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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Freddy King - Lula Reed - Sonny Thompson - Boy-Girl-Boy

Side 1:
01. Do The President Twist - Lula Reed & Freddy King
02. I Got A Notion - Lula Reed
03. Know What You're Doing - Lula Reed
04. You Can't Hide - Lula Reed & Freddy King
05. What Makes You So Cold - Lula Reed
06. Puddentane - Lula Reed

Side 2:
01. (Let Your Love) Watch Over Me - Lula Reed & Freddy King
02. I'm A Woman (But I Don't Talk Too Much) - Lula Reed
03. Waste No More Tears - Lula Reed
04. It's Easy, Child - Lula Reed & Freddy King
05. I Know - Lula Reed
06. Why Don't You Come On Home - Lula Reed

I've "reconstructed" this LP using artwork from, and a record sales site (I've forgotten which one) and sound files ripped from my collection.

King LP 777, resplendent in astonishingly tacky artwork, was issued in September 1962. Although Freddy King is billed first, this is really a Lula Reed album. We saw in the previous post "I'm Gone, Yes I'm Gone" that Lula started recording for King as vocalist with the Sonny Thompson band in 1951. Her last session for King was in August 1956, then she recorded sides for release on the Chess subsidiary label Argo during 1958-59.

In 1961 she was back with Sonny Thompson at King and during January and March of that year they recorded sides which were released on the King subsidiary label Federal. In February 1962 Lula and Sonny teamed up with guitarist / singer Freddy King for some sides which were also released on Federal. Full details of the original releases and recording sessions of the tracks on this LP are given below.

The tracks on this LP consist of 2 from Lula's earlier stay at King ("Why Don't You Come On Home" and "Waste No More Tears" from 1955/56); 6 tracks from her 1961 Federal sessions, and 4 tracks from her 1962 sessions with Freddy King. It's noticeable that Lula's style changed in the early 60s recordings as she utilised a raunchier, more earthy delivery which packed a fair old punch into "Puddentane" and was equally effective on more plaintive songs like the wonderful "I Know."

The sessions with Freddy King were Lula's last for King / Federal. In September 1962 she started recording for Ray Charles' Tangerine label (perhaps he remembered her original version of "I'll Drown In My Tears" which he adapted as "I'll Drown In My Own Tears"). After 2 more sessions for Tangerine in May and June 1963, Lula retired from recording. That was it. No more records from one of the best female R&B vocalists of the 1950s / early 60s. She had gone back to her church roots, renounced the secular for the sacred, and was lost to the world of R&B and Soul Music. Truly a gain for the Lord but a loss for the worldly.

Fax on the Traxxxx

King LP 777 (Boy-Girl-Boy) was released in September 1962.

Original single release details:

Why Don't You Come On Home / I'm Giving All My Love - King 4811 - July 1955

Every Second / Waste No More Tears - King 4996 - December 1956

I'm A Woman (But I Don't Talk Too Much) / I Know - Federal 12407 - February 1961

I Got A Notion / Puddentane - Federal 12416 - May 1961

You Gotta Have That Green / Know What You're Doing - Federal 12426 - September 1961

On the next 4 Federal issues Lula Reed was credited as "Lulu Reed."
 Ain't No Cotton Pickin' Chicken (Gonna Break This Chicken Heart Of Mine) / What Makes You So Cold - Federal 12440 - December 1961

*Do The President Twist / Your Love Keeps A-Working On Me - Federal 12457 - March 1962. B Side credited to "Lulu Reed."

*(Let Your Love) Watch Over Me / *You Can't Hide - Federal 12471 - July 1962

*It's Easy Child / Say Hey Pretty Baby - Federal 12477 - November 1962. B Side credited to "Lulu Reed."

* = "Lulu Reed & Freddy King"

The recording sessions:

Why Don't You Come On Home - Lula Reed (vocal) with Jewell Grant (alto sax); David Brooks (tenor sax); Tommy Purkson (baritone sax); Sonny Thompson (piano); Clarence Kenner (guitar); Albert Winston (bass); Albert Bartee (drums).
Los Angeles, March 29th, 1955

Waste No More Tears - Lula Reed (vocal) with Tommy Purkson (alto sax); David Brooks, Raymond Felder (tenor saxes); Alexander Nelson (baritone sax); Sonny Thompson (piano); Thomas Palmer (guitar); Albert Winston (bass); Robert Boswell (drums).
Cincinnati, August 21st, 1956

Know What You're Doing; What Makes You Feel So Cold; I Got A Notion - Lula Reed (vocal) with Osborne Whitfield (tenor sax); Sonny Thompson (piano); Freddie Jordan, Lawrence Frazier (guitars); Bill Willis (bass); Phillip Paul (drums).
Cincinnati, January 19th, 1961

Puddentane recorded in Cincinnati on March 19th, 1961 with same line up as January 19th.

I'm A Woman (But I Don't Talk Too Much) and I Know recorded in Cincinnati on March 20th, 1961 with same line up as on previous 2 sessions.

Do The President Twist; (Let Your Love) Watch Over Me; You Can't Hide; It's Easy Child - Lula Reed and Freddy King (vocals) with Gene Redd, Clifford Scott (saxes); Sonny Thompson (piano); Fred Jordan (guitar); Bill Willis (bass); Phillip Paul (drums).
Cincinnati, February 7th-8th, 1962.


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thank you mice one - Aussie

Anonymous said...

Boogiewoody !
Thank You for the great year 2018
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- Jay from the North.

boogiewoody said...

Cheers Jay. 11 years of Be Bop Wino ... we rock on into 2019.

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S R Management said...

I'm a 66 year old Freddy King fan since I saw him in college back in the early 1970's He was born near where I live and this is all new to me. Thanks loads.

Anonymous said...

All the best for the coming year, Boogiewoody!

boogiewoody said...

Thank you Marie. New Year best wishes to all Be Bop Wino commentators, contributers and followers. I'll be back in early January!