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Friday 31 October 2008

I Remember Chuck Willis (Atlantic 8079)

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we can extend our interest in Chuck Willis a little further with this 1962 Atlantic LP. Around 1962 -1963 Atlantic released a sequence of retrospective LPs on their 1950’s R&B big hitters such as Ruth Brown, Lavern Baker, Big Joe Turner, Clyde McPhatter and of course Chuck Willis who had unfortunately hung up his rock and roll shoes in 1958. Hence the morbid front cover.

So this is what rock ‘n’ roll blogging is all about – music fans from all around the world combining to raise interest in long gone artists and maybe, just maybe, someone who reads this and downloads these ancient vinyl rips will be inspired to investigate further and, despite the credit crunch, scrape enough folding green notes together to buy a Chuck Willis CD. Maybe the one that combines this LP with "King of the Stroll".

Ripped from vinyl at 192 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon. Thank you Anonymous.

Download from here:

1. What Am I Living For
2. Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes
3. Stop And Think
4. From The Bottom Of My Heart
5. Just One Kiss
6. You'll Be My Love
7. Keep A Drivin'
8. C. C. Rider
9. Betty & Dupree
10. I'll Be So Glad When Your Heart Is Mine
11. Big Drops Of Rain
12. Sugar Sugar
13. Love Of Loves
14. My Baby

Wednesday 29 October 2008

"Rockin' with Chuck Willis" - The Atlantic Years

I should really have called this “Strollin’ With Chuck Willis”, but it’s too late now! Thanks to Joan for providing these rips from 1950s 45 rpm singles and EPs. There are 15 tracks here from Chuck’s all too short (two years, 1956 – 1958) tenure at Atlantic Records. There was one track lacking to reconstitute Chuck’s 1958 Atlantic LP “King of the Stroll”, so I’ve used Joan’s rips to make up a Bebopwino comp of the “Sheik of Shake”.

Chuck’s time at Atlantic saw him reach the national pop charts with 3 discs: “C.C. Rider” reached number 12 in May 1957, “Betty and Dupree” reached number 33 in March 1958, and the ominously titled “What Am I Living For”/ “Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes” reached number 2 in May 1958, by which time Chuck was dead following surgery for a perforated ulcer and the disc was a posthumous hit.

In the second half of the 1950s Atlantic were adding girly choruses and sometimes strings to their R&B productions and many sides cut at this time haven’t worn well with the passing of the years, sounding rather corny to modern ears. However Willis’ performances and songwriting are strong enough to overcome this kind of backing, although I can’t help but wish that he’d been allowed to cut more discs like “What’cha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You” where there are no unnecessary embellishments.

Thanks to Joan for the rips and scans. And of course you’ll find some crackling and hissing on these 50 year old discs.

Ripped at 192 kbps (from m4a files which are included). Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Or here:

1. Betty And Dupree
2. That Train Has Gone
3. Love Me Cherry
4. Juanita
5. It's Too Late
6. C.C. Rider
7. My Life
8. What'cha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You
9. Kansas City Woman
10. You'll Be My Love
11. Ease the Pain
12. Thunder And Lightning
13. My Crying Eyes
14. Keep A-Driving
15. What Am I Living For

Sunday 26 October 2008

Joan Selects - Volume 3

Great googa mooga! It’s that time already! Joan emerges blinking from her darkened boxroom into the sunlight to deliver another heap of mp3s ripped from original forty-fives and as the icing on the cake there’s a folder of jpegs of label scans that will make doowop fans weep with pleasure. We must all thank Joan profusely for spending so much time and effort in giving us these rare sounds and pics. But let us not detain Joan any longer, for the turntable, PC and scanner await in the boxroom (well, it’s more a windowless, airless cupboard really) and there are piles upon piles of old waxings still to be processed. The fans are already demanding volume four, so it’s back to work for you Joan, while I ease myself into my luxurious leather armchair here in the Bebopwino Chief Executive’s Office and try to work out how to make a killing from the credit crunch.

