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Thursday 23 February 2017

Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson - Mr. Cleanhead Steps Out (re-up)

Side A
1. Mr Cleanhead Steps Out
2. When My Baby Left Me (Cootie Williams)
3. Juice Head Baby (Cootie Williams)
4. Kidney Stew Blues
5. I've Been So Good
6. It's A Groovy Affair
7. Old Maid Boogie
8. Shavetail

Side B
1. Gonna Send You Back Where I Got You From
2. Luxury Tax Blues
3. Wrong Girl Blues
4. Friday Fish Fry
5. I Took The Front Door In
6. Home Boy
7. Eddie's Bounce
8. Time After Time

Download from:

Original post (11th September 2010) is here:

It is an extensive post outlining Eddie Vinson's career with Cootie Williams and then as the leader of his own band. Eddie's band was initially a big band but he cut back to a small group in mid 1947. On the original post there is a list of issue numbers of the tracks along with their recording dates. For this post I've done the usual research which has become standard on Be Bop Wino in order to dig out the lowdown on when these fine discs were originally issued. The details are below.

Worth noting - On Mercury Eddie Vinson was billed as Eddie "Mr. Cleanhead" Vinson or just plain Eddie Vinson. On King he was billed as Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson. The two Cootie Williams tracks on Capitol were recorded in July 1945 but not released until 1946. Mercury 8244 was released in August 1951 although Eddie Vinson's last recordings for that label were made in December 1947.

The volume of the mp3s has been boosted for this post and new label shots added.

Original release details:

Side A:

1. Mr. Cleanhead Steps Out (B Side of "Juice Head Baby") - Mercury 2031 - December 1945

2. When My Baby Left Me (b/w "Echoes Of Harlem") - Capitol 266 - July 1946 (Cootie Williams)

3. Juice Head Baby (b/w "Salt Lake City Bounce") Capitol 237 - February 1946 (Cootie Williams)

4. Kidney Stew Blues  (b/w "Old Maid Boogie") - Mercury 8028 - January 1947

5. I've Been So Good (B Side of "It's A Groovy Affair") - Mercury 2030 - December 1945

 6. It's A Groovy Affair (b/w "I've Been So Good") - Mercury 2030 - December 1945

7. Old Maid Boogie (B Side of "Kidney Stew Blues") - Mercury 8028 - January 1947

8. Shavetail (B Side of "Wrong Girl Blues") - Mercury 8244 - August 1951

Side B:

1. Gonna Send You Back Where I Got You From (b/w "Luxury Tax Blues") - Mercury 8051 - September 1947

2. Luxury Tax Blues (B Side of "Gonna Send You Back Where I Got You From") - Mercury 8051 - September 1947

3. Wrong Girl Blues (b/w "Shavetail") - Mercury 8244 - August 1951

4. Friday Fish Fry (b/w "Have You Ever Missed Your Baby?") - Mercury 8110 - November 1948

5. I Took The Front Door In (b/w "Ever-Ready Blues") - Mercury 8138 - May 1949

(Above: The Cash Box ads from 1948)

6. Home Boy (b/w "Time After Time") - King 4456 - June 1951

7. Eddie's Bounce (B Side of "My Big Brass Bed Is Gone") - King 4381 - August 1950

8. Time After Time (B Side of "Home Boy") - King 4456 - June 1951

Above: Review from "The Cash Box" June 23rd, 1951.

Coming soon - a re-up of the fantastic King sides by Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson!

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