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Sunday, 9 February 2020

Lloyd Glenn Presents All Time Favorites (Swing Time LP 1901)

Side 1:
01) Yancey Special
02) After Hours
03) Chica Boo

Side 2:
01) Pine Top Boogie Woogie
02) Honky Tonk Train
03) Old Time Shuffle

Sometimes serendipity plays a part in the appearance of a post on this blog and here's an example. While doing some background reading for the recent Jay McShann post I came across the information that Jack Lauderdale's Swing Time label had issued a 10 inch LP of Lloyd Glenn sides. Being a fan of early R&B LPs I couldn't resist reconstituting the album. So here it is with artwork adapted from the heritage auction website and mp3s from the Chronological Classics collections which were uploaded by Uncle Gil a few years back.

Some sources give the year of release of this LP as 1954 but the 16th February 1952 issue of The Cash Box announces the imminent release of the album, so February 1952 it is then. All sides on this collection were also released as singles. Full details below. "Old Time Shuffle Blues" and "Chica Boo" were big hits in 1951, so much so that Lloyd Glenn was the 9th best selling R&B artist of that year. "Yancey' Special" although not a national R&B hit sold well in territories in 1952.

 Original Release Information

All sides recorded in Los Angeles 1950-1951. Lloyd Glenn (piano); Billy Hadnott (bass); Bob Harvey (drums). Earl Burton plays bongos on "Chica Boo."

Sinner's Prayer - Lowell Fulson featuring Lloyd Glenn at the "88" / Old Time Shuffle Blues - Lloyd Glenn with the Fulson Unit - Swing Time 237 - November 1950

Jungle Town Jubilee / Chica Boo - Lloyd Glenn at the "88" - Swing Time 254 - March 1951

Yancey' Special / After Hours - Lloyd Glenn's Combo - Swing Time 292 - April 1952

Honky Tonk Train / Pine Top Boogie Woogie - Lloyd Glen's Combo - Swing Time 293 -April / May 1952?

Elsewhere On The Blog

Lloyd Glenn left Swing Time for Aladdin in late 1953 or early 1954. Here is a post of a Pathe Marconi LP of some of his Aladdin sides. The post has a potted biography of Lloyd along with artwork from Joan and El Enmascarado.

More Swing Time / Down Beat R&B shenanigans coming soon! Keep tuning in to Be Bop Wino.


Bob Mac said...

Big thanks for this BW.

The Magnificent Goldberg said...

Really interesting Boogerman. I think I have a 78 of Glenn on Swingtime but never appreciated that this material existed. NOR that he re-recorded material like 'After hours', 'Chica boo' and 'Old time shuffle' for Aladdin.




boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the comments, people. Al - I first came across Lloyd Glenn's "Chica Boo" on an Old King Gold LP. King must have bought the Swing Time masters at some point. They issued a single King 15042 Chica Boo / Old Time Shuffle at an unknown date.


Zesty said...

This is very nice .. love that loping rhythm.

fischface said...

Big fan of Lloyd Glenn and Lowell Fulson. Thank you so much.

fischface said...

Lloyd is so awesome on Rockin' After Midnight with the Fulson Unit. Thanks for keeping it alive.