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78rpm rips by El Enmascarado

Here they are - El Enmascarado's rips from original 78 rpm discs! From way back when a record was a record and it broke / cracked / chipped if you dropped it just once. Rescued from damp basements and defunct radio stations, cleaned up, ripped and digitally restored to remove the worst of the crackling, here they be! Jazz, Blues and R&B as the Lord intended them to be heard.

Click on the links below to go to the original posts on these gems. There you can listen to the records on streaming audio and discover the stories behind the discs. Wanna download? Well many of them have been collected into a series of compilation "LPs" which you can grab for your extended listening pleasure. You'll find links to these comps at the bottom of this page.

Enough of my chatter, here's the platters that matter!

Tadd Dameron - Casbah / Sid's Delight
(Capitol 57-60006)
NYC 1949 - Hot bop from The Big Ten! Exotic A side, Dexter Gordon blows on B side!

Lonnie Lyons - Far Away Blues / Flychick Bounce
(Freedom 1507)
Houston 1949 - Texas blues, B side is a gasser!

Gene Ammons - Cocktails For Two / Walkin' Home
(Okeh 6823)
NYC 1951 - Jug blows hot!

Joe Liggins - Worried / How Come
(Exclusive 262)
Los Angeles 1947 - Mellow jump! B side wails!

Red Saunders - Blow Mr Low-Blow / Lyin' Girl Blues
(Columbia radio station special)
Chicago 1950 - Jumpin' Joe Williams bawls the blues!

Russell Jacquet - Suede Jacket / Lion's Roar
(King 4242)
Detroit 1948 - Leo Parker and Sonny Stitt coolness!

Calvin Boze - Baby You're Tops With Me / Slippin' And Slidin'
(Aladdin 3086)
Los Angeles 1950-51 - Jordanesque jivin' from a true Unsung Hero!

Tiny Bradshaw - Walkin' The Chalk Line / Bradshaw Boogie
(King 4457)
Cincinnati 1950 / NYC 1951 - Red Prysock debuts for Tiny! Tenor sax rips it up!

Gene Ammons - Odd-En-Dow / Dues In Blues
(Mercury 8080 - radio station special issue)
Chicago 1947 - Cool bop sides!

Tiny Bradshaw - South Of The Orient / Later
(King 4664 white label dee jay special)
Cincinnati 1953 - jazzy exotica but Sil Austin blasts on B side!

Big John Greer - Tonight's The Night / Hey Bruz
(Sittin' In With 518)
NYC 1948 - Big John gets in a sweat anticipating night of passion! Cool instro B side!

Sonny Thompson - Backyard Affair / Dreaming Again
(Miracle 146)
Chicago 1949 - Relaxed instros - striptease jazz B side!

Sonny Thompson - Cotton Ball (Parts 1 and 2)
(King 4729)
Cincinnati 1954 - Late night echo-drenched blues bump 'n grind!

Tiny Grimes' Swingtet - Flying Home Parts 1 and 2
(Blue Note 524)
NYC 1946 - Frantic jazz workout! Faster than the speed of light guitar!

Johnny Otis Orchestra - Head Hunter / Cool And Easy
(Regent 1028)
Los Angeles 1949-50 - Tenor sax wailer tribute to Hunter Hancock! Redd Lyte sobs blues on B side! His dame done him wrong!

Joe Liggins - Blow Mr Jackson / The Blues
(Exclusive 244)
Los Angeles 1946 - Up tempo sax stylings plus good vocal melancholia from Joe!

Sammy Franklin - The Honeydripper Parts 1 and 2
(Black & White 101)
Los Angeles 1945 - A day late and a dollar short. One of the great missed opportunities in music history! A cautionary tale ...

Sax Mallard - Let's Love Again / The Mojo
(Aristocrat 2001)
Chicago 1947 - Cool ballad paired with fine instro workout!

Mystery Artist - Big Fat Mama / P.S. I Love You
(on recordable audiodisc - titles in pencil)
Unknown location and date - Good version of popular jump tune plus ballad! Still a mystery!

Etta James & The Peaches - The Wallflower / Hold Me, Squeeze Me
(Modern 947)
Culver City 1954 - Answer disc to The Midnighters' "Work With Me Annie"! Classic R&B / Rock 'n' Roll!

Lil' Son Jackson - Rockin' and Rollin' / Peace Breaking People
(Imperial 5113)
Houston 1950 - Hypnotic country blues! Big influence on Slim Harpo!

B.B. King - Everything I Do Is Wrong / Don't You Want A Man Like Me
(RPM 411)
Los Angeles 1954 - B.B. at his best - clangin' guitar and wailin' vocals!

Smokey Hogg - Let's Get Together And Drink Some Gin / Possum Hunt
(Modern 20 - 783)
Los Angeles 1950 - Booze 'n' blues on the A side with a proposition impossible to turn down. Up tempo B side later revived by Young Jessie as "Rabbit On A Log."

