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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rockin' in Munich

It's time for Be Bop Wino to take a short break from bringing you the best of boppin' and bluesin' for movin' and groovin'. I'm off for a little trip to Munich. Should any Bavarian hipsters happen to notice a cool cat in a retro Scotland football shirt flitting through the streets, beer gardens and pubs of your wonderful city this weekend, that'll be me.

I'll be back with more rhythm delights sometime next week. In the meantime here's a little T-Bone Walker to tide you over - "T-Bone Jumps Again" on Black and White Records. Ripped from vinyl, as ever.


mrb394ever said...

Thanks! If I was marooned on an island and could only have tunes by one artist from the jump/blues era, T-Bone would be the man. Always fun!

And speaking of fun, hope Munich is all you want.

G Nichols said...

Are these files downloadable? I click on the share tab, but the player just changes and anything I click on does nil. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear mrb394ever,
If you like T.Bone, you can find many underrated jump-blues guitarists on my compils, on
The Bootlegger

boogiewoody said...

This file isn't downloadable - I thought I'd try adding a few streaming audio files to the site.

The Bootlegger's jump-blues guitar comps on Uncle Gil's site are highly recommended and have the Be Bop wino seal of approval! Tremendous stuff and a labour of love.

barberella said...

Thanks You soooo very much for this!! There are several cuts that I've been looking for on this!!