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Monday, 14 November 2016

The Spiders - 2LPs Re-upped

Side 1:
01. I Didn't Want To Do It
02. You're The One
03. I'm Slippin' In
04. Mmm Mmm Baby
05. Walkin' Around In Circles
06. I'm Searching

Side 2:
01. That's Enough
02. Sukey, Sukey, Sukey
03. Am I The One
04. Don't Knock
05. (True) You Don't Love Me
06. Witchcraft

Download "I Didn't Wanna Do It" from here:

Side A:
01. Don't Pity Me
02. How I Feel
03. Bells In My Heart
04. For A Thrill
05. Lost And Bewildered
06. The Real Thing
07. Honey Bee

Side B:
01. That's The Way To Win My Heart
02. Goodbye
03. I'll Stop Crying
04. Tears Began To Flow
05. Dear Mary
06. A1 In My Heart
07. You Played The Part

Download "The Best Of The Spiders" from here:

I've reposted the two Spiders' LPs in response to a request for a re-up of the 1961 Imperial LP "I Didn't Wanna Do It." The version posted on Be Bop Wino is a "reconstruction" of the original LP from vinyl rips sent in by Joan, so the version of "Mmm Mmm Baby" here is the original 1954 single release track (Imperial 5305), instead of the second hitherto unreleased version  (also recorded in 1954) which was used on the LP. Both versions can be found on YouTube.

For "The Best Of The Spiders Volume 1" I've added new cover and label scans. I've also run the tracks from both LPs through MP3 Gain to increase and normalize the volume.

There is no duplication of tracks between these LPs, so you get 26 primo sides by the number one vocal group in New Orleans, recorded between the beginning of 1954 and the end of 1956. "I Didn't Want To Do It", "You're The One", "I'm Slippin' In", "21", and "Witchcraft" were all top ten R&B chart entries. For the full story of The Spiders go over to Marv Goldberg's web site here:

"I Didn't Wanna Do It" was posted on Be Bop Wino on 19th March 2010. You can find the post here:

"The Best Of The Spiders Volume 1" was originally posted on 22nd March 2010. That post is here:

I see by the short review I wrote of the LP that I was really enthusiastic about it, singing the praises of Chuck Carbo's performance on the bluesy sax-laden "You Played The Part."

"I Didn't Wanna Do It" was ripped at 128 kbps and "The Best Of The Spiders" was ripped from a scratched bootleg LP, so the tracks aren't very Hi in the Fi, but nevertheless they demand attention!


Rijnko said...

Thanks very much for re-uploading this Album.
Rgds Rijnko

matt said...

Looks good, and what an arbitrary name. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for these two lps only heard stuff beforeon us 78,s

Chi-Town said...

Thanks for another terrific post BW. And thanks to Joan K for the scans. There is always something to look forward to here. I enjoy visiting your site.