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Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Dominoes - These Foolish Things

Side 1
1. No Says My Heart
2. Harbor Lights
3. The Deacon Moves In (Little Esther and The Dominoes)
4. I Can't Escape From You
5. Heart To Heart (Little Esther and The Dominoes)
6. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
7. Deep Sea Blues
8. Love Love Love
9. No Room

Side 2
1. I'm Lonely
2. Yours Forever
3. These Foolish Things
4. Rags To Riches
5. Ringing In A Brand New Year
6. Can't Do Sixty No More
7. Over The Rainbow
8. O Holy Night
9. What Are You Doing New Years Eve


This little homemade "LP" contains all the remaining Dominoes tracks I have on vinyl, outwith the previously featured album "Have Mercy Baby."

The first 12 tracks are from the Clyde McPhatter era Dominoes, with the added attraction of Federal labelmate Little Esther on a couple of the sides. "Rags To Riches" has McPhatter's replacement, Jackie Wilson, on lead vocal.

"O Holy Night" and "What Are You Doing New Years Eve" were recorded and released on King in 1965, long after the early 1950s R&B heyday of the original Dominoes and long after their pop success in the late 1950s. The only connection this final incarnation of the group had with the successful earlier versions of The Dominoes was manager / vocal coach Billy Ward who was determined to keep the group going long after the demand for their style of music had faded.

Track details:

1. No Says My Heart - B side of Harbor Lights, released January 1951.

2. Harbor Lights - Federal 12010, January 1951.

3. The Deacon Moves In - Little Esther and The Dominoes with the Johnny Otis band. B side of "Other Lips, Other Arms", Federal 12016, released February 1951.

4. I Can't Escape From You - B side of "Sixty Minute Man" (Federal 12022), released April 1951.

5. Heart To Heart - Little Esther with The Dominoes (Federal 12036), released November 1951.

6. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano - B side of  first release of "That's What You're Doing To Me" (Federal 12059), February 1952.

7. Deep Sea Blues - B side of "Have Mercy Baby" (Federal 12068), released April 1952.

8. Love Love Love - B side of reissue of "That's What You're Doing To Me" (Federal 12072), May 1952.

9. No Room - Federal 12105, October 1952. Released as by "Billy Ward And His Dominoes", as were all subsequent Dominoes releases.

10. I'm Lonely - B side of "Yours Forever".

11. Yours Forever - Federal 12106, released November 1952.

12. These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You - Federal 12129, April 1953. Last release featuring Clyde McPhatter.

13. Rags To Riches - King 1280, released October 1953. The group's biggest success with a Jackie Wilson lead vocal, reached number 2 in the R&B chart.

14. Ringing In A Brand New Year - King 1281, B side of "Christmas In Heaven" released November 1953.

15. Can't Do Sixty No More - Federal 12209, released January 1955.

16. Over The Rainbow - King 1502, released September 1955.

17. O Holy Night - King 6016, released in September 1965.

18. What Are You Doing New Years Eve - B side of "O Holy Night".

Sources: "The Unsung Heroes Of Rock 'n' Roll" by St. Nicholas of Tosches

Label shots are crops of original scans by Joan K. "LP" cover was adapted from Joan's scan of a Dominoes record in a Federal sleeve.

More rockin' R&B vocal groups are in the pipeline! Stay tuned to the blog that jumps, jives and wails!


Unknown said...

Again thanks Mr Be Bop Wino. I'm mainly a rockabilly guy, but these posts are pulling me over the fence to the greener grasses. Thanks again

snakeboy said...

Thanks very much. Now, I too, Have a fine Dominoes collection.

jtothez said...

so bummed i missed the gem. any chance of uploading a new link? please?

jtothez said...

any chance of a new download link?

boogiewoody said...

Jason - I'll re-up this tomorrow.


boogiewoody said...

New mega link near top of post.