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Sunday 28 October 2012

Jump & Jive On 78 - Volume 2

Side 1
1 Headhunter – Johnny Otis
2 Later – Tiny Bradshaw
3 Sing Rebop – Doles Dickens
4 Miss Betty’s Blues – Joe Liggins
5 The Honeydripper Pt 1 – Sammy Franklin
6 The Honeydripper Pt 2 – Sammy Franklin
7 Big Fat Mama – Mystery Artist
8 The Blues – Joe Liggins
9 The Mojo – Sax Mallard

Side 2
1 Blow Mr Jackson – Joe Liggins
2 Cool And Easy – Johnny Otis
3 South of the Orient – Tiny Bradshaw
4 Lover’s Lament – Joe Liggins
5 P.S. I Love You – Mystery Artist
6 Cotton Ball Pt 1 – Sonny Thompson
7 Cotton Ball Pt 2 – Sonny Thompson
8 Let’s Love Again – Sax Mallard
9 Don’t Move a Vip Till I Say Vop – Doles Dickens

We proudly present the second round up of  El Enmascarado’s rips from original R&B 78 rpm discs. The mood is more relaxed and cooler than on the somewhat more heated Volume One of the series, with the exception of the opening blaster, “Headhunter” by Johnny Otis. There’s plenty swingin’ and jivin’ for you cool cats which you can download from here:

A folder of label scans is included in the download.

Ripped from shellac at 128 kbps.

All the info on all the tracks is available on the original posts on Be Bop Wino. Here are the links to unfathomable depths of arcane knowledge:

With many, many thanks to El Enmascarado for his work in rescuing these original ten inchers, many of which are in very poor condition. Volume Three is already shaping up, with a few of its tracks already posted and more in the pipeline. Stay cool, you swing, jump and jive fans!


Luis said...

Mediafire link is in fact, a repeated rapidshare link.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Luis. I've corrected the fault. Mediafire link is now up.


Anonymous said...

Nice one, Luis - but you forgot to say thanks. Geez . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm still hoping that someone out there will be able to identify the Mystery Artist on the Big Fat Mama acetate. I'm sorry about the sound quality on that one. Most acetates/test pressings I've heard are like that- they didn't stand up well to repeated playing. I did my best with it. There's more to come from that radio station batch.... The Masked One

Anonymous said...

This is by far one of the very best blogspots in the universe..thanx 4 the education. onward

Anonymous said...

and ur linx r always fresh no matter how long the posts r done.thank you

BR said...

This is one of the greatest music blogs out there - ever! Thanks for all your hard work, BW.

dlwilson26 said...

I tried to download this from rapidshare and when I tried to open it required a password. The other link, mediafire says that the file has been deleted.

Appreciate any help. Thanks

boogiewoody said...

The rapidshare link should now work, I hope. If you get the download, the password is greaseyspoon.

I've given up on mediafire.

I'm still trying to upload to zippyshare, but uploads have simply disappeared this evening.