, 1959.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with: Marcus Belgrave and John Hunt (trumpets); Dave Newman (alto sax and tenor sax); Hank Crawford (baritone sax); Edgar Willis (bass); Teagle Fleming (drums); The Raelettes (vocal group)

"Tell The Truth" released on Atlantic LP 8039 "Ray Charles In Person" in May 1960. Also on single Atlantic 2068 Tell The Truth / Sweet Sixteen Bars, July 1960.

"What'd I Say" was recorded in New York City on February 18th, 1959.

Personnel: Ray Charles (vocal, piano) with: Marcus Belgrave and John Hunt (trumpets); Dave Newman (alto sax, tenor sax); Bennie "Hank" Crawford (baritone sax); Edgar Willis (bass); Milt Turner (drums); The Raelettes (vocal group)

What'd I Say (part 1) / What'd I Say (part 2), Atlantic 2031, June 1959.

Some recommended CDs:

I bought all of the above for £5 each in Fopp over the last few years. Ray's Atlantic output should still be easy to find at budget prices.

Recommended read:

Ray Charles: Man and Music by Michael Lydon. This is the cover from the original 1998 hardback edition (yep, bought in Fopp for £5!). An updated paperback edition from 2004 is available from the marketplace dealers of a certain mega gigantic online shopping website. Yeah, Amazon.

Saturday 20 May 2017

The Five Keys / The Nitecaps - The Best Of Doo Wop Classics Volume 2 (re-up)


Side 1:
01. Teeth & Tongue Will Get You Hung - The Five Keys
02. When Will My Troubles End (take B) - The Five Keys
03. Lawdy Miss Mary - The Five Keys
04. I'll Follow You - The Five Keys
05. Let Me Know Tonight - The Nitecaps
06. Oh, You Sweet Girl - The Nitecaps
07. In Each Corner Of My Heart - The Nitecaps
08. Sweet Thing - The Nitecaps

Side 2:
01. Be My Girl - The Nitecaps
02. Tough Mama - The Nitecaps
03. A Kiss and A Vow - The Nitecaps
04. Bamboo Rock & Roll - The Nitecaps
05. You're Gonna Be Sorry - The Nitecaps
06. You May Not Know - The Nitecaps
07. Snap Crackle & Pop - The Nitecaps
08. When Will My Troubles End (take A) - The Five Keys

Download from here:

In response to a re-up request, here's that great Detour LP which features the July 1954 "lost session" by The Five Keys for Groove plus all of the releases by The Nitecaps on that label.

The original very extensive post (October 2010), which includes label scans from Joan K, is here:

It most certainly demands attention! The only information I have to add is this list of the Nitecaps' releases on Groove. Three unreleased tracks are also included on the LP.

The Nitecaps original releases -

Groove 0134 - A Kiss And A Vow / Be My Girl, December 1955

Groove 0147 - Tough Mama / Sweet Thing, April 1956

Groove 0158 - Bamboo Rock & Roll / You May Not Know, June 1956

Groove 0176 - Let Me Know Tonight / In Each Corner Of My Heart, November 1956

"Snap, Crackle And Pop," "You're Gonna Be Sorry," and "Oh You Sweet Girl" were not issued until this LP.

I have also re-upped two other Five Keys LPs:

"It's a Groove" is a collection of their Aladdin and Capitol sides. Download from here:

The original very detailed post from November 2010 is here:

"Rhythm And Blues Hits Past And Present" is a collection of late period Five Keys sides recorded for King. Download from here:

or here:

The original post (January 2013) is here:

For the full story of The Five Keys, read Marv Goldberg's article here:

And this post concludes our vocal group season here on Be Bop Wino. Thanks to Joan K for a new edition of "Joan Selects" and don't worry, doowop fans, more group LPs will pop up from time to time! Doo wah Doo wah!

Thursday 18 May 2017

Dancin' & Romancin'

Side 1:
01. Up On The Mountain - The Magnificents
02. Down Off The Mountain - The Magnificents
03. You Ain't Ready - The Flamingos
04. Crazy Over You - The Kool Gents
05. Feeling Alright - The Hi Lighters
06. Stop - The Lyrics
07. Get Lost - The Rhythm Aces
08. Tears On My Pillow - The Eldorados
09. Caddy Bo - The Magnificents

Side 2:
01. Blues In The Letter - The Flamingos
02. Secret Love - The Moonglows
03. For All We Know - The Orioles
04. Ozeta - The Magnificents
05. Hurry Home Baby - The Flamingos
06. The Lonely One - Sherrif & The Ravels
07. Now That It's Over - The Falcons
08. I Was Wrong - The Moonglows
09. Hello Dear - The Hi Lighters

Download from here:

"Dancin' & Romancin'" could have been titled "Jump Children Volume 2" as it is a further set of vocal group tracks from Vee-Jay, including masters originally recorded for Chance. This compilation has a larger selection of groups but as we look at the original release details of these tracks, let's start with the three groups which featured on "Jump Children" - The Flamingos, The Moonglows and The Orioles.

