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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Upsetters - The New Orleans Connection

This was one of the first posts I put on Rockhall. I’ve re-upped it with a better front cover scan.

The Upsetters were Little Richard’s backing band who recorded for Vee Jay while the Georgia Peach was going through the first of his religious mania bouts. The first 8 tracks are the pick of this collection: 4 brilliant instrumentals and 4 tracks featuring Upsetters sax man Wilbert Smith (as “Lee Diamond”) on Little Richard-style vocals. And who is that shouting “Ooh Mah Soul!” at the end of track 8? The next 8 tracks backing Leonard Carbo and Larry Birdsong aren’t up to the same standard however. I’ve added two bonus* Upsetter tracks – “Jay Walking”, an instrumental recorded for Fire Records, and “I’m In Love Again”, a Little Richard inspired version of the Fats Domino classic (Who is that on vocals? Is it? Can it be?). This last track was recorded for Little Star Records.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download link:

1. Hatti Malatti / Lee Diamond & The Upsetters
2. The Strip / The Upsetters
3. A Girl In Every City / Lee Diamond
4. Wake Up / The Upsetters
5. Baldhead Baby / Lee Diamond
6. Upsetter / The Upsetters
7. Mama Loochie / Lee Diamond
8. Upsetter Rock / The Upsetters
9. Pigtails And Blue Jeans / Leonard Carbo
10. So Tired / Leonard Carbo
11. I'm Pleading Just For You / Larry Birdsong
12. If You Don't Want Me No More / Larry Birdsong
13. Time / Larry Birdsong
14. My Darling / Larry Birdsong
15. Baby, Baby / Leonard Carbo
16. I Don't Want To Lose Her / Leonard Carbo
17. Jay Walking / The Upsetters *
18. I'm In Love Again / The World Famous Upsetters *
* = Bonus Tracks: Track 17 – Fire Records, Track 18 – Little Star Records


Calvin said...

The Upsetters rocked!
I really enjoyed the band's instrumentals, but the vocal tracks were great too.

Thanks again, Boogiewoody!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice boogie and obviously Little Richard himself is there screaming! Any chance of finding the track "Every night about this time" with Little Richard?


boogiewoody said...

I definitely don't have it - it's the A side of the Little Star side featured here. Can anyone out there help? It seems to be one of Little Richard's favourite songs - he's still performing it.