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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Jump Children

Side 1:
01. Jump Children (Vooit Vooit) - The Flamingos
02. Real Gone Mama - The Moonglows
03. Live It Up - The Orioles
04. Cross Over The Bridge - The Flamingos
05. Baby Please - The Moonglows
06. Fools Will Be Fools - The Orioles
07. Golden Teardrops - The Flamingos
08. Ooh Rockin' Daddy - The Moonglows

Side 2:
01. I Just Got Lucky - The Orioles
02. My Gal - The Moonglows
03. Someday, Someway - The Flamingos
04. Happy 'Till The Letter - The Orioles
05. 219 Train - The Moonglows
06. Carried Away - The Flamingos
07. Never Leave Me Baby - The Orioles
08. Whistle My Love - The Moonglows

Download from here:

Charly issued a number of doowop LPs back in the 1980s, utilizing masters owned by the Chicago based Vee-Jay label. This collection gathers together sides recorded by The Flamingos and The Moonglows at an early stage in their respective careers, and adds sides recorded for Vee-Jay by The Orioles who were at that time at a rather late stage in their career.

The Flamingos and Moonglows sides were recorded for the small Chicago independent label Chance Records in 1953 and 1954. Chance was founded in 1950 by pressing plant owner and record distributor Art Sheridan. In 1952 he was joined by accountant Ewart Abner Jr but despite good recording activity in 1953 to early 1954 the label was gradually wound down, ceasing to record new material in February 1954 and closing down before the end of that year. Both Sheridan and Abner became part of the Vee-Jay setup, taking Chance masters with them to the latter company.

Fax on the trax, Jack, with original release details:

The Flamingos -

Jump Children (Vooit, Vooit) - Chance 1162, October 1954
Cross Over The Bridge - Chance 1154, March 1954
Golden Teardrops - Chance 1145, September 1953
Someday, Someway - Chance 1133, March 1953
Carried Away - Chance 1145, September 1953

The Moonglows -

Real Gone Mama - Chance 1152, February 1954
Baby Please - Chance 1147, October 1953
Ooh Rocking Daddy - Chance 1156, May 1954
My Gal - Chance 1161, September 1954
219 Train - Chance 1161, September 1954
Whistle My Love - Chance 1147, October 1953

Note - Instrumental accompaniment on the Chance singles of The Flamingos and The Moonglows was by The Red Holloway Orchestra.

The Flamingos went on to be a successful act on Checker and End, while The Moonglows achieved success on Chess / Checker.

By way of contrast, the third group on this compilation were very much past their peak as a recording act when they cut sides for Vee-Jay. The Orioles were a pioneering R&B vocal group which helped to pave the way for the rise of the early '50's group phenomenon with their massive 1948 hit on Jubilee, "It's Too Soon To Know." By the time the Vee-Jay sides were recorded in 1956 the original Orioles group had broken up and a new line-up had been recruited to back ever present lead singer Sonny Til.

The Orioles -

Live It Up - Vee-Jay, VJLP 1021 "Teen Delights", 1960
Fools Will Be Fools - unreleased Vee-Jay master, October 1956
I Just Got Lucky - Vee-Jay 196, May 1956
Happy Till The Letter - Vee-Jay 196, May 1956
Never Leave Me Baby - Vee-Jay 228, November 1956

Your Marv Goldberg links for the full stories of these groups:

The Flamingos:

The Moonglows:

The Orioles story is told over 4 parts on Marv's website. The story of the Orioles' time at Vee-jay is here:

Click on the links at the bottom of that page to access the rest of the story of The Orioles.

Elsewhere on this blog:

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The Orioles - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Charly issued a companion volume to "Jump Children" with the title "Dancin' & Romancin'" and that will be coming your way soon!


Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this one BW. I got to confess I'm not too interested in doowop. It's probably the one area of the entire R&B/Blues/R&R story that interests me the least. However, this collection of old Chance & VJ singles looks interesting so I'll check it out. I also note that on the Chance sessions we have Red Holloway. I met and interviewed Red Holloway in Australia during the mid-1970s when he was on tour with John Mayall's band. He was a fun guy and we had some good laughs together.

Rijnko said...

Thanks very much for this Charly album. Contrary to Bob Mac is DooWop my great interest. I always enjoy your background info as well.

Looking forward to Five Keys/Nitecaps album.

Rgds Rijnko

boogiewoody said...

Cheers Bob and Rijnko. I'm working on the follow up LP to "Jump Children" which was called "Dancin' & Romancin'" then when I've posted that I'll repost The Five Keys which will bring our vocal group season to a close.

I was never a huge fan of "doowop"myself but I always dug the harder rockin' groups like The Dominoes, The Clovers, The Midnighters, etc. And loads of these doowop singles have great sax breaks by the likes of Jimmy Wright and Buddy Lucas.

You should write a book on the R&B guys you've met, Bob!


Bob Mac said...

BW: I did actually. A manuscript sits in a box in Perth. I wrote it in the early 1980s and it includes most of the interviews & research I did throughout the 1970s when I was writing for the Australian Blues Society and some other publications. At the time it was no big deal as many others were doing similar work, but as time goes by I guess an element of historical interest comes in, especially as many of the guys interviewed have long since deceased. I plan on spending some time in Perth next summer, so I should dig the manuscript out and look to publication.

Anonymous said...

Thank you BW, once again great album & great performers. Greetings, George.

teddy cat baz said...

top sounds guys thax a lot