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Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Great Gates - West Coast R 'n B 1949-1955 (re-upped)

Side A:
01. Rocking Time
02. Farewell Baby
03. Ain't Got No Money
04. Race Track Blues
05. Change Your Ways
06. Rock Me
07. Blue After Hours
08. Central Rocks

Side B:
09. Rock Me Baby
10. Checkin' Up Blues
11. Home Town Boy
12. Teardrops Are Falling
13. Come Back Home
14. Sad And Lonesome
15. Evening Blues
16. Later After Hours

Download from:

Original post (26th March 2008):

More California R&B, but with a rather more basic sound than the music featured in some of the recent posts on the blog. Edward "The Great Gates" White was a Philadelphia born blues singer who grew up in Southern California. He started recording for various LA labels in the late 1940s, often accompanied by sax player Marvin Phillips (of later Marvin and Johnny fame) and pianist Richard Lewis. The sleevenotes on the back cover by Professor Hi! Jinx give a good account of the career of "The Great Gates."

I've added a few extra details below just to "tidy up", as it were. I was unable to find the release dates of all of the discs featured in this compilation. I did, however, come across The Great Gates 1956 release "Jump, Jump, Jump" in my music library, on the 1980s LP "Aladdin Magic" which I downloaded from the excellent The Blues Years blog. You can listen to that track below and if you go over to The Blues Years to download the LP, don't forget to leave a "thank you" comment. Tell 'em the Be Bop Wino sent ya!

Obscure arcane knowledge for the initiated -

Release Details of tracks:

01. Rocking Time - Rex Hollywood 28025
02. Farewell Baby - Rex Hollywood 28025
03. Ain't Got No Money - Recorded In Hollywood 199, Combo 16
04. Race Track Blues - Selective 108
05. Change Your Ways - Selective 108
06. Rock Me - Kappa 110
07. Blue After Hours - Kappa 110
08. Central Rocks - Recorded In Hollywood 199, Combo 16
09. Rock Me Baby - 4 Star 1504
10. Checkin' Up Blues - 4 Star 1504
11. Home Town Boy - Selective 103
12. Teardrops Are Falling - Miltone 5271, Gotham 253
13. Come Back Home - Miltone 5271, Gotham 253
14. Sad And Lonesome - 4 Star 1475
15. Evening Blues - 4 Star 1475
16. Later After Hours - Selective 103

Releases in chronological order:

Late After Hours / Home Town Boy - Selective 103 - released June / July 1949. No.8 "Most Played Juke Box Rhythm & Blues Records" chart, 17th September 1949.

Race Track Blues / Change Your Ways - Selective 108 - released November 1949.

Rock Me / Blue After Hours - Kappa 110 - released ?

Teardrops Are Falling* (aka Cold Blooded Blues) / Come Back Home - The Great Gates & His Wampus Cats - Miltone 5271, Gotham 253 - released ? Originally titled "Cold Blooded Blues" on Miltone, retitled "Tears Are Falling" on Gotham.

Evening Blues / Sad And Lonesome - 4 Star 1475 - released June, 1950.

Checkin' Up Blues / Rock Me, Baby - 4 Star 1504 - released August, 1950.

Rocking Time / Farewell Baby - Great Gates & His Hollywood All Stars - Rex Hollywood 28025 - released ?

Ain't Got No Money / Central Rocks - Recorded In Hollywood 199, Combo 16 - released 1952.

In November 1955 The Great Gates recorded four sides for Aladdin but only one single was released, "Jump, Jump, Jump" / "Darling" (Aladdin 3310) in February 1956. On March 3rd 1956 Billboard reviewed "Jump, Jump, Jump" as follows: "Rocking, upbeat number may find favor with the young rock and rollers." As you can hear below, it was in fact a clone of Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock."

From the LP "Aladdin Magic", Pathe Marconi 1986.

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