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Thursday, 19 January 2017

St. Louis Blues Mystery Track - Help!

A blog follower has sent in this track with a request to identify the artist. Our fellow Be Bop Wino taped this track along with others from a radio show a number of years ago. He is in the process of converting a load of these old radio tracks to mp3 but can't find the artist for this one. He thought that it might have been The Dozier Brothers, but a listen on YouTube clearly demonstrates that their version of "St. Louis Blues" is different from this one.

It sounds like a 1950s R&B vocal group accompanied by a good sax player. The lead vocalist sounds maddeningly familiar but I can't place him. Can anyone out there identify this group?

Listen here:

Alternatively you can download the track from here:

All help would greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

buddy hawkins & the keynotes - saint louis blues

El Pauling said...

This is Buddy Hawkins and Key Notes ...

boogiewoody said...

Thanks folks! I thought that followers of the blog would come up with the answer.

BTW at the moment I'm not seeing the Flash plug-in player on this post. There was a Flash update yesterday which may be the cause.

boogiewoody said...

Just a heads up that our St Louis Blues fan has emailed to express his gratitude. Apparently he has been wondering who sang on this track for the last 15 years! Good things come to those who wait ...

What I like about this is that we dig deep on this blog. I had never heard of Skyscraper records until now. Or Buddy Hawkins for that matter. When I first listened to the track I immediately thought of The Four Blazes and the style is similar to some sides by that group.Thanks again guys for the info.


Crispy said...

Really a great cut by Buddy Hawkins sort of one of those missing link crossovers to Early Doo Wop backed with a super band. Thanks for the great blog, I do not comment as much as I should but you do great work honoring this great music!

boogiewoody said...

Cheers Crispy. Thanks for the comment - and thanks to the person who sent in the track and also to those who identified it.

Buddy Hawkins - another artist I'd never heard of until now.