But seriously folks … this is a real stormer of a compilation which ranges across the whole spectrum of vocal group R&B from teen heartbreak to the mayhem of Young Jessie’s wild tale of a murderer on the lam, “Lonesome Desert”. There are plenty more good rockers including The Cameos, the Olympics, The Turks and The Dells. The Five Bills bring the show to a nice close with the affecting “Waiting, Wanting.” There is a fair amount of surface noise on some of these tracks and “A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening” by The Caprisians has a few skips. Joan describes it as a “really trashed 45”, and there’s no way to get a better rip as it has already received maximum TLC. But that doesn’t bother real Bebopwinos.

Many thanks to Joan for bringing these blasts from the past back to life.

Ripped from vinyl at mostly 128 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

1. Come On Up To My Room – The Majors – Derby 763
2. Gloria, My Darling – The New Yorkers 5 – Danice 801
3. Have You Ever Met An Angel - The Valtones – Gee 1004
4. Here’s That Rainy Day – The Intervals – Class 304
5. I Cross My Fingers – Bennie Woods & the Rockin’ Townies – Atlas 1040
6. I Love My Baby – The Tokens (w/ Neil Sedaka) - Melba 104
7. Doll Face – The Vibranaires – After Hours 104
8. Your Love – The Olympics – Demon 1514
9. Bohemian Daddy – The Marquis – Onyx 505
10. Jeannie – The Thrashers - Masons 0-1
11. There Goes The Boy – The Lydells – Pam 103
12. Letter To A Schoolgirl – The Delacardos – Elgey 1001
13. Love Bells – The Five Willows – Pee Dee 290
14. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening - The Caprisians – Indigo 109
15. Let’s Do The Razzle Dazzle –The Rip-Chords – Abco G105
16. Baby Doll – The Four Dukes –
17. Come Back To Me - The Teardrops – Sampson 634
18. These Four Letters- The El Pollos – Studio 999
19. Walkie Talkie Baby – The Levees – Karen 1004
20. You Are – Nolan Strong and the Diablos – Fortune 519
21. Love Me My Darling – The Sharps – Two Mikes 101
22. Down In Cuba – The Royal Holidays - Herald 536
23. Lonesome Desert – Young Jesse (bb the Flairs) – Modern 921
24. Sally’s Got A Sister – The Turks feat. Bill Pinkney – Phillips Intnl 3524
25. Something Cool – The Academics – Elmont 1001
26. The Night You Said Goodbye – The Four Deeptones – Coral 65062
27. I’ll Find Her – The Dukes – Imperial
28. Wait Up – The Cameos – Dean 504
29. Q-Bop, She-Bop (Cubop Chebop) The Dells – Veejay 251
30. Waiting, Wanting – The Five Bills – Brunswick 84004

Saturday 25 October 2008

Chuck Willis - Be Good Or Be Gone

This 1985 Chuck Willis compilation LP on Edsel is another album that has lain neglected and unplayed in my cupboard for a decade or two. I remember feeling not too impressed by Chuck Willis when I bought the album, but thanks to the fact that I’m converting vinyl to CD and mp3 and then blogging most of the results, I have had the chance to listen to these tracks again, and I’ve concluded that this is a gem of an album.

Singer and songwriter Chuck Willis (1928 – 1958) was a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He was born and raised a stone’s throw from Decatur Street, the city’s main entertainment drag and home of the 81 Theater. After the Second World War the city’s black entertainment scene centred on Auburn Avenue and it was in the hotels and clubs around this area that the young Chuck Willis could be found fronting bands led by Roy Mays and Red McAllister.

He also took part in talent shows hosted by local radio jock Zenas “Daddy” Sears, who took the young singer under his wing and introduced him to Columbia Records honcho Danny Kessler. Willis’ first record “It Ain’t Right To Treat Me Wrong” was released on Columbia, but in early 1951 Kessler was made A&R man for the revived OKeh label which was the vehicle for Columbia’s attempts to break into the R&B market which was becoming increasingly dominated by independent labels.

Willis’ first release on OKeh was “Be Good Or Be Gone” (recorded in January 1951). He went on to have five R&B chart hits on the label between October 1952, and June 1954. Although none of those hits feature on this collection, this is still an excellent album featuring pounding jump blues, early rock ‘n’ roll, and heartfelt bluesy ballads. Many of the numbers are enlivened by the searing tenor sax of bandleader Freddie Jackson.

