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Monday 4 March 2013

Jump & Jive On 78 - Volume 3

It's time to gather together the latest selection of El Enmascarado's 78 rpm rips in downloadable form. We proudly present Volume 3 of our series of "Jump & Jive On 78" virtual LPs. If you dig your R&B on the jazzy side, then this is the collection for you.

Click on the artist names in the labels section to find out more about these tracks. The download includes a folder of label scans.

Download from here:

No password

Track list:

1 Calvin Boze - Slippin' and Slidin'
2 Big John Greer - Hey Bruz
3 Gene Ammons - Dues In Blues
4 Tiny Bradshaw - Walking The Chalk Line
5 Red Saunders - Blow Mr Low Blow
6 Russell Jacquet - Lion's Roar
7 Sonny Thompson - Backyard Affair
8 Joe Liggins - How Come
9 Calvin Boze - Baby You're Tops With Me
10 Gene Ammons - Odd-En-Ow
11 Tiny Bradshaw - Bradshaw Boogie
12 Russell Jacquet - Suede Jacket
13 Big John Greer - Tonight's The Night
14 Tiny Grimes - Flying Home Part 1
15 Tiny Grimes - Flying Home Part 2
16 Red Saunders - Lyin' Girl Blues
17 Joe Liggins - Worried
18 Sonny Thompson - Dreaming Again

Collect 'em all!

With thanks, as ever, to El Enmascarado.


Uncle Gil said...

Good comps, but links of vol.1 and 2 are dead...

The Hi de Ho Blog said...

Another great compilation! To ease my day. Many thanks. Bradshaw and Liggins are really over the top!

Jazzjet said...

Many thanks for Volume 3 of this great series. The links for Vol 2 seem to be dead. Any chance of a zippyshare link for that one?

Anonymous said...

another links for 1 and 2 are posible?

boogiewoody said...

Hi everybody - rapidshare links are available again - renewed my pro account.

Trying to upload other volumes to zippyshare but encountering problems.


Jazzjet said...

Many thanks for making the Rapidshare links available again.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for letting me know the link is working again, Jazzjet.

I'm still working on zippyshare links to the other 2 volumes.

There are now zippyshare links to "Blow Man Blow" and to "Jesse Powell: The R&B Years."


boogiewoody said...

Zippyshare links to volumes 1 and 2are now up.

Rapidshare should be working again.


Uncle Gil said...

Thank you!

Rocky Lane said...

Well ... these 3 comps are fabulous. There is much more of this great 78 music out there and I hope El Enmascarado will be kind enough to make more of them for our listening pleasure. The added details of label scans and background info is a lot of hard work and I appreciate it. Thanks.

boppinbob said...

Thanks BW for these great comps. Just finishing a post on Red Saunders as it would have been his 105th birthday today!
Regards, Boppinbob.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks, Boppin' Bop! Big shout out to El Enmascarado of course, for supplying these rare sounds.

Now I must see that Red Saunders post when it goes up ....