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Wednesday 25 July 2018

T-Bird Party!

Side 1:
01. The Last Of The Big Time Spenders Part 1 - Winehead Willie & Sweet Lucy Brown
02. The Last Of The Big Time Spenders Part 2 - Winehead Willie & Sweet Lucy Brown
03. Bongo Boo Boo - Sneeze & Breeze
04. On The Run - Satch Arnold
05. Sassy - Frantic Johnny Rogers
06. The Chase - Davey Jones
07. Teenage Jump - T. Valentine
08. Night Out - John J. Moses

Side 2:
01. Sweet Sweet Love - J.C. Davis
02. Little Ann - Johnny Knight
03. Punkanilla - The Quarter Notes
04. I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore - Betty James
05. Du De Squat - Little Luther
06. Don't Knock It - Sinner Strong
07. Chewin' Gum - Danny Brown
08. The Kangaroo - Charles Sheffield
09. 'Cile Turner - Crap Shootin' Sinner

You can see the shop labels on the front cover of this LP. "Missing Records" of Glasgow is still with us and they are currently situated in Argyle Street under the Heilanman's Umbrella. That's the Central Station Bridge, if you are either geographically or chronologically challenged. They've been in various premises around that area over the years, sometimes expanding to more than one shop, then contracting again, and somehow hanging on in there in their present day location.

Back in the 1990's they had a shop in Wellington Street and although the age of the CD was well and truly upon us they kept racks of vinyl going and among the big 12 inchers were strange and wonderful-looking compilations of R&B, rock 'n' roll and rockabilly with inviting titles like "Savage Kick," "Desperate Rock'N Roll," "Dangerous Doo Wop," "Stompin'," "Lookey Dookey" and so on. And that's without mentioning the "Las Vegas Grind" and "Sin Alley" series which at least had a recognisable record company logo on them - Crypt Records.

Around that time I was introduced to "Kicks" magazine whose message of "save the real rock 'n' roll" seemed to be embodied in those mysterious (but rather expensive) comps. Eventually I plucked up the courage to buy a few just when the shop was selling them off on the cheap as CDs appeared to have won the final victory over vinyl.

So here is possibly my favourite - T-Bird Party! "A swangin' slew of greasy R&B" says the cover. What does that even mean? Like most of these kinds of comps there is absolutely no information on the seemingly random selection of mostly unknown artists. However the internet now allows us all to dig deeper and find out a little more about what the heck is on this disc.

As in life, things aren't always what they at first seem to be, but the hidden truth is usually much more interesting. So read on, and discover that this greasy R&B comp contains sides by Duane Eddy (with The Sharps), a future Elvis soundalike, a wild female rockabilly singer, B. Brown ripping himself off, and a sixty-four year old white Virginia blueblooded lady who sounds like she should have been hollerin' gospel tunes and saving souls in a travelling tent show in the 1920s.

Oh, and I almost forgot - James Brown's sax player is in there too but I didn't include anything about that in the notes below, so you'll have to find out for yourselves. Happy listening, rock 'n' roll fans.

The Trax - Some Fax

01. The Last Of The Big Time Spenders Part 1 - Winehead Willie & Sweet Lucy Brown
02. The Last Of The Big Time Spenders Part 2 - Winehead Willie & Sweet Lucy Brown

The Bigtime Spender Part I / The Bigtime Spender Part II - Bill (Winehead Willie) Murray And George (Sweet Lucy) Copeland - Anna 1121. Released in September 1960.

03. Bongo Boo Boo - Sneeze & Breeze

Love Me - Marvin Fields / Bongo Boo Boo - Sneeze and Breeze - Jam 122. Date unknown. "Sneeze and Breeze" is a pseudonym for Marvin Fields (on the A side of the disc) whose real name was Marvin Benefield. He also recorded as an Elvis sound alike under the name Vince Everett.

04. On The Run - Satch Arnold

On The Run / That Song - Satch Arnold - "Louis" Records 6802. Released in 1963.

05. Sassy - Frantic Johnny Rogers

Sassy / Ramrod - "Frantic" Johnny Rogers - Cindy C-3010. Released in 1958. "Frantic" Johnny Rogers is probably Duane Eddy and the vocal group is probably The Sharps.

06. The Chase - Davey Jones

I Was Blind / The Chase - Davey Jones - Glades 605. Released in 1960.
07. Teenage Jump - T. Valentine

Little Lu-Lu Frog / Teenage Jump - T. Valentine - Bea & Baby 110. Released in 1960.

08. Night Out - John J. Moses

Fickle Women / Night Out - John J. Moses - Black Magic 45-61271. Released in 1961.

09. Sweet Sweet Love - J.C. Davis

Sweet Sweet Love / The Monkey - J.C. Davis - Chess 1858. Released in June 1963.

10. Little Ann - Johnny Knight

Little Ann / At Naden's Ebony Door - Jimmie "Playboy" Knight - Phynk Records 1753. Release date unknown. "Little Ann" also has vocal credited to Henry "Mojo" Thompson.

11. Punkanilla - The Quarter Notes

The Interview / Punkanilla - The Quarter Notes - RCA Victor 47-7327. Released in August 1958.

12. I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore - Betty James

I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore / Henry Lee - Betty James - Chess 1837. Released in October 1962.

13. Du De Squat - Little Luther

Du Dee Squat / Steppin' High - Little Luther - Criss-Cross 110. Released in November 1961. Re-released on Dot 45-16325 in January 1962.

14. Don't Knock It - Sinner Strong

Don't Knock It / Nobody But Me - Sinner Strong - Serock SR 2003. Released in 1963. "Sinner Strong" is rockabilly singer Joyce Harris.

15. Chewin' Gum - Danny Brown

Chewing Gum / Standing On The Corner - Danny Brown And His Band - Earth E 702. Released in March 1962. Danny Brown is probably B. Brown of B. Brown And His Rockin' McVouts who had a version of "Chewing Gum" out on Everlast Records.

16. The Kangaroo - Charles Sheffield

 I Would Be A Sinner / The Kangaroo - Charles Sheffield - Excello 45-2205. Released in October 1961.

17. 'Cile Turner - Crap Shootin' Sinner

Crap Shootin' Sinner / The Golden Rule - 'Cile Turner - Colonial  45-7004. Released in November 1959. Lucile Barrow Turner (1895 - 1979) was a native of Virginia. A white woman from an affluent background, she championed and performed Black American music for over 50 years.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out to the high quality
of your infos on the posts. They inspire to
give a closer look, (or a listen), to the items
presented in your educating and joy-giving blog.
For example this comp here. At first it kind of
looks not so appealing, but after reading your
info about the tunes, it kind of appears in a new
different light. Certainly I'll give it a chance.
Pity they didn't release it in "Your's way" at the
first place! I believe that infos don't make music
dull or academic or uncredible or something like that.
Vice versa, the notions about the tracks give them wings.
Thank You, BW, for your caring about the whole package;
music of course, but also about the stories behind.
- Jay from the North.

boogiewoody said...

Thank you very much for this comment, Jay, and for the other comments on the recent posts. Sometimes I think I'm just writing for myself, so it's really heartening to learn that someone else is reading my efforts.