Lightnin' Hopkins - Honey Honey Blues / Moonrise Blues
(Aladdin 3077)
Houston 1948 - Traditional one man and his geetar blues moanin'! Some fancy pickin'!

Sonny Boy Williamson - Don't Start Me Talkin' / All My Love In Vain
(Checker 824)
Chicago 1955 - Sonny Boy and Muddy Waters band! Real howlin' and stompin'!

Little Walter - Off The Wall / Tell Me Mama
(Checker 770)
Chicago 1953 - Superb stompin' instro similar to "Juke" with stoned vocal B side!

Piano Red - Rockin' With Red / Red's Boogie
(RCA Victor 22-0099)
Atlanta 1950 - Bordello piano poundin' with single entendre lee-rics! Solid gone!

Willie Dixon - Walking The Blues / If You're Mine
(Checker 822)
Chicago 1955 - Cover of Champion Jack Dupree / Mr Bear hit - hits the right note!

John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillen' / Sally May
(Modern 627)
Detroit 1948 - Primitive stomp, a number one R&B hit in 1949. The real deal!

Illinois Jacquet - One-Nighter Boogie
(Mercury 89001)
NYC 1951 - Buzz-saw tenor from the master! B side of "Port Of Rico" - superb instro!

Doles Dickens Quartet - Don't Move a Vip Till I Say Vop
(Continental 6047)
NYC 1946 - Cool Slim Gaillard style jive!

Doles Dickens Quartet - Sing Re-Bop
(Continental 6047)
NYC 1946 - More Slim Gaillard style jivin'!

Lloyd Glenn - Still Waters / Nite-Flite
(Aladdin 3268)
Los Angeles 1954 - Superb West Coast R&B instrumentals! Nite-Flite cooks!

Amos Milburn - Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby / Bow Wow!
(Aladdin 3037)
Los Angeles 1949 - Double entendre yuletide blues backed with frantic howlin' instro. Don Wilkerson on tenor sax! Mucho stockings getting filled and reindeer riding!

Tiny Bradshaw - Well Oh Well / I Hate You
(King 4357)
Cincinnati 1949/50 - A Side is big hit with mighty blues bawlin' vocals as band stomps! Rare B side is a ballad with seriously weird lyrics!

Tiny Grimes' Quintet - Jealousy / The Sidewalks Of New York
(Atlantic 886)
NYC 1949 - Two slow burnin' standards soar into the stratosphere as Red Prysock's torrid tenor sax cuts loose!

Bull Moose Jackson - Little Girl Don't Cry / Moosey
(King 4288)
St Louis 1949 - Boffo balladeering plus great jump instro! I'm solid gone!

Big Jim Wynn - Blow Wynn Blow / J.W. Bop
(Supreme 1509)
Los Angeles 1948 - No-prisoners-taken honker with lighter jazzy B side which still wails! Wild, wild, wild!

Joe Liggins - Drippers' Boogie Parts 1 & 2
(Exclusive 232)
Los Angeles 1946 - Breakneck blaster as band chants occasional moronic vocals over dat boogie beat! Woo hoo! Guaranteed to raise the dead and cure whatever ails you!

Joe Lutcher's Jump Band - Strato-Cruiser / Sunday Blues
(Capitol 40052)
Los Angeles 1947 - Wild instro just gets wilder as it goes on! B side is bloozy and boozy hangover cure!

Sonny Thompson Quintet - Late Freight / Sonny's Return
(Miracle 128)
Chicago 1947 - A side is moody, laid back follow up to huge hit "Long Gone"! Eddie Chamblee on atmospheric sax stylings! B side showcases Sonny's ivory tickling!

Joe Liggins - Lovers Lament / Miss Betty's Blues
(Exclusive 213)
Los Angeles 1946 - Joe waxes sentimental on low key ballad sides! We can but hope that Miss Betty eventually found true happiness!

Most of the above sides have been gathered together on downloadable compilations. Here they are, so far:

Side 1
1 Blow Wynn Blow - Jim Wynn
2 Strato-Cruiser - Joe Lutcher
3 Dripper's Boogie Part 1 - Joe Liggins
4 Dripper's Boogie Part 2 - Joe Liggins
5 Jealousy - Tiny Grimes
6 Sonny's Return - Sonny Thompson
7 Nite-Flite - Lloyd Glenn
8 Little Girl Don't Cry - Bull Moose Jackson
9 Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby - Amos Milburn

Side 2
1 Well Oh Well - Tiny Bradshaw
2 Bow Wow - Amos Milburn
3 The Sidewalks Of New York - Tiny Grimes
4 Sunday Blues - Joe Lutcher
5 Moosey - Bull Moose Jackson
6 J.W. Bop - Jim Wynn
7 I Hate You - Tiny Bradshaw
8 Still Waters - Lloyd Glenn
9 Late Freight - Sonny Thompson

Download from:

