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Thursday 12 November 2009

Joan Selects, Volume 17 – Joanie

We’re at volume 17 of Joan’s unmissable series of vinyl rips, with doowop once more to the fore. Joan promised 20 volumes, so the end of “Joan Selects” is looming on the horizon. My own personal favourite from this selection has to be “Ooo Wee Baby” by the Ivy Tones, but move over Rover, let Joanie take over:

The Joan Selects series visits the world of rare and unreleased group harmonies one final time. Highlights in this volume include the exceedingly rare "Sitting By My Window" by the Five Tinos, one of a very precious few doo wop groups recorded by Sun Records, the other of more widespread note being the Prisonaires. Both the Diadems and the El Capris records emanate from the late 1950s from the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania music scene while from across the state, the unbelievably smooth and polished Lee Andrews and the Hearts recorded "Show Me The Meringue" for the Philadelphia based Gotham label.

Bill Gordon and the Colonials "Two Loves Have I' Served as one of the very first singles to be issued on George Goldner’s Gee Label, and saw the label with a very uncommon yellow and green color format. Much more common for the Gee Label was the red paper with black print. The legendary Bobby Mansfield and the Wrens are represented here with the unreleased "Wreckless". The Maples (Blue Lake), the Cabineers (Prestige) and the four Shades of Rhythm (Old Swingmaster) harken back to the early days of group harmony as can clearly be heard on the tracks.

The Jets "Gomen Nasai" a highly polished and well produced effort, was released by the Mesner Brothers on the short lived Aladdin subsidary 7 - 11. Of special note in this volume is an acapella masterpiece by Leroy Griffin and the Nutmegs called "Down In Mexico", not to be missed.

Thank you Joan for yet another outstanding collection!

Ripped from vinyl at varying bitrates, mostly 128 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

01 The Tops - An Innocent Kiss - Singular 712
02 The El Capris - Dance All Night - Fee Bee FB-216
03 The Re-vels - False Alarm. - Chess 1708
04 Lee Andrews and the Hearts - Show Me The Meringue - Gotham G-318
05 The Minors - Jerry - Celeste 3007
06 The Crescents - Everybody Knew But Me - JoYce 102
07 Bill "Bass" Gordon and His Colonials - Two Loves Have I - Gee GG-12
08 The Five Discs - Never Let You Go - Cheer 1000
09 Richie and the Royals - And When I'm Near You - Rello RST-1
10 The Superiors - Don't Say Goodbye - Main Line M-104B
11 The Diadems - Why Don't You Believe Me - Star 514
12 The Five Tinos - Sitting By My Window - Sun 222
13 The Jets - Gomen Nasai- 1953 - 7-11 2102
14 The Victorians - Please Say You Do - Selma 1002
15 The Gaynotes - Plea Of Love - Zynn 504
16 The Wrens - Wreckless Rama (unreleased)
17 The Tempotones - Ride Along - Acme 713
18 The Rockers - Count Every Star - Carter 3029
19 The Versatiles - Cold feet
20 The Bay Bops - Joanie - Coral 61975
21 The Nutmegs - Down In Mexico - Relic 528A
22 The Orchids - Oh Why - King 45-4661
23 The Ivy Tones - Ooo Wee Baby - RT 105
24 The Five Echoes - Tastee Freeze - Veel Jay VJ 156
25 The Keystoners - Magic kiss - G&M 102
26 The Cabineers - Whirlpool - Abbey 3003 (1949)
27 The Maples - I Must Forget You - Blue Lake 111
28 The Jets - Drag It Home Baby - 1953 - Rainbow 201
29 The Victorians - Heartbreaking Moon - Saxony 103
30 The Four Shades Of Rhythm - Baby I'm Gone - Old Swingmaster 13

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Anonymous said...

This has got to be great! Thank you Joan!