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Friday 18 April 2008

T.J. Fowler and his Band - Early Detroit R & B

Detroit pianist T.J. Fowler (that was his full name, the initials didn’t stand for anything) started his jump band in 1947. They backed Paul Williams in his early Savoy sessions, then recorded on their own account from 1948 onwards, firstly for Paradise, then for National and Sensation. In 1952-53 they recorded several sessions for Savoy, before moving to States at the end of 1953.

The music on this collection is arranged in chronological order, with the first 8 tracks being from National and Sensation sessions and the remaining tracks being from Savoy and States. The music is mostly instrumental R&B, moving from jump to early rock ‘n’ roll in some of the 1952-1953 tracks.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon.

Download link:

1. TJ Boogie
2. What's The Matter Now
3. Midnight Clipper (pt 1)
4. Midnight Clipper (pt 2)
5. Harmony Grits
6. Red Hot Blues
7. Hot Sauce
8. Blue Lullaby
9. Night Crawler
10. Fowler's Boogie
11. Back Biter
12. Wine Cooler
13. Camel Walk
14. Gold Rush
15. The Queen
16. Tell Me What's The Matter


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bulldogUK said...

Any chance of a re-up
many thanks

love your blog

boogiewoody said...

Hi Bulldog. An improved T.J. Fowler post complete with some new scans will appear in the next few days!


Anonymous said...

i use to hang out at gabes tavern in seattle back in the early 1960s.i have his original be bop album...........we never used the term be-bop...where in the hell did that come from.i remember when little willie john was killed in a seattle motel..........gene vincent had a song caled be bop a lula in the mid 1950s