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Monday, 6 October 2008

Joan Selects - Volume 1

While I was working on the Rocker Stomp compilation “Doo Dob Sha Bam”, I thought I would ask Joan if she would like to make up a compilation for Be Bop Wino. And here it is, the first of perhaps twenty volumes of the obscurest Doowop, Rock ‘n’ Roll and R&B on the planet – all ripped from 45 rpm discs.

Here are some comments from Joan on some of the tracks:

The Drifters "Your Promise to Be Mine" (Johnny Moore on lead) is one of the great 5-part harmony songs of the entire doo-wop era. A fantastic ballad.

Ralph Mathis (lead on "Never Let You Go") is Johnny Mathis' brother.

Johnny TwoVoice is none other than Johnny Morrisette, who went on to a solo singing career on Sam Cooke's SAR label.

The Chuck Higgins + group song: "Shotgun Wedding" on Kicks records is not listed anywhere, and my copy, while gently used is the ONLY copy of this 45 I've ever encountered in my 30+ years of collecting. I do not know who the group is backing him. (Kicks records had several outstanding vocal groups at that time, including The Squires.)

The Dreamaires (Little Flaytus and the Dremaires) is a Doctor Dave Antrell effort. He was an eminent collector who actually put this record out in 1988.

The Blue Dots recording "Saturday Night Fish Fry" is an outstanding 5-part harmony remake of the Louis Jordan and the Tympany Five original from Decca Records.

Boogie Woody back on the mike! I would like to state that “Shotgun Wedding” by Chuck Higgins and Group is one of the weirdest records I have ever heard.

Ripped at 128 kbps mostly, with three tracks at 96 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

1 Buy a Van – The Dreamaires - Antell 101
2 Geraldine – The El Venos - Groove 0170
3 Just Like Before – Tony Allen & the Twilighters – Bethlehem 3002
4 Tonight I Fell In Love – The Tokens – Warwick 615
5 Deep Freeze – The Roamers – Savoy 1147
6 Mama’s Daughter – The Checkers – King 4751
7 Saturday Night Fish Fry – The Blue Dots – Ace 526
8 Do Be Do Be Wop Wop – The Squires – Mambo 105
9 Now That I Have You – The Willows – 4-Star 1753
10 Just For You And I – The Supremes – Ace 534
11 Dear Ruth – The Buccaneers – Southern 101
12 My Pretty Baby – Johnny TwoVoice & the Medallions – Dootone 373
13 Walking With My Baby – The Vocal Tones - Cindy 3004
14 Come On Baby – The Youngtones – Brunswick 55089
15 What Did She Say – The Solitaires – Old Town 1012
16 Woe Woe Baby – The Personalities – Safari 1002
17 Loving A Girl Like You You – The Harptones – Bruce 123
18 Your Promise To Be Mine – The Drifters – Atlantic 1089
19 All Night Long – The Du Mauriers – Fury 1011
20 In Each Corner Of My Heart – The Nitecaps – Groove 0176
21 Shotgun Wedding – Chuck Higgins and Group – Kicks 3
22 Come On Baby – The Cordovans – Johnson 701
23 Nobody Loves You – The Leaders – Glory 239
24 Love My Baby – The Re-Vels Quartette – Atlas 1035
25 Never Let You Go – The Ambers – Ebb 142
26 Gonna Catch You Nappin’ – The Avons – Hull 726
27 The Other Night – The Five Dots – Dot 1204
28 Darlin’ Be Mine – The Earthquakes – Fortune 534
29 I Wrote A Letter –The Serenaders – Chock 101
30 Gumma Gumma – The Mello-Harps – Casino 104

Thank you Joan for all your hard work and willingness to share these blasts from the past.


Eva said...

If you don't mind one correction, the lead singer on "Your Promise To Be Mine" isn't Johnny Moore, it's the amazing Gerhart Thrasher. You can verify this at Marv Goldberg's site. Thrasher sang lead on one other Drifters song, "Driftin' Away From You."

Anonymous said...

BeBop & Joan, thanks so much for sharing these rarities! A lot of fun! And BB, are you serious about Joan and a twenty volume collection?!??! Yer just bustin' on poor Joan, aren't you? LOL Thanks friends! You're the greatest.

SR in Phila

skip heller said...

joan -- whoever you are, you're fine fine superfine.

any gal who digs "your promise to be mine" is about a mover, i'd say.

Anonymous said...

Ain't wanna leave your blog for today without leaving a comment about your great work, interessting stuff you're sharing with us & the hard work ripping vinyls.

great thx to you

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait for volume 2!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Wonderful to hear this. What a collection. Could be fifty years old, could have been recorded a second ago.

Many many thanks Joan, many thanks to Bebop.

You both make the day lighter.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, that good ol' doc of doo wop, Dave Antrell... AKA Lil Flaytus...! Wonder where - if any place - there are any tributes to him...

Oh, and... Chuck classic was ca. '56... It is listed in about every discog. & even made it to one of the Bernholm LPs... Classic wax.


(relivin de RnRnRnB memories...!)

Anonymous said...

thank you for giving me a chance to listen to this music alot ive never heard before much respect

Brianlumps said...

I am in awe of the wonderful music on this site. But where to start listening to the music? And, before yesterday I thought I had little time on my hands! Now I really need that 30-hour day. I shall be working yard to get up to date with your blog. All of the best, Brian Lombard, Cape Town

Siggy said...

many tanx! Looking forawrd to all of the Joan Selects. Hope to get lucky on the postings. If V01 link is still good, why shouldn't all the others be good, eh?

Woody, may I suggest since these posts are old, that you re-feature them.