Clive Anderson’s excellent liner notes provide an in-depth account of this stage of Willis’ career. In early 1956 Willis signed for Atlantic Records and a subsequent post will look at his tragically brief time there.

Many thanks to Joan for a great selection of label shots, plus a scan of the cover of the 1958 Epic (another Columbia subsidiary) LP “Chuck Willis Wails The Blues”. Apologies for the variation in picture size tonight, but the Blogger picture sizing facility ain't working. They're probably too busy closing down blogs to notice. Stop Press: I sorted it by producing resized copies myself.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

1. Keep A Knockin'
2. Be Good Or Be Gone
3. I Tried
4. It's Too Late Baby
5. Let's Jump Tonight
6. Change My Mind
7. Loud Mouth Lucy
8. Wrong Lake To Catch A Fish
9. Lawdy Miss Mary
10. Baby's On My Mind *
11. You Know You Don't Love Me
12. Search My Heart
13. I Can Tell
14. I Need One More Chance
15. I Don't Mind If I Do *
16. Break My Rule

* = previously unreleased

Tuesday 21 October 2008

Moondog Boogie

It looks like I’ve caught the compilation bug. A few weeks ago I posted a collection called “Doo Dob Sha Bam” which I’d put together for the esteemed Rocker Stomp blog (see sidebar for link). As I said in that post, Rocker Stomp is the outstanding blog for all things rockin’ on the Spanish scene, so it was a pleasure and a bit of a challenge to compile another selection of stompin’ rhythm ‘n’ blues which would appear on both Bebopwino and Rocker Stomp.

This time round there’s an Alan Freed theme behind the collection. The opening title track by Freddie Mitchell was later adapted as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Boogie” when Freddie joined the Alan Freed Rock’n’Roll Band. It was used in the film “Rock, Rock, Rock!” as you can see from the cover pic which is a screen capture from the film and shows Freddie honking away happily while Freed claps in encouragement. Further Freed connections in the collection are “The Moondog”, a 1952 tribute by The Treniers, the instrumentals “Big Heavy” and “Blues For The Red Boy” which Freed used as themes on his radio shows, and a spoken Freed intro to Jesse Belvin’s “Goodnight My Love”, a tune which Freed often used as a show closer.

Mind you, I’m not sure if Freed would have included “Wine-O” or “Slow, Smooth and Easy” in his playlists, but what the heck, both tunes are on my current playlist. Anyway there’s plenty of hot sax work, bloozy chantoozies and riotous rockin’ goin’ on here. I’m sure the Moondog would have approved of such shenanigans.

Every track is ripped from vinyl. Even when I had a CD version of the track already available in my media player library I went to my vinyl vault to rip a fresh version. Thanks to Joan K for the label shots which are included in the download.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Download from this Rocker Stomp link:

01. Moon Dog Boogie - Freddie Mitchell – Derby 1952
02. Them There Eyes - Varetta Dillard – Savoy 1952
03. This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’ - Ruth Brown – Atlantic 1958
04. Paquino Walk - Red Prysock – Mercury 1956
05. Party Time - The Ray-O-Vacs – Kaiser 1956
06. Hot Tamales - Noble Watts – Baton 1958
07. Peanut Vendor - Alvin 'Red' Tyler – Ace 1961
08. Slow, Smooth And Easy - Anita Tucker – Capitol 1955
09. Rock And Roll Wedding - The Midnighters – Federal 1955
10. Shufflin' Home - Sil Austin – Mercury 1956
11. Night Crawlin' - Big John Greer – Groove 1955
12. Grey Hound - Amos Milburn – Aladdin 1952
13. The Moondog - The Treniers – Okeh 1952
14. Thunderbird - Maxwell Davis & His Rock'n'Roll Orchestra – RPM 1955
15. Preachin' - Freddie Mitchell – Rock’n Roll 1955
16. Old Time Rock'n'Roll - Art Neville – Specialty 1958 (unreleased)
17. Big Heavy - Cozy Eggleston – States 1952
18. Wine-O - The Ray-O-Vacs – Kaiser 1957
19. I'll Never Let You Go - Big John Greer – Vic 1952
20. Jim Dandy - Ruth Brown - Philips 1962
21. Ridin' The Riff - Big Bob Dougherty – Decca 1951
22. You Ain't Ready - The Flamingos – Chance 1953
23. Back Up - Eddie Chamblee – Mercury 1957
24. My Country Man - Big Maybelle – Okeh 1952
25. Mr Freddie's Boogie - Freddie Mitchell – Brunswick 1953
26. Pog Wog - Red Prysock – Mercury 1957
27. Cool Diggin' - Maxwell Davis & His Orchestra – RPM 1956
28. Blues For The Red Boy - Todd Rhodes – Sensation/King 1948
29. The Voice of Alan Freed - Alan Freed
30. Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin – Modern 1956

