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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Otis Williams and His Charms - 16 Original Greatest Hits

Side 1:
01. Heaven Only Knows
02. Hearts Of Stone
03. Two Hearts
04. Ling Ting Tong
05. Bazoom (I Need Your Love)
06. Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)
07. Whadaya Want?
08. Gum Drop

Side 2:
01. Ivory Tower
02. In Paradise
03. Save Me Save Me
04. That's Your Mistake
05. United
06. Could This Be Magic
07. Little Turtle Dove
08. Panic

Download from here:

Track details:

Tracks 1 - 7 released as by "The Charms", other release credits noted beside each track.

01. Heaven Only Knows - Rockin' 516, July 1953; DeLuxe 6000, September 1953
02. Hearts Of Stone - DeLuxe 6062, September 1954
03. Two Hearts - DeLuxe 6065, November 1954
04. Ling Ting Tong - DeLuxe 6076, December 1954
05. Bazoom (I Need Your Lovin') - DeLuxe 6076, December 1954

Above: review in Billboard, 11th December 1954. The Charms were top of the R&B charts that week with "Hearts Of Stone." The Charms were the 9th best selling R&B act in 1954 and "Hearts Of Stone" was the 2nd best selling R&B record of that year, with "Work With Me Annie" by The Midnighters being the year's top R&B seller.

06. Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) - DeLuxe 6080, January 1955
07. Whadaya Want? - DeLuxe 6080, January 1955
08. Gum Drop - DeLuxe 6090, June 1955, Otis Williams and His New Group
09. Ivory Tower - DeLuxe 6093, March 1956, Otis Williams And His Charms
10. In Paradise - DeLuxe 6093, March 1956, Otis Williams And His Charms
11. Save Me Save Me - DeLuxe 6090, June 1955, Otis Williams and His New Group
12. That's Your Mistake - DeLuxe 6091, January 1956, Otis Williams and His New Group
13. United - DeLuxe 6138, June 1957, Otis Williams And His Charms
14. Could This Be Magic - DeLuxe 6158, December 1957, Otis Williams And His Charms
15. Little Turtle Dove - King 5455, February 1961, Otis Williams And His Charms
16. Panic - King 5527, August 1961, Otis Williams And His Charms

The full story of The Charms, Otis Williams and His New Group, and Otis Williams And His Charms is told on Marv Goldberg's site here:

This is a re-up of an LP originally posted in January 2008. Cover and label scans are new, as the original cover scans were "incomplete", i.e. they didn't capture the whole front and back covers. While working on the new scans I noticed that the price label was from Saturn-Hansa in Munich - 7.95 Deutschmarks. Them were the days! (Das war Zeiten!)

Original post is here:

Posts will be somewhat shorter for a while as the new academic term has started and I've returned to my studies. Thanks to everyone who has expressed support regarding the rip-off merchants who try to sell material posted on this blog. The fight for truth, justice and the true spirit of rock'n'roll goes on!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much

Chi-Town said...

Thanks for Otis, BW. Great post. What the world really needs is more Otis and more doo-wop!!

Charles D said...

Thank you.

ad said...

Hi..sorry could you please reupload this one?..many thanks

boogiewoody said...

Hi ad, new link now on the post.