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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Bo Diddley - Chess Masters

Side 1:
01) Bo Diddley
02) Bring It To Jerome
03) Road Runner
04) Who Do You Love
05) Hush Your Mouth
06) Pretty Thing

Side 2:
01) Pills
02) Mona
03) Memphis
04) You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
05) Hey Bo Diddley
06) Hucklebuck

Side 3:
01) Mumblin Guitar
02) She's Alright
03) Diddley Daddy
04) I'm A Man
05) I'm Looking For A Woman
06) Say Man

Side 4:
01) I Can Tell
02) My Babe
03) Cops And Robbers
04) I'm Sorry
05) Before You Accuse Me
06) Dearest Darling

1980s PRT compilation of 24 Bo Diddley tracks which is guaranteed to have you swinging from the lights as self isolation really kicks in. Turn it on and crank it up. Voodoo hoodoo twangin' guitar craziness with wild lyrics. Recorded between 1955 and 1963, although the '63 track "Hucklebuck" isn't actually by Bo. See bottom of post for details.

Included because it's the greatest LP cover ever

A Brief History Of Voodoo Rock'n'Roll Singles:

Musicians with Bo include - Jerome Green (maracas); Jody Williams, Peggy Jones (guitar); Billy Boy Arnold, Lester Davenport, Little Walter (harmonica); Otis Spann, Lafayette Leake (piano); Willie Dixon (bass); Clifton James, Frank Kirkland (drums); The Moonglows (vocal group); plus sundry others.

Bo Diddley / I'm A Man - Checker 814 - April 1955 (#1 R&B)

Diddley Daddy / She's Fine, She's Mine - Checker 819 - June 1955 (#11 R&B)

Pretty Thing / Bring It To Jerome - Checker 827 - November 1955 (#4 R&B)

Diddy Wah Diddy / I Am Looking For A Woman - Checker 832 - February 1956

Who Do You Love? / I'm Bad - Checker 842 - July 1956

Cops And Robbers / Down Home Special - Checker 850 - November 1956

Hey! Bo-Diddley / Mona - Checker 860 - April 1957

Say! (Boss Man) / Before You Accuse Me (Take A look At Yourself) - Checker 878 - October 1957

Hush Your Mouth / Dearest Darling - Checker 896 - June 1958

Oh Yea / I'm Sorry - Checker 914 - January 1959

Say Man / The Clock Strikes Twelve - Checker 931 - August 1959 (#20 pop, #3 R&B)

Say Man, Back Again / She's Alright - Checker 936 - November 1959

Road Runner / My Story - Checker 942 - January 1960 (#75 pop, #20 R&B)

Pills / Call Me - Checker 985 - August 1961

You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover / I Can Tell - Checker 1019 - July 1962 (#48 pop, #21 R&B)

Monkey Diddle / Memphis - Checker 1058 - November 1963

"Mumblin' Guitar" first released on Checker LP 2974 (Have Guitar, Will Travel) in 1960.

"My Babe" first released on Checker LP 2982 (Bo Diddley's A Twister) in 1962

"Hucklebuck" first released on Checker LP 2987 (Surfin' With Bo Diddley) in 1963. This track is actually by Billy Lee Riley and The Megatons.

Issue information from,, The Cash Box. Chart information from notes to "Bo Diddley - His Best" (The Legendary Chess Masters Series) - MCD 09373. See below:

 Absolutely recommended


Chi-Town said...

Thanks for this one BW -- very much appreciated. Good music soothes the soul during these troubled times.

By the way, the Zippy link is missing but the Mega link works just fine.

Thanks for a wonderful blog filled with equally wonderful music.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the tip off regarding the zippy link, Chi-Town, it's now up on the post. I'll keep posting as often as I can - keeping morale high, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this excellent post. I'm in self isolation at home and this will certainly brighten my day. Used Mega. This is much appreciated.Cove.

boogiewoody said...

Social isolation is bad enough - self isolation must be even worse. Hang on in there - more music is on its way to hopefully provide some relief.