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Thursday 16 April 2015

Skid Row - Roy Milton (King 5069)

Recorded in Los Angeles, February 27th 1957. B Side of Roy's cover of "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu". Released in mid-July 1957.

Personnel (probably): Walter Williams (trumpet); Harvey Braxton (alto sax); Cliff Solomon (tenor sax); Oscar Estelle (baritone sax); Emmanuel Kennebrew (piano); Johnny Rogers (guitar); Lawrence Kato (bass) Roy Milton (drums).

Billboard review, 22nd July 1957: "Fine blues instrumental with a lot of mood and feeling, and a modified Yancey bass in the arrangement. Satisfying wax for the savants."

Ask and ye shall be given ... I must thank Corky who answered a request on the blog for this rare Roy Milton B side. As he said in his email "the disc was pretty trashed" but he has done a stand up job in removing the scratches, plus he has also supplied a label scan. Many thanks, sir.

The Billboard review sums up the record quite nicely - a moody bluesy instro with nice solos on guitar and alto and tenor saxes. The writer credits are to Roy Milton, trumpeter Walter Williams, tenor sax man Cliff Solomon and baritone sax player Oscar Estelle, so this may well be a little something cooked up during the recording session. Only one other side resulted from this particular session - "I'm Grateful" (King 5035) which featured a vocal by Roy.

You can download "Skid Row" (320 kbps mp3) plus label scan from here:

Grab it and add it to your download of "The Later Roy Milton" which is doubtless featuring strongly on all your current playlists. Have fun, folks, and thanks again Corky.

1 comment:

Andy 7 said...

Awesome sax solos. Thanks for posting.