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Wednesday 1 June 2011

Don't Move A Vip Till I Say Vop - Doles Dickens Quartet

El Enmascarado has edited another cool video to accompany the B-Side of "Sing Re-Bop." The Doles Dickens Quartet are in hepcat jive mode once more with "Don't Move A Vip Till I Say Vop," a piece of advice with which I find it hard to disagree.

The video incorporates sequences from "Jivin' in Bebop" and "Juke Joint." Both of these films can be viewed on the Internet Archive. Go to then select "moving images." Put the movie title into the search box and wham bam, thank you ma'am, you can watch or download the complete movie.

Despite the impression given by El Enmascarado's video, Dizzy Gillespie is NOT playing on this record. See the previous "Sing Re-Bop" post for the Doles Dickens story.

And lastly you can listen to "Don't Move A Vip Till I Say Vop" on streaming audio here:

Audio clip ripped by El Enmascarado from the original 78 rpm disc. Thanks to our benefactor for taking us down the road to an obscurer corner of R&B history.

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