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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Roy Milton Special!

Happy New Year to all you movers and groovers! There's a brief lull in the festivities so now's the time for the first post of 2016. We kick off the new year with a mixture of some new and previously posted stuff on Roy Milton, one of the most important figures in 1940s / early 50s rhythm and blues.

So let's start with the new - a further collection of Roy's late 1950s tracks. Here you go -

1 - You're Gonna Suffer Baby
2 - Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
3 - Skid Row
4 - Early In The Morning
5 - Bless Your Heart
6 - Best Wishes
7 - R.M. Blues

Download from:

Here's the lowdown, strictly on the QT, very hush-hush:

Roy's band line up for his King sessions (October 1956, February and July 1957) was as follows:

Walter Williams (tp); Harvey Braxton (as); Cliff Solomon (ts); Oscar Estelle (bar); Emmanuel Kennebrew (p); Johnny Rogers (g); Lawrence Kato (b); Roy Milton (d,vcl); Mickey Champion (vcl)

"You're Gonna Suffer Baby" was recorded in October 1956 and released in December 1956 as the B Side of "One Zippy Zam" on King 4993. Bruyninckx credits the vocal to Inez Coleman but the contemporary Billboard review says: 'Mickey Champion is the songstress on this side, and she styles a slow, groovy blues to a "T." Easy on the ears.'

"Skid Row" was recorded in February 1957 and "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu" was recorded in July 1957. Both sides were released on King 5069 at the end of July 1957. Mickey Champion shares vocals with Roy on the A side, "Rockin' Pneumonia", a cover of the hit on Ace by Huey "Piano" Smith and the Clowns. Billboard review (July 22nd 1957); 'A late cover of the Ace hit, this side has a swinging beat and a solid blues feeling. Vocal includes occasional wild screams. Effective.'

I posted on "Skid Row" back in April with background details and streaming audio. The original post is here:

"Early In The Morning" and "Bless Your Heart" were recorded in 1960 in Los Angeles and were released in May that year on Lou Wa 1002 and Warwick M 549.

Back in June 2015 I posted on these two Warwick sides. For mucho further info, without which your life will be completely meaningless, click on this link to the post:

If you have followed the above links you will know that we have Corky to thank for sending in "Skid Row", "Early In The Morning" and "Bless Your Heart". He also kindly provided two further sides on the Warwick label: "Best Wishes" and "R. M. Blues". These were recorded in 1960 and released on Warwick M 591. These were both re-recordings of earlier hit material from 1951 and 1945 respectively, which I guess brings us full circle, back to the beginning of Roy's career at the start of the boom in jump blues and R&B in mid-40s Los Angeles.

The first collection of Roy's later sides, made after his style of jump blues had given way to harder rockin' R&B and rock 'n' roll, can be downloaded from here:

For the January 2009 post featuring label scans and rips from Joan K and much more of interest follow this link:


1 - Baby, Don't Do That to Me
2 - Tell It Like It Is
3 - Fools Are Getting Scarcer
4 - I Can't Go On
5 - You Got Me Reelin' & Rockin'
6 - One Zippy Zam
7 - A Brand New Thrill
8 - Jeep's Blues
9 - Driveway Blues
10 - I'm Forgetting About You

The post was re-upped in March 2015 and attracted a few comments. Link here:

Way back in the blog I posted a couple of  classic Jukebox Lil LPs of Roy's earlier material when he was one of the best selling artists in R&B. The original download links were lost in the great rapidshare fiasco but I've now got new links available. First up, "The Grandfather of R&B" which includes his very first recordings for HampTone in 1945:


01 - Burma Road Blues (part 1)
02 - Burma Road Blues (part 2)
03 - Red Light
04 - It Should Never Have Been This Way
05 - Them There Eyes
06 - When I Grow Too Old To Dream
07 - My Blue Heaven
08 - I've Had My Moments
09 - Hop, Skip And Jump
10 - Everything I Do Is Wrong
11 - Sympathetic Blues
12 - My Sweetheart
13 - Junior Jives
14 - Where There Is No Love
15 - Playboy Blues
16 - Cryin' & Singin' The Blues
17 - Short, Sweet And Snappy

New Download Link:

Original post here:

And to finish off this marathon post, that other re-upped LP:


01 - Rhythm Cocktail
02 - Big Fat Mama
03 - I'll Always Be In Love With You
04 - Little Boy Blue
05 - So Tired
06 - Thelma Lou
07 - Someday
08 - Roy Rides
09 - Blue Turning Grey
10 - Believe Me Baby
11 - T-Town Twist
12 - Am I Wasting My Time?
13 - Don't You Remember Baby?
14 - Let Me Give You All My Love
15 - I Stood By
16 - A Bird In The Hand

New download link:

Original January 2009 post is here:

And that's that. I'm all Royed out! More stuff, new and old, in the pipeline! Keep a knockin'!


Anonymous said...

Yay! The Be Bop Wino's back with some fine Roy Milton!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the kind comment Marie. The later Roy Milton sides are surprisingly good, considering that his heyday was back in the 1940s / very early 1950s. I played both volumes of "The Later Roy Milton" back to back on a continuous playlist and found the 17 tracks very enjoyable.


Great ! i really enjoyed R. M. later sides.
And now,we are waiting for Vol. 3,4 and 5 !

boogiewoody said...

Have mercy, Pierre! I've run out of late Roy Milton sides. Can anyone help?

blueschain said...

I can send some of the Cenco,Thunderbird,Movin' and Space stuff.
but I don't know how to process.A link with Zippyshare would be the easier way for me.

Anonymous said...

the world is a better place because of be bop wino - you are very generous and your effort is deeply appreciated

boogiewoody said...

Thank you very much, anonymous. In these uncertain times the world needs more groove and I try to help things along ....

BTW a third volume of Later Roy Milton is in the pipeline thanks to a generous donor!


tasunkes said...

Thanks for a lot of great music!!
I´m looking for Earl King´s Specialty sides ( 8 numbers) ..would that be possible to find?


Stuffy Sweden

boogiewoody said...

Hi Stuffy Sweden - I don't have any of Earl King's Specialty sides. I can't even find a CD to buy which has them! Sorry!