Friday 17 October 2008

Joan Selects – Volume 2

Ding dong! Seconds away … round 2! Yes folks it’s the second volume of Joan’s series of obscure R&B and doowop all ripped from the original 45 (and perhaps a couple of 78s?) rpm discs. That means some crackle and hiss and very occasionally a thump or a skip, but that’s the only way you’re ever going to get to hear many of these records, so download and tune in to the real 50s vibe of Joan’s Record Hop. And this time round Joan has not only been slaving over a hot turntable to bring you the platters that matter, she’s also been multitasking on the scanner to make you all a folder of label shots so that’s another reason for everyone to express their gratitude for this tremendous post.

And now some comments from the hostess with the mostest:

- Be Bop Baby on Excello is an entirely different song than that done later by Ricky Nelson. It is by all accounts one of the two hardest to find from the 45s issued on the Excello label.

- Darlin' I Know b/w Christine on Checker records was the earliest recording by a group from Chicago who would later become known as The Dells. It was their only opus on Checker before shifting to Vee Jay. As the Dells they would, much later, move back to the Chess/Checker group.

- Writing this Letter by The Fairlanes (1961) on Continental Records in San Francisco, featured a young Ramona King as lead vocalist. She would subsequently launch out into a solo career, first with Eden Records, with the amazingly lovely "Oriental Garden", then on to Warner Brothers where she recorded "It's In His Kiss" among several other singles in the early 1960's. Rumor is that Ramona and Clyde King (Little Clydie and the Teens on RPM w/ "A Casual Look") were brother and sister.

- "My Heart Cries For You" The Larks - An early 78 rpm disc only was issued in 1951, and in the opinions of many, is one of the most beautiful ballads of the early group harmony era.

- Tell Me by the Master-Tones on New York's Bruce record label was their only issue on the label. Original pressings of this 45 are exceedingly scarce.

- The "Vadunt-Un-Va-Da Song" by the Ramblers is reportedly really by none other than Bobby Hall and The Kings (who recorded mostly for the Jax Label, and the Harlem label.

- Originals on 45 rpm of The Sparks, The Spinners, The Bucckaneers, The El Rays, The Kings-Men, The Master Tones, The Castelles, The Peacheroos and The Swans can run into triple figures for top of the line copies.

Thank you, Joan. Well whaddya waitin’ fer? It’s download time!

Ripped at 128 kbps, apart from a couple of tracks at an unfeasibly low bitrate.

Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Thanks again Joan.

