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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Joe Houston Special!

Side A:
01. Thunder Storm *
02. Trouble, Trouble, Trouble
03. Hurricane **
04. Tough Enough
05. Windy City Hop
06. Earthquake ***

Side B
01. Jump The Blues
02. Guided Missile
03. Good-Bye Little Girl
04. Wee, Wee Hours
05. Bobby Sox Ramble

* this is the 78rpm version of "Hurricane."
** this track is not "Hurricane" but is in fact an alternate take of "Bobby Sox Ramble."
*** this track is "Atom Bomb." (Imperial 5213)

As can be seen above, a number of errors were made in the attribution of titles to the above tracks. This was due to a number of factors, some dating back to the original issues on Imperial. There is a full explanation in the sleevenotes by Ken Mills to the Saxophonograph LP "Rockin' 'N' Boppin'." It should also be noted that some Joe Houston Imperial tracks were subsequently released on Bayou with different titles.

Download "Earthquake" from here:

Joe Houston - Earthquake (Mega)

"Earthquake" was posted on 4th October 2010 as part of an extensive post on Joe Houston which can be found here:

Side 1:
01. Doin' The Twist
02. Twisting The Twist
03. Crazy Twist
04. White House Twist
05. Chitlun's Twist

Side 2:
01. Rocking The Twist
02. Roy's Twist
03. Joe's Twist
04. Texas Twist
05. Casino Twist

Download "Doin' The Twist" from here:

 "Doin' The Twist" was posted on 12th November 2010 . It was donated by El Enmascarado and the original post contains a description of his setup for converting vinyl and shellac to digital files. The post is here:

Side One:
01. Off Beat
02. Rock That Boogie
03. No Name Rock
04. Goofin'
05. Joe's Rock
06. Tall Gal Blues

Side Two:
01. All Night Long
02. Movin' And Groovin'
03. Corn Bread  And Cabbage Greens
04. I Woke Up This Morning
05. Flying Home
06. Teen-Age Boogie

Download "Rock And Roll With Joe Houston" from here:

"Rock And Roll With Joe Houston" was posted on the 5th July 2008. It was donated by an anonymous sax fan. The post contains information on the background of this budget LP and on the Tops label. That post is here:

Sadly, Joe Houston passed away on the 28th December 2015. Another of the originals has left us.


Bob Mac said...

Many thanks for "Earthquake", a most welcomed addition to my R&B collection.

boogiewoody said...

Cheers, Bob. Beware - the tracks aren't as listed on the LP cover. I only found that out a few days ago. Full details to follow ...

Rebecca said...

A great job !!! thanks for share wonderful music. Any chance to offer Blows all night long album of Joe Houston ? Thanks in advance for your time !

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for commenting, Rebecca. I'm afraid I don't have Joe Houston Blows All Night Long. I would love it if Ace Records reissued some of Joe's LPs in their original format. I have a download of his first Combo LP consisting of tracks he recorded around 1951/52. It's brilliant - but the files I have are pretty low quality and not really suitable for offering on Be Bop Wino.

There will be another Joe Houston post soon ...

Rebecca said...

Thanks for answer

selene45 said...

Hi there, I've been trying to dig deeper into Joe Houston's career. Many thanks for your extensive articles on the subject. Could you please repost the Eartquake LP? The link is apparently not working. Many thanks for the great job you're doing. Much appreciated! All the best, Frank