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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Rare Blues Girls From King (re-up, new scans)

Side 1:
01) He's Gone - Dorothy Ellis
02) Grandpa Can Boogie Too - Lil Greenwood
03) Portrait Of A Faded Love - Earl Bostic & His Orchestra
04) Please Be Good To Me - Duke Hampton & His Orchestra
05) Climb The Wall - Fluffy Hunter
06) You're Gonna Suffer Baby - Roy Milton & His Orchestra
07) I Need You Now - Sarah McLawler
08) I Dreamed The Blues - Gene Redd & His Orchestra

Side 2:
01) No More In Life - Bill Doggett Trio
02) Undecided - Marion Abernathy
03) I'm On The Outside Looking In - Flo Garvin
04) Let Me Keep You Warm - Flo Garvin
05) You Can't Have Me Now - Lorraine Lester
06) It's A Sad, Sad Feeling - Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra
07) Slowly Going Out Of My Mind - Dorothy Ellis
08) Please Be True - Sugar Pie

This LP has been posted a couple of times already, firstly in 2008 and then re-upped in 2015. However, this is the first time that it has appeared with scans of the complete front and back covers, and with disc labels added in too. Sorry about the 12 year wait.

My brief description on the November 2015 re-up post:

"Great King / Federal comp of 1950s chantoozie sides featuring some stompers and some tear stained ballads. All backed by some of the greatest jump and jazz bands of the time, including the Johnny Otis band (anonymously), Earl Bostic, Hot Lips Page, Bill Doggett, Jimmy Coe, Buddy Banks, Lucky Millinder, Roy Milton and Sonny Thompson."

Release Info:

He's Gone / Slowly Going Out Of Your Mind - Dorothy Ellis - Federal 12062 - April 1952

Grandpa Can Boogie Too / Never Again - Lil Greenwood - Federal 12093 - August 1952

Portrait Of a Faded Love / Seven Steps - Earl Bostic And His Orchestra - King 4387 - July 1950

Please Be Good To Me / The Push - Duke Hampton and His Orchestra - King 4625 - June 1953

Climb The Wall / To Say I Love You - Fluffy Hunter - Federal 12161 - December 1953

One Zippy Zam / You're Gonna Suffer Baby - Roy Milton And His Orchestra - King 4993 - December 1956

Love Sweet Love / I Need You Now - Sarah McLawler - King 4513 - March 1952

I Dreamed The Blues / In The Redd - Gene Redd - Federal 12119 - January 1953

Real Gone Mambo / No More In Life - Bill Doggett Trio - King 4617 - April 1953

Honey, Honey, Honey / Undecided - Marion Abernathy - King 4205 - February 1948

Let Me Keep You Warm / I'm On The Outside Looking In - Flo Garvin - King 4518 - April 1952

Trying So Hard To Forget / You Can't Have Me Now - Lorriane Lester with Steve Pulliam And Orchestra - February 1960

It's A Sad, Sad Feeling / Ow! - Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra - King 4292 - April 1955

Please Be True / I'm So Lonely - Sugar Pie / Hank and Sugar Pie - Federal 12217 - April 1955


Abir Wait said...

Dear Mr. Wino!
Please take this comment as my big thanks for the years of pleasure you give us by reminding us the great music when we were very young or not existed yet.
I really admire the time and care you devote to your presentation. I hope that your blog stays alive forever and thus your notes can serve us as a reference to the roots of all enjoyable music that followed.
Thank you!

ana said...

Thanks for the uploads!!!