01 The Closer You Are - The Magnificent Four - Whale 506
02 Blueberry Sweet - The Chandeleirs Quintette - Angletone 521
03 Love Call - The Ebonaires - Lena L-1001
04 Run Run Run - The Sparks - Hull 723
05 My Love and Your Love - The Spinners - Rhythm 125
06 Lovely Dee - The Untouchables - Liberty 55335
07 Lamplight - The Deltas - Gone 5010
08 Be Bop Baby - The Peacheroos - Excello 2044
09 Doom Lang - The Tokens - Gary 1006
10 You Did Me Wrong - The Bucckaneers - Rama 24
11 Darling I Know - The El Rays - Checker 794
12 Red Hots and Chili Mac - The Morroccos - United 193
13 Writing This Letter - The Fairlanes - Continental 1001
14 Don't Say You're Sorry - The Kings Men - Club 51 108
15 I Really Love You So - The Solitaires - Old Town 1044
16 Feel Like Lovin' - The Sheppards - Apex 7752
17 After Graduation - The Four Fifths - Hudson 8101
18 My Heart Cries For You - The Larks - Apollo 1177
19 Tell Me - The Master-Tones - Bruce 111
20 For You I Have Eyes - The Crickets - MGM 11507
21 My Heavenly Angel - The Cherokees - United Artists 367
22 Hey Rube - The Rocketeers - Modern 999
23 Do-Li-Op - The Four Kings - Fortune 517
24 Over A Cup Of Coffee - The Castelles - Grand 109
25 Rosalie - The Jewels - R & B 1306
26 My True Love - The Swans - Rainbow 233
27 Vadunt-Un-Va-Da Song - The Ramblers - MGM 11850
28 Alone In This World - The Trojans - Tender 516
29 Vippity Vop - The Honey Boys - Modern 980
30 My Only Love - The Falcons - Falcon 1006
31 Okey Dokey Mama - The 5 Delights - Newport 7002

Saturday 11 October 2008

Percy Mayfield - The Voice Within

One for The Hound. I picked this up second hand in one of Glasgow’s few remaining independent record stores, just a couple of months before it closed for good. A store situated in what was once the closest thing that Glasgow had to a Bohemian quarter, where you could while away a whole afternoon or more checking out record shops, book shops and pubs. But no longer, for now every other shop seems to be a coffee/fast food outlet owned by some big franchising company. Fellow Glaswegians will recognise that I’m talking about Byres Road, close to the University. Maybe it’s the time of year for nostalgia as the nights begin to draw in and the sun stays low in the sky. But “nae man can tether time or tide”, as the bard says and I’m sure that Percy Mayfield would agree for, like Robert Burns, Mr Mayfield was wont to wax philosophical in the midst of his song writing.

So heeding the words of the lamented Rabbie, we move on to the contents of this superfine Mr R&B compilation. This is an outstanding collection of blues, blues ballads and the occasional up-tempo jump tune from one of the West Coast’s greatest singer/songwriter talents. Percy’s recording career started on the small Supreme label in 1949 where he had a big local hit with “Two Years Of Torture”. The first two tracks on this disc are from Percy’s spell with Supreme and like the Specialty tracks which make up most of the rest of the album, they were arranged by Maxwell Davis. Fans of the much underrated Maxwell will be pleased to learn that we are all in for a special treat very soon thanks to an anonymous donor to the blog.

Percy Mayfield signed for Specialty in 1950 and had a massive hit with “Please Send Me Someone To Love”. In August 1952 he was badly injured in a car crash in which he sustained severe facial injuries. However his recording and performing career continued. In the mid-fifties he left Specialty and released occasional discs on a variety of labels. “Are You Out There” and the previously unissued “My Story About A Woman” are from a 1955 session for Chess, while “The Bluest Blues” was released on John Dolphin’s Cash label in 1956 but may date from a much earlier session for Supreme. Percy eventually became a contracted songwriter for Ray Charles, penning “Hit The Road Jack” and other great songs.

As is the case with most of these wonderful Mr R&B LPs from the 1980s, this album has superb liner notes including an extensive interview with Percy. The notes are contained on the back of the record cover and on one side of the inner sleeve and I have included scans in the download. The 1980s? Now that was a time.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

Download from here:

1. How Wrong Can A Good Man Be
2. Leary Blues
3. The Hunt Is On
4. Hopeless
5. Two Hearts Are Greater Than One
6. Lonesome Highway
7. I Dare You, Baby
8. How Deep Is The Well
9. The Lonely One
10. The Bachelor Blues
11. Sugar Mama - Peachy Papa
12. The Voice Within
13. My Heart
14. Are You Out There?
15. The Bluest Blues
16. My Story About A Woman *

* previously unissued

Monday 6 October 2008

Joan Selects - Volume 1

While I was working on the Rocker Stomp compilation “Doo Dob Sha Bam”, I thought I would ask Joan if she would like to make up a compilation for Be Bop Wino. And here it is, the first of perhaps twenty volumes of the obscurest Doowop, Rock ‘n’ Roll and R&B on the planet – all ripped from 45 rpm discs.

