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Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Rockin' And Walkin' Rhythm Of Eddie Chamblee (Re-up)

Side 1:
01. Back Street
02. Last Call
03. Song Of India
04. Dureop pt 1
05. Dureop pt 2
06. Cradle Rock
07. Lazy Mood
08. Blue Steel
09. All Out

Side 2:
01. Wooden Soldiers Swing
02. 6 String Boogie
03. Walkin' Home
04. Lonesome Road
05. Come On In
06. La! La! La! Lady
07. Goin' Long
08. Back Up

Download from:

Original post (13th March, 2011):

The original post is well worth reading for the background info on Eddie Chamblee. Peruse and get hip!

All sides recorded in Chicago, 1947 - 1957. Original releases on Miracle, Coral, United and Mercury.

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