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Tuesday 21 October 2008

Moondog Boogie

It looks like I’ve caught the compilation bug. A few weeks ago I posted a collection called “Doo Dob Sha Bam” which I’d put together for the esteemed Rocker Stomp blog (see sidebar for link). As I said in that post, Rocker Stomp is the outstanding blog for all things rockin’ on the Spanish scene, so it was a pleasure and a bit of a challenge to compile another selection of stompin’ rhythm ‘n’ blues which would appear on both Bebopwino and Rocker Stomp.

This time round there’s an Alan Freed theme behind the collection. The opening title track by Freddie Mitchell was later adapted as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Boogie” when Freddie joined the Alan Freed Rock’n’Roll Band. It was used in the film “Rock, Rock, Rock!” as you can see from the cover pic which is a screen capture from the film and shows Freddie honking away happily while Freed claps in encouragement. Further Freed connections in the collection are “The Moondog”, a 1952 tribute by The Treniers, the instrumentals “Big Heavy” and “Blues For The Red Boy” which Freed used as themes on his radio shows, and a spoken Freed intro to Jesse Belvin’s “Goodnight My Love”, a tune which Freed often used as a show closer.

Mind you, I’m not sure if Freed would have included “Wine-O” or “Slow, Smooth and Easy” in his playlists, but what the heck, both tunes are on my current playlist. Anyway there’s plenty of hot sax work, bloozy chantoozies and riotous rockin’ goin’ on here. I’m sure the Moondog would have approved of such shenanigans.

Every track is ripped from vinyl. Even when I had a CD version of the track already available in my media player library I went to my vinyl vault to rip a fresh version. Thanks to Joan K for the label shots which are included in the download.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Download from this Rocker Stomp link:

01. Moon Dog Boogie - Freddie Mitchell – Derby 1952
02. Them There Eyes - Varetta Dillard – Savoy 1952
03. This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’ - Ruth Brown – Atlantic 1958
04. Paquino Walk - Red Prysock – Mercury 1956
05. Party Time - The Ray-O-Vacs – Kaiser 1956
06. Hot Tamales - Noble Watts – Baton 1958
07. Peanut Vendor - Alvin 'Red' Tyler – Ace 1961
08. Slow, Smooth And Easy - Anita Tucker – Capitol 1955
09. Rock And Roll Wedding - The Midnighters – Federal 1955
10. Shufflin' Home - Sil Austin – Mercury 1956
11. Night Crawlin' - Big John Greer – Groove 1955
12. Grey Hound - Amos Milburn – Aladdin 1952
13. The Moondog - The Treniers – Okeh 1952
14. Thunderbird - Maxwell Davis & His Rock'n'Roll Orchestra – RPM 1955
15. Preachin' - Freddie Mitchell – Rock’n Roll 1955
16. Old Time Rock'n'Roll - Art Neville – Specialty 1958 (unreleased)
17. Big Heavy - Cozy Eggleston – States 1952
18. Wine-O - The Ray-O-Vacs – Kaiser 1957
19. I'll Never Let You Go - Big John Greer – Vic 1952
20. Jim Dandy - Ruth Brown - Philips 1962
21. Ridin' The Riff - Big Bob Dougherty – Decca 1951
22. You Ain't Ready - The Flamingos – Chance 1953
23. Back Up - Eddie Chamblee – Mercury 1957
24. My Country Man - Big Maybelle – Okeh 1952
25. Mr Freddie's Boogie - Freddie Mitchell – Brunswick 1953
26. Pog Wog - Red Prysock – Mercury 1957
27. Cool Diggin' - Maxwell Davis & His Orchestra – RPM 1956
28. Blues For The Red Boy - Todd Rhodes – Sensation/King 1948
29. The Voice of Alan Freed - Alan Freed
30. Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin – Modern 1956


Anonymous said...

Excellent compilation. Yes, yes, yes!

Sergio said...

Dear friend:
Your blog is simply amazing. You got a terrific collection, and I deeply thank you for sharing those treasures with the rest of us.
I'm from Argentina, and you can't imagine how difficult is to find this kind of records down here.
Once again, congratulations for your work.
Cheers from Buenos Aires!

paul said...

Thank you once again. Keep up the good work.
Cheers Paul