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Monday 5 August 2019

Rumble (Jubilee LP JGM-1114)

I was updating the link on this post and for some reason it shot forward to today's date! Apologies - Be Bop Wino will be back with a whole heap o' fresh posts very soon!

Side 1:
01. Castle In The Sky - The Bop-Chords
02. The Gleam In Your Eye - The Channels
03. Fine Fine Frame - The Continentals
04. If I Could Make You Mine - The Love-Notes
05. Picture Of Love - The Continentals
06. Tonight - The Love-Notes

Side 2:
01. When I Woke Up This Morning - The Bop-Chords
02. Dear Lord - The Continentals
03. Now You Know - The Channels
04. United - The Love-Notes
05. The Closer You Are - The Channels
06. I Really Love Her So - The Bop-Chords

Thanks once more to Joan for the second in the series of Jubilee doowop compilation LPs released in 1959. These sides, which were originally issued in 1956 and 1957, were gathered from the Bobby Robinson group of labels. The Channels and Continentals sides were originally released on Whirlin' Disc, a label co-owned by Bobby Robinson and Jubilee owner Jerry Blaine. They were subsequently re-released as singles on the Port label between 1959 and 1961. The Bop-Chords and Love-Notes sides were originally released in 1956-57 on Holiday, a label owned by Bobby Robinson's brother Danny.

There are occasional clicks and pops and even a skip on these vintage vinyl sides.

Download from:

Rumble (Mega)

Marv Goldberg's article on The Continentals is here:

It includes juicy details on who was backing The Continentals at their recording sessions. Mickey Baker, King Curtis, Sam "The Man" Taylor are names to whet the appetite of any R&B fan.

Marv Goldberg's article on The Love-Notes / The Ivories is here:

More juicy details, this time about the Love-Notes getting rushed on to an Apollo show as "United" / "Tonight" started to climb the charts. Also on the bill of that show were Chuck Willis, Mickey & Sylvia, Big Maybelle and Solomon Burke among others!

This LP was originally posted on Be Bop Wino on 21st June 2008. The original post is here:

The download includes label scans by Joan. Terrific stuff!

Sunday 4 August 2019

Hen Gates, Man Of Mystery or Exploitation A Go Go

In response to a request from BabyHugz we proudly re-present the 3 "Hen Gates" LPs which were donated to the blog 9 years ago. These LPs were released on budget labels to cash in on the rock and roll craze of the 1950s.  Beneath the pseudonym "Hen Gates" lurk recycled R&B / Jazz tracks from the late 1940s and early 1950s, chiefly tracks originally released by Freddie Mitchell on the Derby label. Also in there are some sides recorded by Eddie "Lockjaw" Davies for Lenox around 1947. I suspect there may be other stuff by other artists too (Frank Culley? Morris Lane?) but life is too short to dwell on such esoterica.

The whole saga unfolded across a series of posts back in the spring of 2010 when an anonymous donor sent in "Let's All Dance To Rock And Roll" and followed up with "Rock and Roll". A different anonymous contributor sent in "Rock And Roll No. 2" and much below the line comment contributed towards the attempted identification of the origin of these tracks. The original relevant posts are here:

Click on the links to follow the whole tawdry and at times hilarious tale. However it should be remembered that behind the exploitation there are a lot of very good tenor sax tracks, and, yes, a few tracks spoiled by the plinky-plonk piano which was an unfortunate feature of some of Freddie Mitchell's Derby discs.

Here's yer link to the world of "Hen Gates" -

Warning - 201 MB download!