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Friday, 22 October 2010

Lack of blog activity

Lurgied. As Spike Milligan would have said. But I'll be back with more swingin' sounds in the near future. In the meantime I'm returning to my bed of pain.

See y'all next week, I hope!


gilhodges said...

Hey hey, no sweat. We're happy to wait patiently for your marvels. Take a load off.

BobSanders said...

Hope you recover soon !


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've been sideswiped by the dreaded "lurgie" (I don't know what it is but I don't think I want to get acquainted). Get well soon, Boogie Woody!

Anonymous said...

Having spent two months on my arse this summer,all I can say is " Get Well "

phipps11 said...

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon ... but not sooner than it takes me to catch up on all the wonderful stuff you've put together since I was laid up.

Seriously, ... I hope you get well soon; and please keep on keeping on with this great information in verbal and musical form. Your site is one of the few using the net to its utmost - and providing great music to boot.

doug said...

Get well soon, we can wait for the great things you have given us. Health comes first.

boogiewoody said...

Thank you chums. I'm on the road to recovery ... Man Flu = the worst illness in the universe.

Music for Songwriters said...

good to hear that you are recovering well my friend...keep at it!

Johnrock'andmore said...

God bless you. See you soon. YOu friend John

blbs said...

Que te mejores pronto, querido amigo!

Anonymous said...

Poor dear - hope you're up and back to your wonderful Boogiewoody self in short order!

- d.

jim said...

Hope you get well soon. Being sick is no fun!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!
I've been lumbered with chronic fatigue aka M.E. for three years and have felt the better for you!
Last week I was in Otago Lane and felt the better for that when I'd recovered from the immediate physical effects! more power to you .. and all the very best!


boogiewoody said...

Many thanks to all you wellwishers. Recovery has been slower than I thought it would be but I'm getting there and there is a new post for you all.

Apologies to people who have been waiting for email replies - I've falen behind with all that.

Rrrrrrrr, etc - it's months since I've been over at Otago Lane. How is Mixed Up Records doing? Chronic fatigue - horrible, glad the blog provides light relief for you. Hang on in there! Visit more record shops!

lemonflag said...

There hasn't been an outbreak of "the dreaded lurgy" in many years. I hope your recovery goes well.
As you mentioned Spike, did you read about his tombstone?
He wanted it to read "I told you I was sick!" but the church would not allow it. So they used Latin instead and the church agreed to thst. Good old Spike.
Thanks for the blog, always a pleasure.