As is usual with vocal group posts, much of the info below is gleaned from Marv Goldberg's site and I have provided links to his pages on some of the groups featured in this comp. This time round I had to dig a little deeper to find info on some of the obscurer groups and tracks on what is an excellent mix of rockers and smoochers. Sources credited at the foot of the post.

The Flamingos -

You Ain't Ready - Chance 1149, October 1953
Blues In A Letter - Chance 1162, October 1954
Hurry Home Baby - Chance 1140, June 1953

The Moonglows -

Secret Love - Chance 1152, February 1954
I Was Wrong - Chance 1156, May 1954

The Orioles -

For All We Know - Vee-Jay 228, November 1956

The Magnificents -

Up On The Mountain - Vee-Jay 183, April 1956
Off The Mountain - Vee-Jay 235, February 1957
Caddy Bo - Vee-Jay 208, September 1956
Ozeta - Vee-Jay 281, May 1958 - this side actually recorded by The 5 Wonders and released as by The Magnificents

The Kool Gents -

Crazy Over You - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, November 1955

The El Dorados -

Tears On My Pillow - Vee-Jay 250, July 1957

The Lyrics / The Falcons were the same group, recording as The Lyrics on Vee-Jay and as The Falcons on Vee-Jay subsidiary label Falcon. The Falcon label had its name changed to Abner following a lawsuit brought by an already existing Falcon label from Texas.

The Lyrics -

Why Don't You Stop - Vee-Jay 285, May / June 1958 (territorial tip in The Cash Box August 1958)

The Falcons -

Now That It's Over - Falcon 1006, October 1957

The Hi-Liters -

Feeling Alright This Morning - unreleased Vee-Jay track, 1956
Hello Dear - Vee Jay 184, May 1956

The Rhythm Aces -

Get Lost - Vee-Jay 124, January 1955

Sherrif & The Ravels -

The Lonely One - Vee-Jay 306, February 1959

Marv Goldberg links:

The Flamingos:

The Moonglows:

The Orioles:

The Magnificents:

The Kool Gents:

The El Dorados:

Information was also gathered from the following web sources: BSN Publications; Global Dog Productions; YouTube; 45Cat; Discogs;; Billboard; The Cash Box.

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Jump Children

Side 1:
01. Jump Children (Vooit Vooit) - The Flamingos
02. Real Gone Mama - The Moonglows
03. Live It Up - The Orioles
04. Cross Over The Bridge - The Flamingos
05. Baby Please - The Moonglows
06. Fools Will Be Fools - The Orioles
07. Golden Teardrops - The Flamingos
08. Ooh Rockin' Daddy - The Moonglows

Side 2:
01. I Just Got Lucky - The Orioles
02. My Gal - The Moonglows
03. Someday, Someway - The Flamingos
04. Happy 'Till The Letter - The Orioles
05. 219 Train - The Moonglows
06. Carried Away - The Flamingos
07. Never Leave Me Baby - The Orioles
08. Whistle My Love - The Moonglows

Download from here:

Charly issued a number of doowop LPs back in the 1980s, utilizing masters owned by the Chicago based Vee-Jay label. This collection gathers together sides recorded by The Flamingos and The Moonglows at an early stage in their respective careers, and adds sides recorded for Vee-Jay by The Orioles who were at that time at a rather late stage in their career.

The Flamingos and Moonglows sides were recorded for the small Chicago independent label Chance Records in 1953 and 1954. Chance was founded in 1950 by pressing plant owner and record distributor Art Sheridan. In 1952 he was joined by accountant Ewart Abner Jr but despite good recording activity in 1953 to early 1954 the label was gradually wound down, ceasing to record new material in February 1954 and closing down before the end of that year. Both Sheridan and Abner became part of the Vee-Jay setup, taking Chance masters with them to the latter company.

Fax on the trax, Jack, with original release details:

The Flamingos -

Jump Children (Vooit, Vooit) - Chance 1162, October 1954
Cross Over The Bridge - Chance 1154, March 1954
Golden Teardrops - Chance 1145, September 1953
Someday, Someway - Chance 1133, March 1953
Carried Away - Chance 1145, September 1953

The Moonglows -

Real Gone Mama - Chance 1152, February 1954
Baby Please - Chance 1147, October 1953
Ooh Rocking Daddy - Chance 1156, May 1954
My Gal - Chance 1161, September 1954
219 Train - Chance 1161, September 1954
Whistle My Love - Chance 1147, October 1953

Note - Instrumental accompaniment on the Chance singles of The Flamingos and The Moonglows was by The Red Holloway Orchestra.

