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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Earl Bostic - Sax "O" Boogie


Side 1:
01. Bostic's Jump
02. Earl's Rhumboogie
03. Hot Sauce Boss
04. 8:45 Stomp
05. Bar Fly Baby
06. Bostic's Boogie Blues
07. Blip Boogie
08. From Midnight To Dawn

Side 2:
01. Swing Low Sweet Boogie
02. Nay, Nay, Go Away
03. Sugar Hill Blues
04. Choppin' It Down
05. No Name Blues
06. Way Down
07. Don't You Do It
08. Rockin' And Reelin'

Download from:

This is a re-up of an LP which was originally posted in the very early days of the blog , the 17th November 2007, to be precise.

The original post is here:

In those days I hadn't worked out how to do a complete scan of an LP cover, so the original upload had scans that missed out parts of the front and back covers. For this re-up I've replaced the old cover scans with new ones plus I've added label scans.

The tracks on this LP date from a 1948 session for Gotham and sessions for King in 1949, 1950 and 1951. They may come as a surprise to those who are familiar only with Earl's 1950s hit singles and the series of "dance" LPs issued by King during that decade. There is no sign here of Earl's hit formula - the swinging, sophisticated, big toned alto sax backed by vibes, but instead we have a series of wild and raucous jump numbers. Full sessions details are on the LP back cover.

Original release information:

Earl's Rhumboogie / 8.45 Stomp on Gotham 154

Bostic's Jump / Hot Sauce Boss on Gotham 155

Bar Fly Baby / Bostic's Boogie Blues on Gotham 161

Blip Boogie on King 4302 (other side was Earl's Blues)

From Midnight To Dawn on King LP 528 "After Hours" (Various Artists)

Swing Low Sweet Boogie on King EP 200 "Earl Bostic And His Alto Sax Volume 1"

'Nay, 'Nay Go Away / Sugar Hill Blues on King 4328

Choppin' It Down / No Name Blues on King 4343

Way Down on King 4420 (other sides was Merry Widow Waltz)

Don't You Do It on King 4683 (B Side of "Off Shore") but without the introduction on the version on this LP. Vibes are also prominent on the single version. The version on this LP is the same as the version on Charly LP "Earl Bostic Blows a Fuse."

Rockin' And Reelin' on King 4437 (other side was "I Can't Give You Anything But Love")

Further reading about Earl is on this post on "Earl Bostic Blows a Fuse.":

Coming soon - re-ups on Lowell "Count" Hastings (who is on many of the tracks on this LP) and "The Paragons Meet The Jesters".


12vjoe said...

TRhanks so much!

brian said...

you are in my favourites on my mac comp! thanks! for such craaazy music!

unitstructure said...

Wild????? Raucous!!!!!!!! I gotta listen.Thank you.