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Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Paragons Meet The Jesters (Jubilee LP 1098)

Side 1:
01. Florence - The Paragons
02. Please Let Me Love You - The Jesters
03. So Strange - The Jesters
04. Let's Start All Over Again - The Paragons
05. Now That You're Gone - The Jesters
06. The Vows Of Love - The Paragons

Side 2:
01. Hey Little School Girl - The Paragons
02. I'm Falling In Love - The Jesters
03. Love No One But You - The Jesters
04. Stick With Me Baby - The Paragons
05. I Laughed - The Jesters
06. Twilight - The Paragons

Download from:

The original post is (25th June 2008) is here:

We've had a few re-up requests for this one - Joan's contribution of  the 1959 Jubilee LP "The Paragons Meet The Jesters." The sides contained herein were originally released on Winley and its subsidiary Cyclone between February 1957 and June 1958. Winley was owned by Paul Winley and was distributed through Jubilee owner Jerry Blaine's  Cosnat company, hence the use of these sides on a Jubilee LP.

This was the first of a series of five Jubilee compilations of doo wop / vocal group tracks. The other titles in the series were: "Cadillacs Meet the Orioles", "Whoppers!", "Boppin'", and "Rumble." All the album covers featured cheesy photographs of models posing as biker / juvenile delinquent types complete with leather jackets and even on occasion baseball bats. Hilariously and unintentionally (?) camp.

For the full lowdown on these groups see Marv Goldberg's site:

I think Joan "reconstructed" these LPs from original 45 rpm singles which were pretty scratched. In fact there's a skip on the first track, but, hey, that's all part of the Be Bop Wino lo-fi aural experience.

With thanks to Joan K for the sounds and scans.


heylee said...

Joan and Boogiewoody, thank you for sharing this classic from my youth.
In 55 years these album covers have gone from campy to icons...appreciated.

boogiewoody said...

Thank you very much for your nice comment heylee.

Unknown said...

I never post comments on blogs but I must for this blogpost. Thank you so much for reuploading this album. I have searched everywhere for this album but I could not find it. In addition, I love this type music and this blog is definitely a diamond in the haystack.

boogiewoody said...

After your comment I simply have to re-up the rest of this series of LPs!