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Monday 13 August 2012

Little Walter - Confessin' The Blues

Side One
1 It Ain't Right
2 Rocker
3 I Got To Find My Baby
4 Lights Out
5 One More Chance With You
6 Crazy Legs
7 Temperature

Side Two
1 I Got To Go
2 Crazy Mixed Up World
3 Quarter To Twelve
4 Confessin' The Blues
5 The Toddle
6 Up The Line
7 Rock Bottom
8 Mean Old Frisco

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

We kick off a short "blues LP" season on Be Bop Wino with this 1982 Italian release of "Confessin' The Blues" by Little Walter. At the moment I don't really have time to write up extensive notes, so you'll just have to take these posts as they are and dig around the web for further information!

This is a good compilation with only one or two tracks which could be classified as "filler." The rest is killer.

Tracks recorded 1953 - 1963. Musicians include: Little Walter Jacobs (vocal, harmonica); Louis Myers, Dave Myers, Robert Lockwood, Luther Tucker, Freddie Robinson, Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy (guitar); Otis Spann, Lafayette Leake (piano); Willie Dixon (bass); Fred Below, George Hunter (drums)

Download the LP from here:

1. It Ain't Right (1956)
2. Rocker (1954)
3. I Got To Find My Baby (1954)
4. Lights Out (1954)
5. One More Chance With You (1956)
6. Crazy Legs (1953)
7. Temperature (1957)
8. I Got To Go (1955)
9. Crazy Mixed Up World (1958)
10. Quarter To Twelve (1954)
11. Confessin' The Blues (1958)
12. The Toddle (1958)
13. Up The Line (1963)
14. Rock Bottom (1958)
15. Mean Old Frisco (1959)

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awesome, many many thanks!