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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Chuck Berry - Rockin' At The Hops

Side 1:
01. Bye, Bye Johnny
02. Worried Life Blues
03. Down The Road A Piece
04. Confessin' The Blues
05. Too Pooped To Pop
06. Mad Lad

Side 2:
01. I Got To Find My Baby
02. Betty Jean
03. Childhood Sweetheart
04. Broken Arrow
05. Driftin' Blues
06. Let It Rock

Download from here:

Let's mark the recent passing of Chuck Berry with this 1980s reissue of his 1960 LP "Rockin' At The Hops." His own compositions "Let It Rock," "I Got To Find My Baby," and "Bye Bye Johnny" are classics but what I especially like about this album are the revivals of older 1940s blues and boogie material which demonstrate where Chuck's personal tastes lay. So enjoy Big Maceo's "Worried Life Blues," The Will Bradley Trio's "Down The Road A Piece," Johnny Moore and the Three Blazers' "Driftin' Blues," and Jay McShann and Walter Brown's "Confessin' The Blues." Cool renditions from the Chuckster.

Track details:

Too Pooped To Pop, Betty Jean, Childhood Sweetheart, Broken Arrow, Let It Rock were recorded in Chicago on July 29th, 1959. Personnel: Chuck Berry (vocal, guitar) with L.C. Davis (tenor sax); Johnny Johnson (piano); Willie Dixon (bass); Fred Below (drums); The Ecuadors (vocal group)

Bye Bye Johnny, Worried Life Blues, I Got To Find My Baby, Driftin' Blues were recorded in Chicago on February 12th, 1960. Personnel: Chuck Berry (vocal, guitar); L.C. Davis (tenor sax); unknown other saxes; Johnny Johnson (piano); Matt Murphy (guitar); Willie Dixon (bass); Eddie Hardy (drums); unknown vocal group

Down The Road A Piece, Confessin' The Blues, Mad Lad were recorded in Chicago on April 12th, 1960. Personnel same as on February 12th 1960 session.

This LP was originally released as Chess LP 1448 in July 1960.

Single releases of tracks:

Childhood Sweetheart / Broken Arrow, Chess 1737, September 1959
Let It Rock / Too Pooped To Pop ("Casey"), Chess 1747, January 1960
Bye Bye Johnny / Worried Life Blues, Chess 1754, May 1960
I Got To Find My Baby / Mad Lad, Chess 1763, August 1960

Rock on, Be Bop Winos!


Don Rocin said...

Thanks for this BoogieWoody. Interesting to hear Chuck play slide on Mad Lad.
Matt Murphy seems a bit wasted on here as I think he plays all over Chuck.
There's some great live work on UTube with Murphy playing with Memphis Slim and a host of legends on a show called I Hear The Blues. Well worth a look.

Cheers, Don

Bob Mac said...

Saw Chuck perform once only, in Australia 1975. Wasn't very good show actually. He was backed by a local band who appeared unfamiliar with the songs. Chuck even stopped singing halfway through songs a few times to correct the timing of the backing band. And then about 20 minutes of the one hour concert was wasted with that dopey Ding-A-Ling song.

Of course none of this has anything to do with Rockin' At The Hops, which is a great bluesy LP.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the tip on Matt Murphy Don. I agree with you Bob - this is a good blues LP. The stories about Chuck's parsimonious approach to his live appearances are legendary of course. A shame for his legions of fans.