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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Kenny Clarke Meets The Detroit Jazzmen

Side One:
01. You Turned The Tables On Me
02. Your Host
03. Cottontail
04. Apothegh

Side Two:
01. Tricotism
02. Afternoon In Paris
03. Tom's Thumb

Cool jazz for a quiet Sunday. I'm a sucker for anything on the Savoy label, whether jazz or R&B or somewhere in between. These sides were recorded in April - May 1956 in Hackensack NJ and bring together swing and bebop veteran drummer Kenny Clarke with a group of younger musicians. Outstanding stuff, especially from guitarist Kenny Burrell and baritone sax man Pepper Adams, but the whole group swings along with vim and verve.

The original version of this LP was issued in 1956 as "Jazzmen Detroit" (Savoy MG-12083). The tracklist was - Side A: Afternoon In Paris; You Turned The Tables On Me; Apothegh. Side B: Your Host; Cottontail; Tom's Thumb.

You can find details of the '56 LP on the discogs website.


Pepper Adams (baritone sax); Kenny Burrell (guitar); Tommy Flanagan (piano); Paul Chambers (bass); Kenny Clarke (drums).

Recorded on April 30th, 1956:
Cottontail; Your Host; Tricotism; Tom's Thumb.

Recorded on May 9th, 1956:
You Turned The Tables On Me; Afternoon In Paris; Apothegh.


Bob Mac said...

Thanks BW, can't say I'm familiar with this artist but like yourself I also enjoy anything from Savoy.

neil said...

I have the CD release, but I'm here for the album scans; many thanks, boogiewwody

Newlyner said...

Many thanks for sharing this great release

Anonymous said...

Thanks BW,
for delighting a la carte Jazz,
and served so well.
Jolly sounds to hear and
interesting words to read;
Splendid together
(auditive & visual).
Wishing everything good for You !
- Jay from the North.

P.S. I hope I didn't send this many times;
(a minor problem occurred with the catchpa,
before the check prosedure was done).

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Jay - this arrived only once!


Cecilio said...

Thanks for sharing this great music.