The Flamingos went on to be a successful act on Checker and End, while The Moonglows achieved success on Chess / Checker.

By way of contrast, the third group on this compilation were very much past their peak as a recording act when they cut sides for Vee-Jay. The Orioles were a pioneering R&B vocal group which helped to pave the way for the rise of the early '50's group phenomenon with their massive 1948 hit on Jubilee, "It's Too Soon To Know." By the time the Vee-Jay sides were recorded in 1956 the original Orioles group had broken up and a new line-up had been recruited to back ever present lead singer Sonny Til.

The Orioles -

Live It Up - Vee-Jay, VJLP 1021 "Teen Delights", 1960
Fools Will Be Fools - unreleased Vee-Jay master, October 1956
I Just Got Lucky - Vee-Jay 196, May 1956
Happy Till The Letter - Vee-Jay 196, May 1956
Never Leave Me Baby - Vee-Jay 228, November 1956

Your Marv Goldberg links for the full stories of these groups:

The Flamingos:

The Moonglows:

The Orioles story is told over 4 parts on Marv's website. The story of the Orioles' time at Vee-jay is here:

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Thursday 11 May 2017

The Spaniels - Stormy Weather

Side 1:
01. Lovey Dovey Baby
02. Three Little Words
03. People Will Say We're In Love
04. I'll Be Waiting
05. Stormy Weather
06. Why I Love You
07. Baby Come Along With Me
08. I Owe You

Side 2:
01. Bounce
02. Red Sails In The Sunset
03. Please Don't Tease
04. You Painted Pictures
05. Baby Sweets
06. One Hundred Years From Today
07. A Stranger In Love
08. Let's Make Up

Download from here:

The Spaniels out of Gary, Indiana, were one of the classiest of the 1950s R&B vocal groups and their lead tenor Pookie Hudson was one of the greatest of the group vocalists of that era. Their big, BIG hit was "Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite" which reached number 5 in the national R&B chart in the summer of 1954 although most of the pop sales action was taken by a cover version by The McGuire Sisters which reached number 7 while The Spaniels' original version only made it to number 24 pop.

Their first release "Baby It's You" / "Bounce" (May 1953) reached number 10 in the R&B chart and was only the second single released by the new Vee-Jay label. The first disc on Vee-Jay was Jimmy Reed's "High And Lonesome." The success of "Baby It's You" necessitated a re-release on the Chance label which was better able to cope with the unexpected demand.

The Spaniels' next national hit was the monster "Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite" in the summer of 1954. "You Painted Pictures" reached number 13 R&B in October 1955. The Spaniels' fourth national R&B hit was with "Everyone's Laughing" / "I. O. U" which reached number 13 in July 1957.

This collection, "Stormy Weather," was the second Spaniels comp released by Charly back in the 1980s. It has one hit track, "You Painted Pictures," and some unissued material. It may not be the creme de la creme of The Spaniels' Vee-Jay output, but almost all of the material is very strong. Personal favourites are the rocking "Baby Sweets," the romantic "One Hundred Years From Today" and, of course, "Red Sails In The Sunset" which was unreleased but, heck, it's one of my favourite songs ever, and any rendition by any artist of this classic just gets me - right there.

Unfortunately I never did buy Charly's first Spaniels comp, "Great Googley Moo!", a failure which I now deeply regret. Oh for a time machine.

As ever when it comes to vocal group history, you can find the full story of The Spaniels on Marv Goldberg's site, complete with the tale of how they missed out on "The Twist."

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Fax on the trax, with titles as per original release:

01. Lovey Dovey Baby - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, June 1958
02. These Three Words - Vee-Jay 328, September 1959
03. People Will Say We're In Love - Vee-Jay 342, December 1959
04. I'll Be Waiting - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, August 1959
05. Stormy Weather - Vee-Jay 290, July 1958
06. Here Is Why I Love You - Vee-Jay 290, July 1958
07. Baby Come Along With Me - Vee-Jay 202, July 1956
08. I. O. U. - Vee-Jay 246, March 1957
09. Bounce - Vee-Jay 101, May 1953 and Chance 1141, June 1953
10. Red Sails In The Sunset - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, August 1959
11. Please Don't Tease - Vee-Jay 229, December 1956
12. You Painted Pictures - Vee-Jay 154, August 1955
13. Baby Sweets - Vee-Jay LP 1024 "The Spaniels". June 1960.
14. One Hundred Years From Today - Vee-Jay 328, September 1959
15. A Stranger In Love - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, October 1958
16. Let's Make Up - Vee-Jay 116, September 1954