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Friday, 5 February 2016

Buddy Johnson Special!

Be Bop Wino continues its look at big big band rhythm 'n' blues with re-ups of 3 Buddy Johnson LPs. 

First up is the Silver Star Swing Series compilation of Decca sides recorded by Buddy in the 1940s and early 50s.


Side 1
1 - South Main
2 - Fine Brown Frame
3 - Opus Two
4 - Walk 'em
5 - You'll Get Them Blues
6 - Hey, Sweet Potato
7 - Far Cry
8 - Serves Me Right

Side 2
1 - Li'l Dog
2 - You Can't Tell Who's Lovin' Who
3 - Down Yonder
4 - Shake 'em Up
5 - Dr Jive Jives
6 - I'm Gonna Jump In The River
7 - Baby You're Always On My Mind
8 - Shufflin' And Rollin'

Download link:

Original post (well worth reading!) from 9th October 2009 is here:

In 1953 Buddy moved to the Mercury label and I've re-upped two Mercury LPs which were originally released in the 1950s. One of them, "Rock 'N Roll," was donated in its 1950s form by a kindly saxophonist, and the other, "Walkin'," is a 1980s re-release on Official. Buddy's band was perhaps the longest surviving of the big swing bands, playing through the swing and r&b years and on into the rock 'n' roll era, so here's the Mercury LP "Rock 'N Roll", with additional artwork from the 1980s re-release on Official:


1 - I Don't Want Nobody
2 - Doot Doot Dow
3 - Bring It Home To Me
4 - You Got It Made
5 - A Pretty Girl
6 - Any Day Now

Side 2
1 - It's Obdacious
2 - Crazy 'Bout A Saxophone
3 - Upside Your Head
4 - Ain't But One
5 - A-12
6 - I'm Just Your Fool

Download link:

Original post from 26th September 2009 is here:

This post is well worth checking out for insights from our anonymous sax playing donor plus other commentators, and my take on the role of Buddy's band in the early rock 'n' roll era.

On the 27th September 2009 I posted an Official re-release of another Buddy Johnson LP on Mercury, "Walkin'."


Side 1
1 - Rockin' Time
2 - They Don't Want Me To Rock No More
3 - There's No One Like You
4 - Rock On!
5 - Ain't Cha Got Me (Where You Want Me)
6 - Buddy's Boogie

Side 2
1 - Oh! Baby Don't You Know
2 - You'd Better Believe Me
3 - You're Everything My Heart Desires
4 - So Good
5 - Bitter Sweet
6 - Gone Walkin'

New download link:

Original post from 27th September 2009 is here:

Once again, please read the wise words, especially if you're just discovering Buddy Johnson.

In the original posts I recommended 2 CDs for purchasing:

"Walk 'Em: The Decca Sessions" (Ace CDCHD 623) is still available. A superb collection which is one of my all time favourite Ace CDs and you can't get any higher praise than that!

For the Mercury sides I recommended a Rev-Ola compilation, "Gotta Go Upside Your Head" (CR Band 6) which at that time was an easily available mid-price CD. A search through Amazon and a few other sites has revealed that it is now a rarity and dealers are asking big bucks for it. If you come across a reasonably priced copy, snap it up. Otherwise, there is a 28 track CD on Hoodoo Records called "Rock On! The 1956-62 Recordings" or there is a 2CD compilation on Jasmine Records called "Rock On! The 100th Anniversary Collection - Twenty Years of Blues, Boogie and Ballads 1941-1961" which may be worth investigating.


malcee said...

Boogiewoody I love the Buddy Johnson Mercury reissues on official so I am looking forward to the Decca sides. Thank you !

boogiewoody said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy the Decca sides, malcee.


Rudolf Schmidt said...

The Mercury sides are also included on a 4-disc set from Bear Family, Buddy & Ella Johnson 1953-1964 (1992) if you can find it.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Rudolf. Sadly it seems to be out of print but you can get it on Amazon UK marketplace for a modest £457 and upwards! Shame about the price as it seems to have been the definitive collection of Buddy's post-Decca sides.