Here are some comments from Joan on some of the tracks:

The Drifters "Your Promise to Be Mine" (Johnny Moore on lead) is one of the great 5-part harmony songs of the entire doo-wop era. A fantastic ballad.

Ralph Mathis (lead on "Never Let You Go") is Johnny Mathis' brother.

Johnny TwoVoice is none other than Johnny Morrisette, who went on to a solo singing career on Sam Cooke's SAR label.

The Chuck Higgins + group song: "Shotgun Wedding" on Kicks records is not listed anywhere, and my copy, while gently used is the ONLY copy of this 45 I've ever encountered in my 30+ years of collecting. I do not know who the group is backing him. (Kicks records had several outstanding vocal groups at that time, including The Squires.)

The Dreamaires (Little Flaytus and the Dremaires) is a Doctor Dave Antrell effort. He was an eminent collector who actually put this record out in 1988.

The Blue Dots recording "Saturday Night Fish Fry" is an outstanding 5-part harmony remake of the Louis Jordan and the Tympany Five original from Decca Records.

Boogie Woody back on the mike! I would like to state that “Shotgun Wedding” by Chuck Higgins and Group is one of the weirdest records I have ever heard.

Ripped at 128 kbps mostly, with three tracks at 96 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

1 Buy a Van – The Dreamaires - Antell 101
2 Geraldine – The El Venos - Groove 0170
3 Just Like Before – Tony Allen & the Twilighters – Bethlehem 3002
4 Tonight I Fell In Love – The Tokens – Warwick 615
5 Deep Freeze – The Roamers – Savoy 1147
6 Mama’s Daughter – The Checkers – King 4751
7 Saturday Night Fish Fry – The Blue Dots – Ace 526
8 Do Be Do Be Wop Wop – The Squires – Mambo 105
9 Now That I Have You – The Willows – 4-Star 1753
10 Just For You And I – The Supremes – Ace 534
11 Dear Ruth – The Buccaneers – Southern 101
12 My Pretty Baby – Johnny TwoVoice & the Medallions – Dootone 373
13 Walking With My Baby – The Vocal Tones - Cindy 3004
14 Come On Baby – The Youngtones – Brunswick 55089
15 What Did She Say – The Solitaires – Old Town 1012
16 Woe Woe Baby – The Personalities – Safari 1002
17 Loving A Girl Like You You – The Harptones – Bruce 123
18 Your Promise To Be Mine – The Drifters – Atlantic 1089
19 All Night Long – The Du Mauriers – Fury 1011
20 In Each Corner Of My Heart – The Nitecaps – Groove 0176
21 Shotgun Wedding – Chuck Higgins and Group – Kicks 3
22 Come On Baby – The Cordovans – Johnson 701
23 Nobody Loves You – The Leaders – Glory 239
24 Love My Baby – The Re-Vels Quartette – Atlas 1035
25 Never Let You Go – The Ambers – Ebb 142
26 Gonna Catch You Nappin’ – The Avons – Hull 726
27 The Other Night – The Five Dots – Dot 1204
28 Darlin’ Be Mine – The Earthquakes – Fortune 534
29 I Wrote A Letter –The Serenaders – Chock 101
30 Gumma Gumma – The Mello-Harps – Casino 104

Thank you Joan for all your hard work and willingness to share these blasts from the past.

Thursday 2 October 2008

Bill Doggett - Hot Doggett (King LP 514)

Many thanks to the anonymous donor who sent in this original 1956 Bill Doggett LP. These tracks are from the pre- Clifford Scott line up which features Percy France on tenor sax. There are some tremendous tunes on this album, especially those in which the tenor sax and guitar (Billy Butler) are given space to trade licks. The download includes the back cover and liner notes. Boss stuff!

Ripped from vinyl at 192 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

1. High Heels
2. Honey Boy
3. True Blue
4. Wild Oats
5. Gumbo
6. Squashy
7. Percy Speaks
8. Oof!
9. Shove Off
10. Quaker City
11. Who's Who
12. Early Bird