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Thursday 19 November 2009

Joan Selects, Volume 11 - Quite A Party

This post first appeared on the original Be Bop Wino blog on April 20th 2009.

“Hold It! What’s goin’ on? Where’s the final volume of Joan Selects? Why have we got another Volume 11, and why oh why have you hit us with the coolest collection of instrumentals to ever blast out over the rock and roll interweb?” That’s what rockin’ music fans from Hackensack to Hanoi are no doubt saying. Well each and every one of you should genuflect and give thanks to the High Priestess of Rock and Roll (Joan) for this bonus volume of twangin’ and squawkin’ instros. And please also give thanks for the fact that the end of Joan selects has been delayed for around a week.

And now over to the lady herself:

Joan Selects Volume 11 - Quite a Party will serve as a replacement volume for the earlier Volume 11 which featured seasonal Christmas doo wop. Quite A Party - is comprised of all instrumental cuts. A lot are personal favorites, and there is a fair representation of top 40 hits as well. Some of the high-lights include several outstanding cuts from Ohio's Johnny and the Hurricanes, featuring Johnny Paris on saxophone.

The Corvette's driving "Pick Up" should bring the dead back to life with its strident beat. Some rockabilly instrumentals here include The Rock-A-Teens with “Woo Hoo” and the Jet-Tones with “The Jet Tone Boogie” (with studio chatter at the outset) for Chess Records. Several of the more obscure surf instrumentals show here: “Mr. Moto” - The Penetrations, “Church Key” - The Revels, “Penetration” - The Pyramids, and the all-time hit “Pipeline” - The Chantays. Some of my favorite evergreens appear here too – “Tequila” - The Champs, “Raunchy” - Bill Justice, “Rumble” - Link Wray and “Wheels” - The String-a-Longs. Of special note is a cut from a legendary album on Fraternity Records - "The Wham Of That Memphis Man" with guitar virtuoso extraordinaire Lonnie Mack's version of Memphis. Words fall far short of an ample description of the skills of Lonnie Mack.

George Tomsco's Fireballs provide the title for this Joan Selects volume with “Quite A Party”. Several one shot hits are here The Ramrods - "Ghost Riders in the Sky'" and "Back Beat Number 1" - The Rondels. "Sax-Ony Boogie" is from the legendary Meteor record label and is essentially the Elmore James band. Chicago blues legend Otis Spann appears on a very rare Checker Records side - and an excellent driving instrumental called "Five Spot". Tommy Ridgeley had a colossal hit for Atlantic Records with "Jam Up". Elgart's "Bandstand Boogie" speaks for itself and this Joan Selects Volume 11 closes with one of the most unbelievable saxophone instrumentals ever put down in the R&B era by Rama and Gee records session band leader Jimmy Wright. If I didn't have Wright''s "Move Over" I'd pay good money for this whole volume just to get the Jimmy Wright song. Enjoy!!!!

Thanks Joan, for this unexpected replacement volume and also for the folder of around 40 label shots.

Ripped from crackly vinyl, the way God meant rock and roll to be heard. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

01 Johnny and the Hurricanes - Crossfire - Warwick M-502
02 The Corvettes - Pick Up - Corvette C-1000
03 The Titans - Rockin' Rebel - Titan FF-5701
04 The Rocking Rebels - Wild Weekend - Marlee ML-0094A
05 Ray Anthony - The Theme from Peter Gunn - Capitol F4041
06 The Revels - Church Key - Impact 1-IMX
07 Al Caiola - The Theme from The Magnificent Seven - United Artists UA 261
08 The Rocketeens - Woo Hoo - Roulette R-4192
09 The Champs - Tequila - Challenge 1016
10 The Belairs - Mr. Moto - Arvee A-5034
11 The Chantays - Pipeline - Downey D-104
12 The Jet Tones - The Jet-Tone Boogie - Chess 1723
13 Jorgen Ingmann - Apache - ATCO 45-6184
14 Sandy Nelson - Let There Be Drums - Imperial x5775
15 Bill Justice - Raunchy - Phillips International 3519
16 Link Wray - Rumble - Cadence 1347
17 The Virtues - Guitar Boogie Shuffle - Hunt H-324
18 Dave "Baby" Cortez - The Happy Organ - Clock C-1009
19 Duane Eddy - Moovin' and Groovin' - Jamie 1101
20 The Piltdown Men - Brontosaurus Stomp - Capitol 4414
21 The Fabulous Continentals - The Rockinental - Sioux 42061
22 Lonnie Mack - Memphis - Fraternity F-906
23 Cozy Cole - Topsy, Part 1 - Love 503
24 The Ramrods - Ghost Riders in the Sky - Amy 813
25 The Fireballs - Quite A Party - Warwick M-644
26 The String-A-Longs - Wheels - Warwick M 603
27 The Routers - Let's Go(Pony) - Warner Brothers 5283
28 Preston Epps - Bongo Rock - Original Sound O-4
29 The Pyramids - Penetration - Best 13002
30 The Frantics - Werewolf - Dolton No. 16
31 Santo and Johnny - Sleepwalk - Canadian American 103
32 Johnny and the Hurricanes - Buckeye - Warwick M-509
33 The Rondels - Back Beat No 1 - Amy 825
34 Lee Allen – Rockin’ At Cosimo's - Aladdin 3354
35 J.T. Brown - Sax-ony Boogie - Meteor 5016
36 Otis Spann - Five Spot - Checker 807
37 John Brim - Gary Stomp - Parrot 799 B
38 The Gone All Stars - 7-11 - Gone 5016
39 Tommy Ridgeley - Jam Up - Atlantic 45-1039
40 The Duals - Stick Shift - Sue 45-745
41 Les Elgart - Bandstand Boogie
42 Jimmy Wright - Move Over - Rama RR-205


Arthur said...

I've enjoyed the Joan selects series. A whole lot more gems than groaners. I really enjoy your posts because this is my favorite genre of music. On another note I appreciate the photo of Joan, she's hot!

Raphy said...

Joan, YOU ARE SO SPECIAL & DARE TO ME>>>What a massive collecton you do have....'it makes me feel...impotent'

One Day Joan, I would Love to have all those 45's/lps in my music library..

That would make my dream come trough

Keep on keeping on

Big Up!@!

Fr. the Dreamer

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this.
Any chance of re-upping the original 'Christmas' themed version of volume eleven for those of us that missed it the first time around ?
I'm sure it'd be much appreciated, given that 'the season' is once again upon us !! That said... here's wishing a 'Merry Christmas' to one & all.
Thanks again,