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Friday 21 October 2011

Rockin' With Red / Red's Boogie - Piano Red (RCA Victor 22-0099)

Both sides recorded in Atlanta on July 25th, 1950. Willie Lee Perryman (aka "Piano Red"), piano and vocal; William Jones, bass, William Green, drums.

Imagine my  deep joy when I wended my way home from the pub last night (with a belly full of Deuchar's IPA) to find this gem in my email inbox courtesy of El Enmascarado. Piano Red has been a longtime favourite of mine and pretty soon I was regaling the neighbours with multiple plays of "Rockin' With Red." Both sides of this disc were big R&B hits in early 1951, with "Rockin' With Red" reaching number 5 and "Red's Boogie" reaching number 4. Piano Red had three further chart hits in 1951, including the immortally risque "Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo."

It's not just a cliche to say that this kind of music is timeless. Piano Red's musical career stretched back to the dawn of the 1930's and carried on through the R&B era into the early Rock and Roll period when he attracted a big following of rockers and then on into the early 1960s when he was reincarnated as Doctor Feelgood. He was still recording in the 1980s almost up until his death in July 1985.

You can imagine Piano Red pounding out these tracks in a saloon or bordello in the 1890s, never mind the 1950s!

Thanks to El Enmascarado for theses rips from a 78 disc and the label scans. I've added some 1950s EP covers on RCA and its subsidiary Groove sent in by Joan K. Thanks Joan.

And lastly we've just got time for another visit to El Enmascarado's record room where we can admire a heap of his latest shellac acquisitions - a sight to gladden the eye.


nick said...

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Woody and the guys for all this fantastic music. It has us all dancing around the kitchen.
Your work is really appreciated.

boogiewoody said...

I love the thought of a bunch of folks dancing round the kitchen. Reminds me of my student days ...


Tucker Van Horn said...

This. Is. AWESOME!!

Thanks so much for posting this

Sounds Good, Looks Good... said...

Beautiful Blog. As a long-time champion of R'n'B and Rock'n'Roll (see SOUNDS GOOD Book on Amazon) - you're BLOG is fabulous. Well done at keeping the flame alive.

Mark Barry (former rarities buyer for Reckless Records in London for 20 years)...

Love from Sunny London

boogiewoody said...

Cheers for your very kind comment Mark. Just been looking at your Sounds Good volume on Blues, Vocal Groups, R&B and R 'n' R. Looks really fascinating - might get myself a Kindle after putting it off for years ...

The blog goes on ...!

jenny page said...

absolutely awesome. such joy, such powerful american music fantasticness