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Friday, 17 October 2008

Joan Selects – Volume 2

Ding dong! Seconds away … round 2! Yes folks it’s the second volume of Joan’s series of obscure R&B and doowop all ripped from the original 45 (and perhaps a couple of 78s?) rpm discs. That means some crackle and hiss and very occasionally a thump or a skip, but that’s the only way you’re ever going to get to hear many of these records, so download and tune in to the real 50s vibe of Joan’s Record Hop. And this time round Joan has not only been slaving over a hot turntable to bring you the platters that matter, she’s also been multitasking on the scanner to make you all a folder of label shots so that’s another reason for everyone to express their gratitude for this tremendous post.

And now some comments from the hostess with the mostest:

- Be Bop Baby on Excello is an entirely different song than that done later by Ricky Nelson. It is by all accounts one of the two hardest to find from the 45s issued on the Excello label.

- Darlin' I Know b/w Christine on Checker records was the earliest recording by a group from Chicago who would later become known as The Dells. It was their only opus on Checker before shifting to Vee Jay. As the Dells they would, much later, move back to the Chess/Checker group.

- Writing this Letter by The Fairlanes (1961) on Continental Records in San Francisco, featured a young Ramona King as lead vocalist. She would subsequently launch out into a solo career, first with Eden Records, with the amazingly lovely "Oriental Garden", then on to Warner Brothers where she recorded "It's In His Kiss" among several other singles in the early 1960's. Rumor is that Ramona and Clyde King (Little Clydie and the Teens on RPM w/ "A Casual Look") were brother and sister.

- "My Heart Cries For You" The Larks - An early 78 rpm disc only was issued in 1951, and in the opinions of many, is one of the most beautiful ballads of the early group harmony era.

- Tell Me by the Master-Tones on New York's Bruce record label was their only issue on the label. Original pressings of this 45 are exceedingly scarce.

- The "Vadunt-Un-Va-Da Song" by the Ramblers is reportedly really by none other than Bobby Hall and The Kings (who recorded mostly for the Jax Label, and the Harlem label.

- Originals on 45 rpm of The Sparks, The Spinners, The Bucckaneers, The El Rays, The Kings-Men, The Master Tones, The Castelles, The Peacheroos and The Swans can run into triple figures for top of the line copies.

Thank you, Joan. Well whaddya waitin’ fer? It’s download time!

Ripped at 128 kbps, apart from a couple of tracks at an unfeasibly low bitrate.

Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Thanks again Joan.

01 The Closer You Are - The Magnificent Four - Whale 506
02 Blueberry Sweet - The Chandeleirs Quintette - Angletone 521
03 Love Call - The Ebonaires - Lena L-1001
04 Run Run Run - The Sparks - Hull 723
05 My Love and Your Love - The Spinners - Rhythm 125
06 Lovely Dee - The Untouchables - Liberty 55335
07 Lamplight - The Deltas - Gone 5010
08 Be Bop Baby - The Peacheroos - Excello 2044
09 Doom Lang - The Tokens - Gary 1006
10 You Did Me Wrong - The Bucckaneers - Rama 24
11 Darling I Know - The El Rays - Checker 794
12 Red Hots and Chili Mac - The Morroccos - United 193
13 Writing This Letter - The Fairlanes - Continental 1001
14 Don't Say You're Sorry - The Kings Men - Club 51 108
15 I Really Love You So - The Solitaires - Old Town 1044
16 Feel Like Lovin' - The Sheppards - Apex 7752
17 After Graduation - The Four Fifths - Hudson 8101
18 My Heart Cries For You - The Larks - Apollo 1177
19 Tell Me - The Master-Tones - Bruce 111
20 For You I Have Eyes - The Crickets - MGM 11507
21 My Heavenly Angel - The Cherokees - United Artists 367
22 Hey Rube - The Rocketeers - Modern 999
23 Do-Li-Op - The Four Kings - Fortune 517
24 Over A Cup Of Coffee - The Castelles - Grand 109
25 Rosalie - The Jewels - R & B 1306
26 My True Love - The Swans - Rainbow 233
27 Vadunt-Un-Va-Da Song - The Ramblers - MGM 11850
28 Alone In This World - The Trojans - Tender 516
29 Vippity Vop - The Honey Boys - Modern 980
30 My Only Love - The Falcons - Falcon 1006
31 Okey Dokey Mama - The 5 Delights - Newport 7002


dbtb said...

Thanks for another great comp! You've amassed a first class collection.

skip heller said...

joan -- you're a goddess.

Anonymous said...

joan joan joan !!!

Siggy said...

many tanx!

Anonymous said...

thanks a million!!!