Side 1
1 Headhunter – Johnny Otis
2 Later – Tiny Bradshaw
3 Sing Rebop – Doles Dickens
4 Miss Betty’s Blues – Joe Liggins
5 The Honeydripper Pt 1 – Sammy Franklin
6 The Honeydripper Pt 2 – Sammy Franklin
7 Big Fat Mama – Mystery Artist
8 The Blues – Joe Liggins
9 The Mojo – Sax Mallard

Side 2
1 Blow Mr Jackson – Joe Liggins
2 Cool And Easy – Johnny Otis
3 South of the Orient – Tiny Bradshaw
4 Lover’s Lament – Joe Liggins
5 P.S. I Love You – Mystery Artist
6 Cotton Ball Pt 1 – Sonny Thompson
7 Cotton Ball Pt 2 – Sonny Thompson
8 Let’s Love Again – Sax Mallard
9 Don’t Move a Vip Till I Say Vop – Doles Dickens

Side 1
1 Calvin Boze - Slippin' and Slidin'
2 Big John Greer - Hey Bruz
3 Gene Ammons - Dues In Blues
4 Tiny Bradshaw - Walking The Chalk Line
5 Red Saunders - Blow Mr Low Blow
6 Russell Jacquet - Lion's Roar
7 Sonny Thompson - Backyard Affair
8 Joe Liggins - How Come
9 Calvin Boze - Baby You're Tops With Me

Side 2
1 Gene Ammons - Odd-En-Ow
2 Tiny Bradshaw - Bradshaw Boogie
3 Russell Jacquet - Suede Jacket
4 Big John Greer - Tonight's The Night
5 Tiny Grimes - Flying Home Part 1
6 Tiny Grimes - Flying Home Part 2
7 Red Saunders - Lyin' Girl Blues
8 Joe Liggins - Worried
9 Sonny Thompson - Dreaming Again

Download from:

no password

Side One
1. Rockin' With Red - Piano Red
2. Possum Hunt - Smokey Hogg
3. Off The Wall - Little Walter
4. Don't Start Me Talking - Sonny Boy Williamson
5. Boogie Chillen' - John Lee Hooker
6. Honey Honey Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins
7. Walking The Blues - Willie Dixon

Side Two
1. If You're Mine - Willie Dixon
2. Tell Me Mama - Little Walter
3. Sally Mae - John Lee Hooker
4. Moonrise Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins
5. Red's Boogie - Piano Red
6. Let's Get Together And Drink Some Gin - Smokey Hogg
7. All My Love In Vain - Sonny Boy Williamson

Download from:

no password

To Be Continued ... ?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this labour of love!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Scamaitch. There's a couple more 78s to add to the stash ...

teledyn said...

some great old friends and some great new friends; always a pleasure to open this shares from you. thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. In Pittsburgh, where I live, we have Jerry's Records, who still sells 78s. It is a great place to lose an afternoon treasure hunting. This was like going there except without leaving my house. Thanks again.

Enrique Dufau said...

Thanks!! Regards from Argentina,

Anonymous said...

so much gratitude!


boogiewoody said...

Thank you Erasmus and everyone else who has commented on this page. El Enmascarado's 78rpm rips are an invaluable glimpse into a lost world of blues and R&B.

Augie "Waxey" Ciamino said...

Many thanks for putting these compilations from 78s!! Certainly better than companies who end up putting echo + other crap when they end up on wishes!!

boogiewoody said...

Thank You Augie!


Augie "Waxey" Ciamino said...

Having problems playing the cuts off your Jump & Jive on 78 Volumes 1 & 2 collections- I DID put the password in for each cut but I still can't play the particular song(s) I want to hear! Am I doing something wrong? I have Windows & it's so frustrating...if you can put out those compilations with no passwords necessary that would be a BIG help. Give me any advice(i.e. easy to understand non-computer geek stuff) to those who are feeling the same frustration and shattered nerves as I have last evening. I get so angry EASILY!!!!(Yes I do see a therapist everybody).
Again putting J&J Vol. 1 & 2 w/o passwords jive would be SO DEEPLY problems w/Vol. 3 & the Blues on 78 comp.
Lord help me!!!!!

boogiewoody said...

Hi Augey

I didn't realise these were stillpassword protected. The password - greaseyspoon

I'll upload non-password protected versions this evening. Until then chill out and smell the flowers.



Augie "Waxey" Ciamino said...

Thanks muchly when you get to the non-password protected versions of J&J #1 & #2...everybody deserves to hear this sort of stuff!!

boogiewoody said...

New links now up Augie. Happy listening! Music hath power to still the savage breast ...


Augie "Waxey" Ciamino said...

Again, MANY many thanks for doing this! All the best....

boogiewoody said...

Cheers Augie - always a pleasure to do this for someone who appreciates these sounds.


LT said...

Thanks so much for this great blog and its musical treasures. As a youth I'd scour thrift stores looking for 78rpm singles in thrift stores, the best of which would be "sepia" releases or something similar. I developed a modest collection which our cat managed to send to the floor and destruction. I know I'm late to the party but the zippy links have expired. The megas are OK and I thank you.