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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Joan Spins Again! - Volume 1

Side 1
1. Get With It - The Flamingos
2. Night After Night - The Derbys
3. Angel Of My Dreams - The Sonnets
4. Can This Be Love - The Winners
5. 535 - The Dreamers
6. The Bells Ring Out - The L' Captans
7. Dreamin' and Dreamin' - The Scale-Tones
8. I Dream Of You Night After Night - The Senders
9. You For Me - The Hollyhocks

Side 2
1. Is It Right - The Castros
2. Ain't Got The Money To Pay For This Drink - The Thrills
3. You Belong To Me - The Radars
4. Little Island Girl - The Goldentones
5. Will You Be Mine - The Swallows
6. Rock, Lilly, Rock - The Corsairs
7. Joyce - The Radiants
8. Native Girl - The Native Boys
9. What Makes You Do The Things You Do - The Wrens

Joan K makes a welcome return to the blog with a stack o' rockin' records. If enough people like this, then there may well be another series to follow the great "Joan Selects." Let's listen to some words of wisdom from the lady herself while she spins the platters that matter:

The Joan Selects series is BACK! We launch into the New Year 2012 with a brand new volume of great obscure doo-wop harmonies. In this first volume we find several familiar groups and lots of really non-mainstream cuts.

The Flamingos open Volume One with "Get With It" recorded in November 1954. Members of the Flamingos were: Nate Nelson (lead), Johnny Carter (first tenor and falsetto), Zeke Carey (second tenor), Paul Wilson (baritone), and Jake Carey (bass). As on their later Chance sessions, the group was backed a combo led by bass player Al Smith and a four-horn front line Sonny Cohn, trumpet; Harlan “Booby” Floyd, trombone; Red Holloway, tenor saxophone; and Mac Easton, baritone sax. Shortly after this second Parrot session the Flamingos departed for Chicago's Checker Records.

There is a mix of up tempo and slow ballads in this first volume of Joan Spins Again. The Derbys recorded "Night After Night" for major label Mercury Records. The Winners were a late doo wop addition to the Bihari Brothers repertory of artists signed to their Modern, Flair, RPM and Crown marquees, this recording being issued on their Kent label. Also an up-tempo high-light in this volume is "535" by the Dreamers on Philadelphia's Grand Records; this one is evocative of the unreleased masterpiece by Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters in their great up-tempo "333".

The Hollyhocks were one of the first doo wop groups to issue a 45 for the Nasco Label, and sounded to some degree like label predecessors, the Marigolds, with their calypso tempoed "You For Me". The rarest recording in this first volume is The Thrills - "Ain't Got The Money To Pay For This Drink" recorded and issued on JAB 103 in June 1956.

The Radars and the Swallows represent harmonies from the very early 1950s, actually 1951. Junior Denby was lead vocalist for the Swallows: "Will You Be Mine" recorded on King 4458. The Native Boys issued "Native Girl" for Los Angeles based Modern Records in mid 1954. Soon thereafter, on the Combo label the Native Boys recorded "Strange Love", "Oh Let Me Dream" and "Laughing Love" during 1955. Volume One closes with New York’s fantastic Wrens from December 1955 on Rama 184, featuring the lead vocals of Bobby Mansfield, in "What Makes You Do The Things You Do".

Ripped from vinyl at 128 – 320 kbps.

Download from here:

Joan Spins Again - Volume 1 (Mega)

01 The Flamingos - Get With It - Parrot 811 1955
02 The Derbys - Night After Night - Mercury 71437 1957
03 The Sonnets - Angel Of My Dreams - Lane 501 March 1958
04 The Winners - Can This Be Love - Rainbow 331 1956
05 The Dreamers - 535 - Grand 131 1955
06 The L' Cap-Tans - The Bells Ring Out - Hollywood 1092 1958
07 The Scale-Tones - Dreamin and Dreamin - Jay-Dee 810 1956
08 The Senders - I Dream Of You Night After Night - Kent 320 1959
09 The Hollyhocks - You For Me - Nasco 6001 1957
10 The Castros - Is It Right - Lasso 502 1959
11 The Thrills - Ain't Got The Money To Pay For This Drink - JAB 103 June 1956
12 The Radars - You Belong To Me - Abbey 3025
13 The Goldentones - Little Island Girl - Hush 101 1959
14 The Swallows - Will You Be Mine - King 4458 1951
15 The Corsairs - Rock, Lilly, Rock - Hytone 110 1958
16 The Radiants - Joyce - Chess Demo, unreleased 1962
17 The Native Boys - Native Girl - Modern 939 1954
18 The Wrens - What Makes You Do The Things You Do - Rama 184 1955

Hope y'all dig this selection. I certainly do - it's been blasting out on my PC media player for a couple of days now. Thank you Joan!


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this great comp! I appreciate the work that goes into the "liner notes" also. Context is very helpful. Robert in Tucson.

jim said...

Awesome! Really enjoying this right now. And, looking forward to the rest of the series. thanks.

Exeter said...

Need MORE Joan selects!

Slim D said...

Another great set! Thanks and welcome back.

Anonymous said...

In a word - BRAVA!

Woodworker said...

Thanks, Joan, for all you great effort in making not just this comp, but the terrific Selects series.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding as always! Thanks for continuing to delight and dazzle. May there be many more!!

enoch said...

thank you Joan from the bottom of my heart for the new series...why, if i wasn't already married...


Anonymous said...


Tel said...

Just BRILL Thanx For A Great Comp
And Also The Liner Notes.
Look Forward To More of These
Keep On Rockin' Tel

wilfofhove said...

A very warm welcome back, Joan. I adore your compilations! Many thanks. Wilfe, Hove, UK

Bill said...

What they said!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Joan ! Wonderful looking comp, the 1st of many i hope, loved the last series, love the label scans.
Thanks, Simon (UK)

Anonymous said...

Woody, a little off topic but if you haven't got it then The Big Horn The History of the Honkin' & Screamin' Saxophone is here:

They have other interesting stuff too.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Welcome back. I played your Christmas volume of the Joan Select's series multiple times last month. Thanks

Howdy said...

Only Joan Knows How To Selects! Welcome Back! You Have Been Missed!

Anonymous said...

Is it true the Department of Justic has shut down Megaupload?

boogiewoody said...

Holy Heck, it's gone! Yep, the U.S. Dept of Justice has closed it down. Raids made in nine countries on U.S. warrants. Counter attacks made by hackers against Dept. of Justice, Universal Music, RIAA and MPAA.

Also - Johnny Otis has died. What a terrible day.

Anonymous said...

Money-making machines, that is the synonym for music-industry... even if the stuff that we like is 50+ years old. What a world.....

The best thing now is to discover a new Joan Selects-series....Hope it's gonna continue for a very long time. Many thanks for sharing.


Peter Merrett said...

Great news with the return of Joan,kicked off with an oustanding album

peter merrett
"The Maltshophop"
PBS 106-7 FM,
Melbourne Australia
Live streaming and archived.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

Joan rocks...and rolls. keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a great lover of Doo-wop but your selections are very very good!

the doc said...

I haven't been here much since the original site shut down, but I'm glad I stopped by and found the Joan Rocks Again series! Great Stuff and I'll be back. Many thanks

Siggy said...

many tanx! Joan's comps are the best! I especially like the R&R ones, like Joan Selects V08.


could you please post

boogiewoody said...

Reposted at:

All Joan Spins Again volumes are being re-upped.

drizzz said...

Thank you for the latest updates to the Joan series!!!!!!!!